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Next to the Gate of Heavenly Mystery, the crown prince palace.

Inside the huge palace, the crown prince was sitting up straight, alone. His expression was grave and his eyes revealed the myriad of thoughts running through his mind. There were a few sheets of secret letters lying on the table in front of him.

"Zhao Musheng, that wily old fox… I knew he was the one behind all of this!" The crown prince's expression was agitated. He picked up one of the secret letters from the table and became even angrier as he looked at it. The letter was soon crumpled into a ball.

"If only Xushi was still around..." Ji Chengan thought as he let out a long sigh. If Xushi was around, he would probably be able to provide him with a good idea. At the very least, he would not appear as passive.

The emperor's sudden passing caught everyone by surprise. If the news was not accidentally leaked by one of the eunuchs working in the palace, they might still be in the dark.

"Abducting both Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen… This Zhao Musheng really is brazen. Nevertheless, there's no reason why we can't work together. If I agreed to his offer, that would be equivalent to gaining the support of both the Ouyang family and the Yang family… In that case, it wouldn't be easy for my second brother to overthrow me… even if he's colluding with the sects!" The crown prince muttered. Then, he unravelled the crumpled piece of secret letter once more and carefully examined it for a while. He seemed to have made some kind of huge decision in his mind.

Zhao Musheng lightly blew on the cup of tea in his hands. He took a sip of tea before he mildly asked, "What did you say? A few Battle-Kings can't even watch over two Battle-Spirit level brats?"

The complexion of the man in brocade robe, standing before him, suddenly became extremely pale. He hurriedly knelt down on the floor and fearfully said, "My lord, the fault lies with me. I've already sent some of the men to bring them back… But..."

"But what?" Zhao Musheng indifferently asked as he continued to drink his tea.

The man in brocade robe sneaked a peek at Zhao Musheng before he cautiously replied, "The Ouyang family's little princess and Yang family's heir are fleeing toward that mysterious store..."

"Mysterious store? Hmm? Are you talking about the place that has been the talk of the town recently? The restaurant that even the emperor himself personally visited?" Zhao Musheng's drinking movement suddenly paused as he puzzledly asked. He had heard some rumors about that little restaurant as well, but he did not know much about it.

However, from the data he gathered, he knew that the background of the restaurant was definitely not simple.

"A supreme beast and a puppet with the capability of repelling a seventh grade Battle-Saint? This store is really something else… Have you investigated them yet?" Zhao Musheng asked.

"We did, but we didn't find out anything," the man in brocade robe replied. That was the reason he was feeling fearful. If Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen escaped into that store, they would need to get through that store in order to catch them once again. However, the store… seemed to be out of the ordinary.

"Hmph! If you can't even accomplish something like this, what am I keeping you around for? I am spending tens of thousands of crystals on your intelligence network every year, yet you can't even find out anything about a little restaurant?" Zhao Musheng coldly sorted and said, while glancing at the man.

The man felt cold sweat running down his back.

"Forget it, perhaps this store really is more mysterious. On this vast continent, there are many unknown powers that we can't even imagine. It's not your fault that you can't find out anything. However… you must definitely bring the Ouyang family's girl and the Yang family's heir back here! If need be, you'll personally do it. At any rate, I want to see them standing in front of me."

That man's expression suddenly became ghastly. "My lord, but there's… a supreme beast watching over that store! Furthermore, even that iron puppet is not something a mere sixth grade Battle-Emperor like me could deal with."

"A supreme beast? Hmph… Do you really believe the rumors? Do you really think a supreme beast would act as a watchdog for a store? Even the Celestial Arcanum Sect, the most mysterious group within the ten great sects, doesn't have that capability, let alone some store."

Evidently, Zhao Musheng did not believe a supreme beast would be watching over a store. Perhaps the failure of both Xiao Meng and Eunuch Lian was just a fluke? They might have been accidentally deluded by that dog.

Zhao Musheng was very confident of his hypothesis because he had seen a real ninth grade supreme beast before. He knew how terrifying those existences were. How could one of them become a watchdog for a little restaurant… That was something completely unfounded.

Zhao Musheng's adamant attitude was very upsetting for the man in the brocade robe… However, there was nothing else he could do. He could only give it a shot. At the moment, the only choice he had was to believe that his master's conjecture was correct.

"There's actually such a wondrous dog in this word?! It's actually capable of human speech!" A fifth grade Battle-King was blankly staring at Blacky. He felt as if his world view was completely flipped over.

Yang Chen was also blankly staring at Blacky. This was his first time meeting Blacky and he did not expect this dog would actually start speaking.

"Let go of that girl… Is that what a dog like you should be saying?" Yang Chen thought while feeling dumbfounded.

"Hahaha! Is a fat dog like you planning to save a damsel in distress? This is just too..." The Battle-Kings were all laughing and were completely unable to stop.

Bu Fang was standing at the entrance of the store. He could hear their completely unstoppable laughter, but his expression was deadpan. A faint trace of pity for them appeared in his eyes.

The other Battle-Kings who behaved arrogantly in front of Blacky… were all dead.

While thinking about this, Bu Fang could not help but open his mouth as he suddenly said, "Lazy dog, go easy on them. Don't break the floor again. It was just repaired and repairing the tiles again would be… troublesome."

When Blacky heard Bu Fang's words, it immediately rolled its eyes and muttered under its breath. It could not be even bothered to reply.

The Battle-King that was restraining Ouyang Xiaoyi was frowning as he watched the scene unfold. Alarms were going off in his mind… A restaurant situated within an alleyway and a dog that was capable of human speech? He could not figure out why everything seemed so familiar.

"Why are we wasting our breath on a dog? This dog is so fat, this is just nice for us to have a dog meat hot pot! Delicious!" However, the other Battle-King was not taking the situation seriously. He was rolling up his sleeves as he walked toward Blacky with a sneer on his face. From his posture, he seemed to be… trying to catch a dog?

Blacky was looking at that Battle-King with sincere eyes as it stretched out an exquisite paw that was trembling.

"Hehe, you finally understood the situation. Too bad, it's already too late. There's no use even if you act cute!" That Battle-King suddenly started laughing.

However, in the next moment, when Blacky's paw lightly touched his body, the Battle-King's laughter was stifled and he became frozen on the spot.

"Hmm? What's going on?" The Battle-King restraining Ouyang Xiaoyi puzzledly asked with a frown.

As he finished speaking, he felt a terrifying gust of wind blew past his body—along with a human figure—causing his hair to flutter around.


A human figure was instantly shot through half of the imperial city and it pierced through countless amount of houses before ending up as a pile of meat paste on the ground.

"Oh, this way the ground won't be damaged. Bark," Blacky mildly said as an imperious aura suddenly burst forth from its eyes. In front of it, that Battle-King was no different from an ant.

The remaining Battle-King, who was restraining Xiaoyi, started trembling when he finally realized where he was.

According to the rumors, there was a black-hearted store situated within an alleyway inside the imperial city with a supreme beast watching over it… He originally thought the rumor was just a joke. However, his colleague was just sent flying and turned into meat paste with the touch of a single dog paw... If anyone dared to claim this dog was not a supreme beast, he would personally confront them!

At that moment, the Battle-King was kicking himself inwardly. He never expected the two brats would actually flee toward this store...

Suddenly, the Battle-King felt his hands went empty. Ouyang Xiaoyi had stomped on his face and broken free from his restraints. She landed on the ground and quickly made her escape.

"I..." The Battle-King's pupils constricted as he suddenly felt a dreadful feeling before a furry and cute dog paw tapped on his stomach.

It was a very light tap...

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