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There were no startling explosions or violent squalls.

Underneath Blacky's paw, that simulacrum of the King of Hell immediately broke into pieces and silently dissipated.

During the moment Blacky struck, the minds of the six Battle-Kings almost shattered from fear. They could not gather even the slightest courage to resist as they endured the terrifying intimidation aura.

A harmless-looking dog turned into a murderous Yama in the blink of an eye. This change caused the six Battle-Kings to be on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

With a breaking sound, cracks appeared throughout the magic array and then it exploded into pieces. The six Battle-Kings were vomiting blood from their mouths while kneeling on the ground. They wanted to run away but their bodies refused to obey.


As Blacky's paw completely landed, the sound of bones being crushed sounded out and the ground slightly shook for a moment.

At a distance away, Hun Qianyun was so scared that his soul was about to fly out. "God damn… So, the most terrifying thing within the store is not this purple-eyed puppet in front of me, but the big black dog lying in front of the entrance?!"

"Where exactly did this store come from? A single dog's paw smashed the King of Hell's Soul Rending Array into pieces and squashed six Battle-Kings to death… What exactly is the big black dog's cultivation level? Is it actually a ninth grade supreme spirit beast?"

"A ninth grade supreme spirit beast is… guarding the door? Are you fricking kidding me?"

Hun Qianyun was feeling so depressed he wanted to vomit blood. He could not help but regret his actions. He must have bumped his head when he decided to antagonize the store. In the first place, the mission was already completed… However, he courted disaster when he aimed to get rid of the store at the same time.

Now, it was a situation where he went for wool and came home shorn, losing six Battle-Kings instead. Oh… There was a chance that he might even die here as well.

Blacky's paw gradually restored back into its original exquisite size once more. It disdainfully shook its paw, then glanced toward Hun Qianyun and rolled its eyes. It strided like a cat toward its usual position, lay down and went back to sleep.

Bu Fang seemed to be already well aware of Blacky's personality. It was not the first time that this lazy dog had immediately went back to sleep after showing off.

Ouyang Xiaoyi was standing within the store with her hands holding onto the door frame. Her large eyes were glittering as she looked toward Blacky with eyes filled with adoration.

"Blacky… is really awesome! I wonder what breed of dog is it?"

Blacky's closed eyes moved and slightly opened. When Blacky noticed a pair of glittering eyes staring at it, it immediately snorted and turned over its head.

"Don't keep staring at this lord dog. This lord dog is not interested in human lolis… Bark."

Bu Fang expressionlessly walked a few steps toward the large crater caused by Blacky. It was in the shape of a dog's paw and a faint trace of black energy was rising from within.

Within the large crater, the bodies of six Battle-Kings were completely squashed into meat paste. They were definitely done for...

At a distance, Hun Qianyun's strength immediately fell after losing the King of Hell's Soul Rending Formation's support. After dropping out of the Battle-Saint level, he was completely not an opponent of the purple-eyed Whitey. After getting struck by a punch, he was brutally flung into a wall of the alleyway and buried underneath a pile of rubble.

Whitey's eyes were flashing purple and filled with a cold, killing intent as it headed toward Hun Qianyun.

Suddenly, a gigantic lump of spirit fire rose from the pile of rubble. A figure was enveloped within the fire as it dashed away and instantly disappeared into the distance.

When Hun Qianyun realized the current situation was irreversible, he used one of Soul Sect's secret technique to escape. The price of using this secret technique was great, and he only used it since he had no other choice. Otherwise, he would be beaten to death by the purple-eyed Whitey.

With its target gone, Whitey went into a daze for a few seconds. It raised its mechanical arms and scratched its bald head. Then the purple color in its eyes subsided and became red once more.

Looking at the messy alleyway, Bu Fang pursed his lips. From the looks of it, he would have to ask the crown prince to repair the alleyway when the latter came over or he would not be able to continue his business.

Xushi's corpse had already mummified. His soul was completely incinerated and his skin had shriveled up.

Bu Fang lightly sighed while feeling somewhat helpless. He was dumbfounded and could only let the crown prince resolve it himself.

When the customers hiding within the store saw that the combat had ended, they bid farewell with Bu Fang and hurriedly left. Finally, only Bu Fang and Ouyang Xiaoyi remained in the store.

After a while, the imperial city's patrol squads arrived one after another. Xiao Meng had a sullen expression on his face as he arrived at the alleyway filled with debris.

"The battle seemed to have been quite disastrous," Xiao Meng thought as he looked down from the sky. When saw the large pit in the shape of a dog's paw, his pupils constricted as he fearfully glanced toward Blacky who was lying at the entrance.

He was slightly startled when he saw Xushi corpse and helplessly sighed.

He sent someone to inform the crown prince and then began to clean up the battlefield.

"This dog paw is truly overbearing. To be able to directly squash six Battle-Kings into meat paste… Their identities can't even be confirmed." Xiao Meng was somewhat unable to react.

When Xiao Meng saw the Sage Herb Phoenix Chicken Soup spilled all over the ground, he was able to deduce the general situation and his eyes became somewhat cold.

"From the way Xushi died, this should be caused by the Soul Sect's technique. Are the sects involved with the struggle between the crown prince and King Yu? This isn't a good thing."

Xiao Meng softly muttered.

After a while, the crown prince hurriedly arrived with his subordinates. When he saw the chicken soup spilled onto the floor and Xushi mummified corpse, he could not conceal the sorrow on his face. He clenched his teeth while his facial muscles trembled.

He silently retrieved Xushi's corpse and promised Bu Fang to repair the damaged alleyway. Then the groups left one after another.

The alleyway became low profile once more.

Of course, that was only true if you do not look at the broken pieces of quartzite flooring everywhere and the large pit in the shape of a dog's paw...

After Ouyang Xiaoyi left the store and headed back to the Ouyang manor, Bu Fang closed up the store and ended the business for the day.

Just as he finished closing up the store, the system's solemn voice rang out within his mind.

"Congratulations to the host for earning over four thousand crystals. For completing a short term objective, you shall soon receive a system reward. The system reward is being released..."

Bu Fang was startled for a moment, then the corners of his mouth curled up and a smile appeared on his deadpan face. He finally managed to level up...

It took him so much time to earn four thousand crystals. It was not easy, but he was able to endure it.

After completing the short term objective, he could level up and obtain more strength. Even though his fighting capability was very weak, his cultivation level finally caught up and that was enough.

"Young man who aims to become the God of Cooking, congratulations for completing a short term sales mission. You've taken another firm step toward your objective of becoming the God of Cooking. Reward: cooking method of the Red Braised Meat, training method of the Big Dipper Carving Technique, and one fragment of the God of Cooking set."

"Congratulations to the host for gathering four fragments of the God of Cooking set. One part of the God of Cooking set will be randomly drawn."

"Commencing random drawing. Drawing is in progress..."

"Drawing completed. Congratulations to the host for obtaining the Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife (God of Cooking set)."

The succession of words from the system overwhelmed Bu Fang. However, once he calmed down and combed through the information, he soon clarified everything.

"The dish obtained this time is Red Braised Meat?" When Bu Fang heard the system announced the name, he could not help but lick his lips as he fantasized steaming pieces of rosy meat contained inside a claypot. The glittering grease was making him feel gluttonous. Red Braised Meat… was one of his favorite dishes.

The appearance of a carving technique was a pleasant surprise to Bu Fang as well. He had always been weak at carving. Now, it was a good chance to make up for this shortcoming.

However, the greatest surprise was the God of Cooking set that he had been looking forward for a long time...

"Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife… Is it a kitchen knife made from dragon bones? What an imperious name."

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