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A mountain-like pressure suddenly fell upon the bodies of Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen, causing their entire bodies to stiffen. They were completely unable to manipulate the true energy within their bodies, as if it was frozen solid.

Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen turned their heads around with much difficulty and saw Song Tao condescendingly looking at them from behind.

An unfathomable light flashed within Song Tao's eyes. True energy continuously appeared in the depth of his eyes as a terrifying aura flowed out from his body. After all, Song Tao was a very powerful sixth grade Battle-Emperor. He was not someone that Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen could deal with.

"I finally caught the two of you!" Song Tao was sneering as his hands pressed down on their shoulders, controlling the two to walk away from the crowd like they were puppets.

Song Tao was very excited. He was finally able to complete his master's order. This task was truly difficult. If the owner of the Immortal Phoenix Restaurant had not challenged Bu Fang, he really would not be able to find such a good opportunity. The identities of these two brats were far too important for him to mess up.

The importance of Ouyang Xiaoyi, the princess of the Ouyang family, need not be said. She was also the greatest constraint of the Ouyang family. On the other hand, Yang Chen, son of Marquis Yang, was the sole heir to the Yang family. For the Yang family, he was the most treasured person.

As long as they could control these two brats, they had obtained the bargaining chips to negotiate with the Ouyang and Yang families.

While everyone else was captivated by the beauty of the thousand layer tofu flower, Song Tao was planning to leave while quietly grabbing onto Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen.

With the true energy in their bodies being controlled by Song Tao, Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen were not even capable of uttering a single word. Their eyes were filled with anxiety but there was nothing they could do.

"Oi, where are you taking them?" Bu Fang puzzledly asked Song Tao through the crowd.

Song Tao's body immediately stiffened as he silently groaned in his mind. He thought he could get away without anyone noticing, but he still got caught by Bu Fang. With a supreme beast backing up Bu Fang, fleeing was the only thing on Song Tao's mind.

Song Tao gave Bu Fang a glance before he picked up Ouyang Xiaoyi and Yang Chen, and clamped the two under his armpits. True energy gushed out from his feet as he attempted to escape.

Bu Fang immediately understood the situation. This fellow was abducting children in broad daylight. His actions were simply unforgivable.

Bu Fang's eyes became focused as he raised his hand and released the true energy within his body. A wisp of green smoke gathered within his palm and then the pitch-black Golden Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife appeared in his hand. He threw it as hard as he could toward Song Tao, who was in mid-air.

The kitchen knife, having been infused with Bu Fang's true energy and sharing Bu Fang's will, flew toward its target at an extremely fast speed.

At that moment, Song Tao took a glance back. When he saw that Bu Fang actually threw a kitchen knife at him, his eyes were filled with ridicule as the corners of his mouth widened into a smirk. He was a sixth grade Battle-Emperor. How would a kitchen knife be able to intercept him? Even though he had to admit that Bu Fang's culinary skills were pretty good, a mere fourth grade Battle-Spirit was simply not enough when it came to fighting!

Both of Song Tao's hands were preoccupied, so he kicked his foot toward the simple and pitch-black kitchen knife instead. He was completely looking down on the kitchen knife. It was just a kitchen knife… It was not as if it was a divine weapon or something, right?

When the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife finally made contact with the sole of Song Tao's foot, Song Tao froze. He suddenly discovered that the true energy gathered at the bottom of his foot was broken without providing any sort of protection. After that, blood came spilling out as the kitchen knife viciously stabbed into his foot!

"What the hell!" Song Tao screamed out. A hint of terror appeared on his face, and his eyes were filled with fear when he looked at Bu Fang. He thought, "Damn… That kitchen knife can actually penetrate the true energy barrier of a sixth grade Battle-Emperor? Are you kidding me?"

Song Tao did not dare to stay any longer. The sole of his entire foot was almost sliced off by the Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife… As the true energy burst forth from his body, he tried to escape. He did not want to face Bu Fang any longer.

However, the moment Song Tao flew into the air, a tender shout filled with valor came from afar. Even though the shout was a woman's voice, it was surging forward like rolling thunder.

Song Tao was startled for a moment. After that, his pupils constricted and he became vigilant. A graceful figure was rapidly approaching from afar, holding a spear attached with a red tassel. The figure was almost ripping through the air as she came straight at him.

"You audacious fiend! Release the marquis' son!"

The spear, infused with terrifying true energy, actually possessed the powerful presence of a Battle-King. At that moment, Song Tao—who was floating in mid-air—was in a situation where he was actually unable to defend himself against this attack.

Both of his hands were grabbing hold of someone and his foot was injured by that Bu Fang's pitch-black kitchen knife...

Song Tao was tearing up inside… He thought, "What did I ever do to you? Why is completing a mission so difficult!"

Luo Sanniang from the Yang family, a fifth grade Battle-King, was Yang Chen's third sister-in-law. Her cultivation level was superb and she was considered one of the strongest among the females in the imperial city. No… To be exact, the females in the Yang family were all extremely gallant and powerful.

Song Tao did not anticipate that someone from the Yang family would arrive so quickly. In the current situation, he must release someone in order to safely defend himself against Luo Sanniang.

Therefore, he let go of Ouyang Xiaoyi. Compared to Yang Chen, the importance of the Ouyang family's princess was not that great.

Ouyang Xiaoyi's mind went blank when she was suddenly released by Song Tao in mid-air. She was flailing her arms around and screaming as she fell, completely forgetting that she was a fourth grade Battle-Spirit.

On the other hand, Bu Fang was completely composed. He dashed forward and caught the falling Ouyang Xiaoyi with one hand while catching the returning Dragon Bone Kitchen Knife with the other. Even though he was useless in combat, catching a loli was not an issue with his cultivation level backing him up.

Bang bang bang!

In the air, the two exchanged three moves in a row. Luo Sanniang landed on the ground and stumbled several steps backward. Her large chest was moving up and down, and her face overflowing with bravery was clouded with anger.

Song Tao was still a sixth grade Battle-Emperor after all. Luo Sanniang was not a match for him if she confronted him head-on.

"You scum, who gave you the courage to abduct the marquis' son! You're seeking your own death!" Luo Sanniang shouted. Her slender legs kicked off the ground and she charged forward once more with her spear stabbing toward Song Tao.

True energy gushed out from Luo Sanniang's body like a blazing inferno and covered the entire spear with violent flames.

"You lunatic! We're in the imperial city..."

When Song Tao saw Luo Sanniang's actions, his pupils constricted and he started to panic. If he only used one hand to block this attack, the aftermath of the flames would destroy the surroundings. With so many clueless spectators below them, there would definitely be quite a number of casualties. If that were to happen, there would be huge repercussions.

"The members of the Yang family are indeed all lunatics! They are all unreasonable lunatics!" Song Tao cursed in his mind. He had no choice but to dump Yang Chen. Then, he raised his hands and shot out two lumps of true energy, smothering the flames that enveloped the spear.

A distance away, the city guards could be seen rushing over. Song Tao roared in frustration as he turned around and swiftly departed while limping.

Even after spending so much time plotting and getting treated as a beggar by others, he still failed in the end… Song Tao was livid. If the sole of his foot was not injured by Bu Fang's attack, he would have already gotten away.

Luo Sanniang watched as Song Tao's figure limped away. She scornfully spat out a mouthful of blood and coldly snorted.

After that, she trotted toward Yang Chen who had safely landed.

"Third sister-in-law!" Yang Chen timidly yelled when he saw Luo Sanniang approaching.

She stopped in front of Yang Chen and immediately started twisting his ear. "You little rascal! How dare you play truant! You've really done it this time!"

"Third sis… I won't do it anymore," Yang Chen, feeling humiliated, hurriedly begged for mercy.

As Luo Sanniang angrily breathed out, she started coughing and her large chest was jiggling violently.

"Hurry up and thank Owner Bu. If it wasn't for him, the two of you would've gotten abducted once more," Luo Sanniang exasperatedly said.

At that moment, Bu Fang was walking toward them along with the frightened Ouyang Xiaoyi. He gave Luo Sanniang a glance and his eyes swept over her bountiful chest. While keeping on a straight face, he asked, "Why is that person trying to abduct Xiaoyi and shota?"

Luo Sanniang had just caught her breath and her pupils constricted when she heard Bu Fang's words. Her chest jiggled as she yelled out, "Oh no! The marquis and General Ouyang have already left to look for the crown prince!"

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