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Chapter 821

821 Your Royal Highness, Please Don“t Be Mad 4

How could she let this man manipulate her emotions like this?

The realization made Feng Wu clench her fists in rage .

Once Feng Wu left without hesitation, Jun Linyuan couldn’t control his temper anymore . He exploded!

That stupid girl! Who the hell did she think she was?! She was prouder than a peacock!

Jun Linyuan was no less proud than Feng Wu . After what Feng Wu said, he decided that he wouldn’t follow her anymore . Moreover, he promptly turned to leave .

Back at the campsite .

Dozens of candidates had gathered there .

Jun Linyuan and his friends were there .

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As well as Xuanyuan Yi’s team, Mu Yaoyao among them .

Gongsun Qing’s team was there as well .

It was a boisterous scene at the campsite . People were setting up stoves, boiling water, and preparing their meals . Everyone was talking at the same time and there was a hubbub of noise .

Next to Mu Yaoyao —

“Princess, I think there’s more to Feng Wu than we saw . ”

Yao Ying’s face was ruined, but she had met up with Mu Yaoyao, along with Huo Yin, Wen Ling, and the other minions .

Mu Yaoyao was roasting some skewered meat over a fire while chewing on the fact that the crown prince had taken Feng Wu away .

She cast a stern look at Yao Ying at those words!

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Yao Ying cringed, but after a brief moment of hesitation, she went on stirring up trouble . “Princess, do you remember what it was like when His Royal Highness took Feng Wu away? They looked quite familiar with each other . ”

Mu Yaoyao bellowed, “That’s because that shameless Feng Wu won’t leave His Royal Highness alone!”

Yao Ying flinched, but she wouldn’t give up . “But… Feng Wu couldn’t have forced His Royal Highness to pick her up… Don’t you find it strange?”

By “strange,” she meant “intimate . ”

Yao Ying had thus sown a seed of suspicion in Mu Yaoyao’s mind .

Seeing that Mu Yaoyao was swayed, Yao Ying snorted inwardly .

Feng Wu, that’s for ruining my face!

I may not be able to get to you myself, but I can take my revenge through other people!

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Sitting opposite them, Gongsun Qing heard every word of their conversation .

“Is Feng Wu on familiar terms with His Royal Highness?” Gongsun Qing looked displeased .

“That’s right,” said Huo Yin . “Feng Wu is infatuated with His Royal Highness . She followed him all the way from Northern Border City to the imperial capital . Everyone knows that . ”

Gongsun Qing said, “Then what about His Royal Highness…”

Huo Yin recalled what Yao Ying had just said, and something clicked in her head .

Gongsun Qing wouldn’t hold a grudge against Feng Wu if she was told that His Royal Highness didn’t have any feelings for the girl . If that was the case, Huo Yin wouldn’t be able to use Gongsun Qing to get her revenge .

As for how Huo Yin knew about Gongsun Qing’s feelings for His Royal Highness…

It was written all over Gongsun Qing’s face .

Moreover, it was an open secret that nine out of ten teenage girls in the imperial capital were fond of His Royal Highness .

His Royal Highness was every girl’s Prince Charming .

“His Royal Highness didn’t have any feelings for Feng Wu before, or he wouldn’t have called off the marriage . But with Feng Wu following him around all this time, I think things have changed…”

At those words, Gongsun Qing narrowed her eyes and her face darkened .

That sordid Feng Wu!

Just then, Jun Linyuan came back, looking furious!

Surrounded by a dark aura, he gave off an air colder than ice . He was too intimidating for anyone to get close to!

Everywhere he went, the temperature plummeted, extinguishing the burning campfires right away .

He was that kind of person: the moment he showed up, all eyes were on him .

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