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Chapter 712

Master Chu knew that he was partially responsible for what had happened .

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 He was in charge of the empress dowager’s routine physical examination, but because of his attempts to advance to the Supreme Level, he had left the job to his subordinates, which was why something like this had happened .

 Emperor Wu stared at Feng Wu with a bone-chilling look in his eyes!

 Cold sweat covered Feng Wu’s forehead . It was an instinctive reaction and there was nothing she could do about it .

 However —

 Although her heart was pounding and she was panting like a cow with clattering teeth, Feng Wu still lowered her head and said, “Your Majesty, I’ll need your signature . ”

 Emperor Wu was furious!

 He pointed a finger at Feng Wu . “Do you really think I won’t kill you?!”

 All the land under heaven belonged to the emperor and all within the land were the emperor’s servants . He was the ultimate boss!

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Feng Wu only prostrated on the floor without another word .

 Exasperated, Lady Northern Feng, who was kneeling next to Feng Wu, whispered to the latter through gritted teeth, “Xiao Wu, Xiao Wu, just do what you’re supposed to do!”

 Lady Northern Feng wanted to smack the girl on the head .  What are you even thinking, you silly kid? What protection do you think that letter of commitment will give you if you really fail to save Her Majesty? His Majesty can have your head all the same!

 Emperor Wu seemed like a nice guy when he was in a good mood, but when he got angry, he wouldn’t hesitate to kill everyone in this room!

 Feng Wu still said nothing .

 Emperor Wu glared at Feng Wu .

 This girl was as stubborn as Jun Linyuan!

 Just then, the empress dowager began to convulse on the bed .

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 “Oh god!” Master Chu cried out . “Her Majesty is having another seizure! Quickly! Your Majesty, we’ll lose Her Majesty if we don’t treat her now!”

 However, Feng Wu was already at the empress dowager’s side before Emperor Wu could say a word .

 Of course she had to be!

 She was pushing the emperor’s limit, with her own life at stake .

 Only by finding out where the emperor’s bottom line lay could she be confident enough in her work in the future .

 What happened today had been a now-or-never opportunity for her .

 Now that His Majesty was on the verge of exploding, she would really be asking for death if she didn’t yield .

 Emperor Wu was rendered speechless by Feng Wu’s reaction .

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 She had been all determined and stubborn a moment ago, then she surrendered? Just like that?

 “Your Majesty, we need to clear the room . The crowd might affect Her Majesty —”

 “Yeah —” Emperor Wu replied in a tone that was completely strange to him, and he only realized what he said afterward .

 However, Emperor Wu didn’t need to give the order himself . The others were already hurrying toward the exit .

 No one wanted to be part of such a dangerous operation .

 They would all become collateral damage if anything happened to the empress dowager!

 It was just that —

 Empress Dugu cast a most malicious glance at Feng Wu before she left!

 She simply didn’t understand it . It had been so intense and ruthless just then . The emperor and the girl had confronted each other and neither side would back off . But Feng Wu…

Why had she rushed over to save Her Majesty so suddenly? And how had she dissolved the tension so easily?

 What happened to forcing His Majesty to sign?

 And what about not treating the patient without a signature?

 Grow a spine!

 Empress Dugu was still baffled when she left the room .

 God knew how thrilled she had been when she saw Feng Wu the Bold challenge the emperor head on . But… why had Feng Wu given in so easily? Even His Majesty didn’t know how to react .

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