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Chapter 438: 438

Everyone looked at Feng Wu strangely after those words .

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This Miss Feng wasn’t the one who broke the Whistling Vase, so she shouldn’t have to pay for it .

Anyone else would have stayed as far away as possible, let alone make it their responsibility .

Little did they expect that Feng Wu would take everything upon herself, which was quite an honorable thing to do .

A wise-looking old man in a plain outfit observed Feng Wu with great interest .

An elderly steward with a stern, impassive face stood beside him . Despite how stoic he looked, there was no question that he was exceptionally capable in cultivation!

“Xiao Wu…” Chaoge was overwhelmed with a sense of guilt . She know how arrogant the people of the Feng clan were and what a hard time those people must be giving Xiao Wu .

She was here to buy a gift for Xiao Wu today, but look at what she had done . She couldn’t do anything without causing trouble… Chaoge felt like slapping herself .

Mr Mo’s words didn’t make Feng Wu flinch and she only smiled proudly . “Mr Mo, I’m afraid you won’t get a chance to do that . ”

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“Is that so?”

Mr Mo, as well as everyone else, was intrigued .

Why was Miss Feng so confident that she didn’t need to pay for it?

“Because this Whistling Vase is a fake . ”

Feng Wu announced it in a calm voice .

A fake?

Everyone else looked at Mr Mo in astonishment .


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“Elegant Ink Gallery sells knock-offs?”

“I bought an incense burner just the other day from this shop . I think I need to have it appraised . ”

Mr Mo was furious!

Face dark, he glared at Feng Wu . “Miss Feng! You shouldn’t brag about taking responsibility if you can’t afford it! Are you going to slander our Elegant Ink Gallery to avoid paying the bill? What’s wrong with young ladies nowadays? How can you be so vicious?!”

Ye Yafei crossed her arms and chimed in offhandedly, “Mr Mo . not all young ladies are like this . Miss Wu here is an exception . She’s that useless fifth daughter of the Feng family . ”

Everyone let out cries of surprise!

Feng Wu used to be so famous five years ago!

With her talent, everyone in the Junwu Empire thought that she would become the second Jun Linyuan!

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“She’s that Feng Wu who was called a genius from young?”

“The one who lost all her abilities five years ago?”

“His Royal Highness canceled his engagement to her — that Feng Wu?”


Instantly, all eyes were on Feng Wu .

This was the girl that had almost become His Royal Highness’s wife!

That old man in the crowd also gave Feng Wu another glance, as if deep in thought .

Chaoge almost broke into tears!

She would rather die than see Feng Wu humiliated like this .

“Xiao Wu, please leave . I can handle this on my own!” Chaoge tried to push Feng Wu away, her tone adamant .

Feng Wu only smiled and nodded at Chaoge . She then turned to Mr Mo . “You can’t turn a fake piece into an authentic one, even if it’s been broken and mixed in with a thousand other pieces . ”

“You!” Mr Mo smirked . “Fine . If you say it’s a fake, prove it! Do that and you won’t have to pay a penny!”

Feng Wu nodded . “Deal . ”

“Xiao Wu, you…” Chaoge really wanted to slap herself .

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