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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:20 PM
Chapter 337

Taking the flame away? Not in a million years! Little Phoenix turned the abnormal flame into the shape of a rope and wrapped it around itself . It held tightly onto the rope and wouldn’t let go no matter what!

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Master Chu’s forehead was covered with sweat . His face went pale and he had a bitter taste in his mouth .

Jun Linyuan stared at him grimly . “Can you do it or not?!”

Master Chu was almost in tears and he said in a trembling voice, “Your Royal Highness, there’s something strange about the fire poison… It seems to have taken root and I can’t get it out —”

He was able to loosen it a little at first, but soon, it was like having a tug of war . He couldn’t pull it out no matter how hard he tried .

After asking Master Chu exactly what he had to do to remove the poison, Jun Linyuan put a palm on Feng Wu’s forehead .

No one had any idea how he did it, but when he lifted his hand away from her forehead, there was a string of golden flame between his index and middle fingers .

Master Chu waved his fists in excitement . “Yes! Yes, that’s it! That’s the fire poison!”

Meanwhile, Little Phoenix was almost in tears!

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It had no idea what was happening, but it couldn’t stop spinning as the rope of flame was drawn away . It felt like an unraveled sweater .

The spinning made the bird nauseated, but there was nothing it could do . That formidable power took control of the flame and it went on spinning —

What a frightening teenager!

How terrifying his power was!

He was able to penetrate Feng Wu’s mind and take control of the flame!

Little Phoenix wasn’t Jun Linyuan’s match at all and the flame disappeared completely in a matter of seconds .

“My abnormal flame —”

Little Phoenix was really in tears now!

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It had no idea why life was so hard .

It was supposed to have that first abnormal flame after the volcano erupted, but Feng Tutu and Jun Rex ended up taking it .

Then, it had managed to gather enough pieces to put together this abnormal flame, but somehow, it was sabotaged again!


Little Phoenix passed out from all the grievances .

Jun Linyuan looked surprised when he took the fire poison out . Wasn’t that flame his own fire energy? How come it was in Feng Wu’s head?

He didn’t think much of it, but only kneaded the string into a ball .

“The fire poison is eradicated and the young lady should wake up in two hours —”

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Master Chu wiped the sweat off his forehead and heaved a sigh of relief .

He felt as if he had just narrowly escaped death .

Jun Linyuan darted one last look at him before turning to leave, carrying Feng Wu in his arms .

Master Chu and the others were all so relieved to see him leave —

However, right at that moment .

“Brother —”

A sweet voice rang out and Third Princess walked into the room . Smiling brightly, she kept her gaze on Feng Wu .

“Brother, why are you here in the bureau of physicians? Who is this young lady? Do I know her? Why —”

Jun Linyuan didn’t even look at her . Still holding Feng Wu, he walked out of the bureau and disappeared out of sight in no time .

The princess, the most favored daughter of the emperor, had been completely ignored .

That was Jun Linyuan’s most honest response .

The princess’s face turned livid and she felt utterly humiliated!

“What are you all looking at?!” Infuriated, the princess vented on the physicians of the bureau .

They were lambs around Jun Linyuan, but the princess was a different story .

Especially Master Chu, who needed to vent his anger somewhere, and the princess seemed the perfect target .

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