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Published at 17th of January 2020 10:05:30 PM
Chapter 318

Feng Yiran blanched . Had his parents heard about what he and Feng Liu had done, and were here to catch them in the act? If that was the case, was he going to be ruined now?!

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Feng Yiran cared for nothing more than his image, and his reputation had always been his biggest concern .

“The thief!” Lady Wang cried out . “We followed him all the way here and saw him run into Whistling Pines Yard . We came after him and he was last seen outside your door! He must have entered your room!”

Feng Yiran clenched his fists!

He finally realized that this was a trap aimed at him and Feng Liu!

Rising to his feet and throwing a robe around his shoulders, he said diffidently, “Mother, you must be mistaken . I saw no such thief . ”

“That’s not possible! I saw it with my own eyes!” Lady Wang wouldn’t give up . “You must have been asleep and missed him . You lot, search the room!”

Hiding under the duvet, Feng Liu felt like crying!

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That was her own mother!

Couldn’t she just leave? Why did she have to search the room? She would find her own daughter if she kept doing this!

Feng Liu wouldn’t have been so flustered if it were any normal day, but she was naked now and she was in her brother’s bed… If someone lifted the duvet… Feng Liu trembled in anger and exasperation!

However, all Lady Wang could think of now was finding that thief and bringing a host of fabricated charges against Feng Wu . No one could persuade her otherwise!

“Find him! Don’t leave any stone unturned! I must find him!” Lady Wang burned with rage!

Feng Yiran looked at her coldly . “Mother, this is my bedroom . Please leave . ”

Feng Wu and Qiuling sauntered in at that moment . After hearing Feng Yiran’s words, Feng Wu smiled at Lady Wang . “Aunt, there’s no thief . You must be mistaken . ”

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Lady Wang was furious . She had to catch that thief!

“My lady, we’ve searched the entire Whistling Pines Yard and we found no one,” a guard came in from outside and informed Lady Wang in a low voice .

“My lady, we’ve searched the bedroom . There’s no thief here,” another guard reported .

Feng Wu smiled . “Aunt, see? There’s no thief . It’s really just a misunderstanding . ”

Feng Yanfeng hesitated .

Was Feng Wu telling the truth? Was there no such thief? Searching his memory, he realized that he hadn’t seen any such figure himself, but only thought there was one because his wife insisted .

Lady Wang felt uneasy . If she couldn’t find the thief, the others would think that she had plotted against Feng Wu’s family, and that was an accusation she didn’t want to be associated with .

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Feng Yanfeng frowned . “Well, since we didn’t find any thief, it must be a misunderstanding . Everyone, go back to whatever you were doing . ”

After that, he walked out first .

The rest of the servants and guards followed him out .

But not Lady Wang!

The look her husband gave her was filled with disappointment when he left…

At that thought, Lady Wang turned to stare at the duvet on the bed!

That wasn’t right . Yiran was up and Xueyi, his concubine maid, was sleeping on the other side of the bed . Why did it look like there was something under the duvet?


An idea struck Lady Wang!

It was the thief!

It had to be him!

He had hidden under the duvet and that was why no one had found him!

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