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Published at 3rd of January 2020 03:08:16 PM
Chapter 309

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Gazing at Feng Wu, Yu Mingye pressed for a reply .

Despite her urge to punch him in the face, Feng Wu took a deep breath and squeezed out a smile . "… Thank you, I guess . "

"You guessed correctly!" Yu Mingye was thrilled to hear a "thank you" from Feng Wu, but he feigned a displeased tone . "I assume that your sister wouldn't have gone to the Fire Wolf and tried to fornicate with it voluntarily?"

Feng Wu said, "No . "

"And that Fire Wolf wouldn't have dragged your sister there by itself either?"

Feng Wu said, "No . "

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"I recognized the smell of Spring Breeze Powder in the air . " Yu Mingye darted an unhurried look at Feng Wu . "Do you know what that is?"

Feng Wu said, "… You do realize that I'm a medicine refiner, right?"

"That's right, you're a medicine refiner . But you know what? I'm pretty sure that someone set your sister up!" Yu Mingye frowned . "Who would do such a horrible thing to a young woman? Making her fornicate with a spiritual beast? That's just… well, your sister would have been ruined if it hadn't been for me!"

Feng Wu clenched her fists . "… Yes . "

"How evil is the person behind all this? They're so black-hearted! That person is rotten to the core and I bet they're too toxic inside to have any children of their own!" Yu Mingye said indignantly!

Feng Wu blanched and blushed, not sure what expression she should have on her face . She took a deep breath and said nothing . She felt like punching someone .

"Why are you drawing in your breath all the time?" Yu Mingye looked at her in confusion .

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Feng Wu gave him a smile, which was more like a grimace .

Yu Mingye went back to talking about Feng Liu . "I know you and your sister don't get along, but she's still your sister and I saved her . How are you going to thank me for that? Hahahaha —"

Feng Wu was having a hard time controlling her temper and she couldn't do it anymore .

She had never been in the habit of stretching herself thin . Since she couldn't take it anymore, she decided to tell him everything . Hence, she turned her gaze on Yu Mingye and said in a cold voice, "It was me . "

Yu Mingye looked bewildered . "What was you?"

"I did it . " Feng Wu gave Yu Mingye a half-smile . "That black-hearted person you're talking about was me . "

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Yu Mingye had rarely been shocked growing up, but what Feng Wu said made him jump . He shuddered and sat there as his mouth fell open .

Feng Wu gave him an indifferent sidelong glance .

Now that the truth was out, Yu Mingye should be on his way, right? After all, he was so appalled by the person that had plotted the whole thing .

Yu Mingye stared at Feng Wu unblinkingly, then —

He said angrily, "What did she do to you?!"

He didn't ask why and he didn't accuse Feng Wu of being so malicious . Instead, he was furious about whatever Feng Liu had done to Feng Wu .

Feng Wu stared at Yu Mingye . "What?"

"What did she do? Are you hurt? Any losses?" The concern in Yu Mingye's voice was genuine .

That wasn't what Feng Wu had expected and she was very surprised .

From Yu Mingye's tone earlier, the guy found the person behind all this repulsive . However, when she admitted what she had done, he worried about her well-being, instead of condemning her .

"You believe me?" Feng Wu was too bewildered to say anything else .

"Of course I do!" Yu Mingye glared at Feng Wu . "I couldn't have cared less about her if she wasn't your sister! That Fire Wolf could eat her whole and I wouldn't even blink! I only saved her because she's your sister . "

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