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Chapter 287: 287

Jun Linyuan looked bewildered and he snorted . “Why do you care?”

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Feng Xun clenched his fists . “I have to . Zuo Qingluan is sure to give little Feng Wu a hard time, and I must get better . That way, I’ll be able to protect little Feng Wu!”

After that, Feng Xun started his cultivation right away, leaving the crown prince standing there looking stunned .

Protect Feng Wu? Jun Linyuan looked pensively at Feng Xun . If that girl just gave in and begged for his help, no one would ever be able to give her a hard time at all!

Xuan Yi wasn’t doing a very good job with the treehouse, for Feng had always taken care of tasks like this .

Jun Linyuan’s face darkened a little when he saw the completed treehouse .

Xuan Yi’s heart sank .

As expected, Jun Linyuan frowned a little and said, “Too small . ”

Too small? How could that be? He had used the exact measurements as Feng had . Jun Linyuan was the only one using it, so how big did he need it to be?

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Exactly how much bigger? Xuan Yi wavered . He had never missed Feng as much as he did now .

However, Feng had escorted Feng Xiaoqi back to the imperial capital and they had no idea when he would be back —

Just as Xuan Yi was thinking about Feng, Feng came back .

Xuan Yi couldn’t be any more pleased and he immediately handed the task to Feng .

With Feng taking over, the new treehouse was solid, clean, neat, and looked very refreshing with all the green leaves . However, Jun Linyuan took a glance and went on frowning . It was obvious that he was still displeased .

Xuan Yi and Feng exchanged looks of bewilderment .

“Still too small? So, bigger?” Xuan Yi asked .

Crossing his hands behind his back, Jun Linyuan gave off a self-important and unhurried air . However, one could tell with one look that he wasn’t satisfied with the result . “Build another one . ”

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Xuan Yi was bemused . Boss Jun had never bothered to have a second treehouse built for the rest of them . What was going on here?

Even Feng couldn’t help but give Jun Linyuan another look . Something was definitely amiss here .

Jun Linyuan walked away and disappeared into the forest .

Xuan Yi was bewildered . “Where is Boss Jun going?”

Before long, they heard the noise of magical beasts scattering .

Feng replied in his usual indifferent tone, “Expelling magical beasts, apparently . ”

Xuan Yi was even more confused . “Why bother chasing them at all? Boss Jun and you yourself are more than enough to keep all of us safe . Plus, since when does Boss Jun himself need to do such petty tasks? He could have told us to do it . ”

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That was exactly what Feng was thinking as well . Hence, he also looked at the crown prince in bewilderment .

“Is it because we’re not careful enough for him?” Rubbing his chin, Xuan Yi considered the possibility .

“Has anything happened in the past few days?” Even Feng, the least gossipy person of them all, couldn’t help but ask .

“Well, if you put it that way, there was something . Boss Jun and little Feng Wu had a row . ”

“Really? Tell me about it . ” The taciturn Feng was actively seeking gossip, which proved how disturbed he was by the crown prince’s behavior .

Xuan Yi told Feng everything, then looked at the latter expectantly .

Feng looked at that figure clad in black a short distance away . The teenager was born with the duty to rule over this continent . Was he going to be distracted now?

Feng decided that he would wait and see .

The night passed without incident .

The first ray of sunshine lit up the entire treehouse through the window curtained by green leaves .

Feng Xun opened his eyes, which flickered brightly in the sunlight . Just then —

Author: Boss Jun, why build two treehouses?

Jun Linyuan: Shut up!

Author: Boss Jun, why did you chase away the magical beasts yourself?

Jun Linyuan: Shut up!

Author: Was it because you thought the others wouldn’t be as careful about it as you?

Jun Linyuan: Shut up!

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