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Chapter 213: Will Jun Lin Yuan Die?

And also didn't have confidence in Jun Lin Yuan's omnipotence as she gazed at the killing intent in the air. The corners of her lips pursed faintly.

Just at this time, suddenly!

The Blood Demon Dragon's body exploded in a violent and intense manner. Its entire body ignited in a blaze!

"Youngster, since you want to force me to my death, how about you go to hell first!" The Blood Demon Dragon bellowed and shouted crazily, that pair of wings big enough to cover the mountains wrapped around Jun Lin Yuan's body!

Feng Wu clearly saw Jun Lin Yuan's body stiffen!

His body was fixed in place by the Blood Demon Dragon.

Unable to make a single movement!

The Blood Demon Dragon's body moved as quickly as thunder and rolled up violently towards him!

Feng Wu was able to clearly see the Blood Demon Dragon's claw getting closer! Closer! Even closer!

Feng Xun was so worried he's about to go crazy!

His eyes were scarlet red, entire body trembling!

He frantically wanted to charge into the field of battle and wanted to save Jun Lin Yuan, however, before he could rush forward an enormous qi wave already bounced him back out.

Within the surroundings of the fight, spirit qi shook and fluctuated, the atmosphere twisted. Any ordinary person who even touched the edge would most likely be vibrated and torn to bits.

Will Jun Lin Yuan die?

Jun Lin Yuan's eyes contained an inexhaustible coldness, just like a thin sharp sword, bitingly cold and sharp.


A loud sound boomed!

The Blood Demon Dragon's huge claw unexpectedly swatted at Jun Lin Yuan's shoulder.

A loud 'puchi' sounded.

The Blood Demon Dragon's sharp claw pierced through Jun Lin Yuan's shoulder blade all of a sudden, blood gushed out like a geyser!

"Ah!" Feng Xun went insane with worry!

Feng Wu saw Jun Lin Yuan's left bloody shoulder and her eyes constricted violently as her heart shook suddenly. She felt pained watching him get hurt.

However, on Jun Lin Yuan's handsome, hidden in depth chiseled face, his eyes were as clear as water. His expression was tranquil without any ripple, calm and unruffled. It was as if the pierced through shoulder wasn't his, but rather someone else's.

Feng Wu couldn't help but clench her fists tightly and bit firmly on her lower lip.

She hated her own powerlessness!

If at that year, her cultivation hadn't been destroyed, her current strength wouldn't be much worse than Jun Lin Yuan's. That version of her would be able to fight alongside Jun Lin Yuan and wouldn't be powerless to even take part in the fight.

She really wanted to become strong!

Just when Feng Wu was thinking this way, suddenly, she only felt a buzzing sound in her brains echoing gently——

It can't be?

Feng Wu felt astonished and in addition, smiled bitterly.

Just when she thought about changing to become stronger just now, maybe the idea of getting stronger impressed greatly upon her mind, but she surprisingly directly broke through the shackles of the fifth level and entered the sixth level!

Was it possible to advance just like this?

Feng Wu also……had nothing to say about this.

If one was to speak of this based on Martial Lord Empire's ranking divisions, then in order to enter a junior level school, the minimum requirement was a level three spirit master. The qualification to graduate was a level five spirit master.

A level six spirit master can enter a mid-level school and graduate as a level nine spirit master.

The upper boundary of a spirit master is needed to enter a high-level school.

There's a huge step between level five and level six, a lot of people were stuck at the fifth level for a very long time, however, Feng Wu had directly crossed over.

Based on the divisions defined by the schools, the current Feng Wu could be considered to have the qualifications to study at a middle level school.

It's only been not even half a month since she recovered her strength. She didn't expect that she'd already reached the sixth level!

Feng Wu discreetly made a fist. She'd certainly be able to recover her strength very quickly!

And at this moment, the Blood Demon Dragon was smugly wallowing in self satisfaction!

Just when the Blood Demon Dragon's claw complacently wanted to finish Jun Lin Yuan's life, before it realized it!

Everyone saw clearly how Jun Lin Yuan made his move. In the split second during which the Blood Demon Dragon was feeling smug, he made his move.


Punishing Heaven Sword plunged into the base of the Blood Demon Dragon's abdomen!

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