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Chapter 2006: Jun Linyuan the Difficult Man (1)

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Would it look past her and go back to sleep?

But obviously —

That was wishful thinking!

Right at that moment!

The snake opened its giant mouth!

There was no sign and no warning. It was an involuntary act, like a person swatting a mosquito…

When the snake opened its mouth, its red tongue looked like a pulsing sword.

Whoosh —

It was aimed at Feng Wu.

Feng Wu was astonished!

In the face of such strength, Feng Wu was as weak as a fly.

Before she could react, the forked tongue had already wrapped around her!

The snake was about to swallow her whole!

Her head went blank!

Was she going to die?

After all the hardships she had gone through, was she going to die after coming so far?

In that moment of despair!


A figure dressed in black descended!

His Sky Destroyer wouldn’t be stopped by anything!


It pierced the snake’s tongue. After that, it swept through the air, pulling Feng Wu away.

Feng Wu moved through the air before she fell into a pair of warm arms.

Their eyes met.

Feng Wu cried out, “Jun Linyuan!!!”

What was he doing here?


When she thought that she was going to die, he arrived like a god, rescuing her from an impossible situation.

Jun Linyuan pushed Feng Wu away, and he charged at the snake!

“The snake is the third ghost king! Be careful!” Feng Wu reminded him.

Jun Linyuan nodded and gave a wave of his hand.

Feng Wu felt as if she was sitting inside a transparent shield.

The shield looked like an egg standing up. It wasn’t big, but it was enough to fit her inside.

Feng Wu could just sit here and watch him fight as if she was watching a movie.

No matter how fierce the battle was, she wouldn’t be affected at all.

Only until then did Feng Wu realize how powerful Jun Linyuan was.

The snake was the third ghost king and was as capable as the other two, but Jun Linyuan…

He had the upper hand completely!

One stance, two stances, three…

Before Jun Linyuan could use all the stances, the ferocious snake had collapsed to the ground.

Feng Wu watched in astonishment.

That was unbelievable! The man was invincible!

That was the way Jun Linyuan was!

No wonder so many people loved him, feared him, and found him awe-inspiring. They didn’t want to part with him, because he was the top cultivator of his generation!

No, maybe he was one of the top cultivators even among his father’s generation!

After the initial shock, Feng Wu realized something important.

If the third ghost king was killed, then her Ghost King Seal…

At that thought, Feng Wu pounded on the protective shield.

Jun Linyuan had wanted to finish the ghost king off!

Thump! Thump! Thump!

Feng Wu jumped around anxiously.

“Gosh! Don’t kill it! My Ghost King Seal! My seed of the spirit source!”

Jun Linyuan glanced at Feng Wu and wondered if she was that eager to come out to see him.

Whoosh —

With a wave of his sleeve, the shield disappeared, and Feng Wu jumped out like a little cannonball.

This girl… Heh.

Jun Linyuan thought that Feng Wu would jump into his arms and had even raised his hands to welcome her.


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