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Chapter 1323: 1323
Chapter 1323: The Weapon

Master Rong Yang gave Feng Wu a suspicious glance .

He could sense another source of spiritual essence inside Feng Wu, which she would rather die than draw from .

Pfft —

When the spirit of the Fallen Star Sword made another attempt, Feng Wu spat out a mouthful of blood again .

Her blood formed a thin mist which scattered all over the sword .

The blade that looked like a withered twig at first began to revive as soon as the blood landed on it .

All of a sudden!

The tiny sword spirit woke up from its deep sleep and flew toward Feng Wu’s neck at lightning speed .

Gurgle —

Feng Wu could sense her blood being drained out of her body as she watched!

Gone with it was her spiritual essence!

Feng Wu could tell that the tiny sword spirit was devouring the spiritual essence in her dantian!

Master Rong Yang fell to the ground and panted after the sword spirit flew out .

All his hair had turned white, the skin on his face was sagging, and he looked so tired that he seemed to have aged 10 years .

But luckily, his life wasn’t in danger anymore .

One couldn’t say the same for Feng Wu .

She turned ghastly pale as the blood and spiritual essence flowed out of her body . She looked so exhausted that she could collapse at any moment .

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But that wasn’t the only thing the sword spirit was doing to her . Right now, Feng Wu felt as though her internal organs were being crushed .

She kept vomiting blood until the ground was stained red . It looked very terrifying .

Her vision went blurry, and she was losing consciousness…

She was about to crash, when the tiny sword spirit was finally satiated .

It then flew back into the Fallen Star Sword . The blade then lit up, looking as limpid as clear water, and gave out such dense spiritual essence!

Whoosh —

The sword then leapt toward the opening of the well .

Feng Wu cried out, “My sword —”

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Master Rong Yang took a deep breath and said, “Don’t worry, kiddo . It’s not going anywhere . ”

After those words, Master Rong Yang dashed off as fast as he could .

However, the sword moved much faster than the master . It shot out of the well and charged at the crowd .

It had absorbed Feng Wu’s blood, but that wasn’t enough!


The blade cut Zuo Qingyu’s arm open, splashing blood everywhere, before it charged at the old steward .

A large crowd had already gathered outside the well .

Emperor Wu and the others were sitting in their chairs and waiting for the formidable weapon to come out . However, this grand entrance wasn’t what they had expected .

Whoosh —

Everyone sucked in their breaths when they saw the flying sword .

Right at that moment!

Zuo Ming finally reacted and cried out, “That’s it! That’s the weapon! That’s the formidable weapon of my family! Qingyu, order it to stop!”

The blade had made such a deep gash on her arm that she could barely move .

She looked frustrated when she said, “Father, it won’t listen to me…”

“Impossible!” Zuo Ming wouldn’t believe it . “It has tasted your blood, which means that there’s a blood bond between you and the sword! Just recite the bonding spell!”

Zuo Qingyu’s stomach lurched .

She knew better than anyone else that the Fallen Star Sword belonged to Feng Wu . However, she wondered if the method her father had mentioned would work .

Without thinking, Zuo Qingyu began to make a hand seal as she chanted the words .

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