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Published at 19th of October 2020 05:39:08 AM
Chapter 1166: No One Challenges the Authority of an Emperor!
Chapter 1166 No One Challenges the Authority of an Emperor! “Something went missing in his family and he had to search everyone —” Lady Northern Feng sounded angry and aggrieved . “And even that wasn’t enough for him . He hated me, so he lashed out at Xiao Wu . “He actually wanted to search Xiao Wu’s memories with his soul power,” said Lady Northern Feng between broken sobs . “Your Majesty, you know the consequences of that . If one’s memories are searched with soul power, they’ll become mentally handicapped, or even killed!”

The empress dowager shuddered .

Lady Northern Feng went on . “And he tried to do that even after the imperial edict was read, when everyone knew that Feng Wu had been made a princess by Your Majesty . He was so unscrupulous, despising the authority of Your Majesty and the emperor like that . ”

“It wasn’t like that . Actually…” Concubine Oriole tried to interject, but Lady Northern Feng wouldn’t let her . She went on .

“Your Majesty, Xiao Wu was about to be killed, so of course I had to do something . The crown prince just happened to arrive at that moment, so I begged him to save Xiao Wu . That was why His Royal Highness took action!”

Seeing that the empress dowager didn’t look as angry, Lady Northern Feng went on immediately . “Your Majesty, you raised His Royal Highness yourself, and no one knows him like you do . Other people may spread baseless rumors about him, but I’m sure Your Majesty knows that the crown prince isn’t the type to meddle . His Royal Highness usually turns a blind eye to Xiao Wu . Why would he stand up for her? Why would anyone fabricate a lie like that?!”

Lady Northern Feng was giving it all she had to save Feng Wu’s life .

The conversation might seem nothing more than a petty household matter, but such trivialities had gotten more women killed in the imperial palace than one could count .

Lady Northern Feng was sure that if she didn’t speak up for Feng Wu, the latter would be killed without a sound . After all, no one could challenge the authority of the royal family .

Hearing Lady Northern Feng’s explanation, the empress dowager’s mood finally lightened slightly, and she let out a breath of relief .

Lady Northern Feng then helped the old lady sit down .

They had just taken their seats again, when there was a loud announcement .

“His Majesty the emperor has arrived —”

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Emperor Wu entered the hall, dressed in his bright yellow imperial robe . His gait was steady and even, and he gave off a naturally intimidating air as he walked .

All the concubines bowed to him .

Emperor Wu casually waved them off . He went over to the empress dowager in a hurry and asked anxiously, “Your Majesty, what happened? Are you not feeling well?”

The empress dowager was a little short of air from her anger earlier, and before she could reply, Lady Northern Feng said, “Her Majesty has delicate health to begin with, and someone upset her just then . That’s why Her Majesty is like this . ”

Emperor Wu flared up . “Who upset Her Majesty?! How dare they?!”

Lady Northern Feng glanced at Concubine Oriole . “Well, no one would dare do it deliberately . It’s just that Her Majesty heard about His Royal Highness being held in the water dungeon…”

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Emperor Wu’s face turned livid immediately!

“Who told Her Majesty that?!” He had given an explicit order that no one was to bring it up in front of the empress dowager!

Emperor Wu scanned the crowd with his sharp, gloomy eyes .

Concubine Oriole was almost scared to tears . She went down on her knees immediately and burst into tears .

Emperor Wu glared at Concubine Oriole!

Concubine Oriole had a beautiful voice . Therefore, Emperor Wu made her “Concubine Oriole” after taking her to bed . He had enjoyed her for a few days at this point, but didn’t know that she could be so reckless!

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“Get her out of here! She’s banished to the cold palace!”

An emperor would never allow anyone to challenge his authority .

In a mere moment, he had determined the fate of a common human being .

“Your Majesty —”

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