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Chapter 394: 394

Chapter 394: Thieves Who Stole France (6)

“I wish they had given us 10 points without any reservation if they wanted to,” Kaya said in a sullen voice, pouting her lips .

Although Min-joon and Kaya were showered with the judges’ praise, none of them gave the pair the perfect score of 10 . But the points they gave the pair were the same, namely, 9 . 5 points . Why didn’t they give 10 points? It was a good score, but at the same time, it made them embarrassed .

Fortunately, before the pair asked why, the judges first opened their mouths .

“The reason why I didn’t give you 10 points is simple . Maybe it’s not that different from other judges’ reasons . ”

“What is it?”

“I think you can make it more delicious . ”

It might sound weird, depending on how to interpret it . How could that be the reason for a black mark for them? However, Kaya and Min-joon soon understood her words . They sighed .

“That’s what we’re feeling, too . We also felt it had room for improvement . ”

“I don’t want to say that this dish is lacking, but one day, you can make it more delicious, based on this . So, I felt I wanted to reserve a higher mark for that dish in the future . ”

“Whatever the reason, we’re really happy about the score you gave me now . Thank you . ”

“As a judge, it’s been a while since I didn’t like the scoring system of this contest . In the past, I was comfortable because I didn’t have to decide whether to drop someone, but now I am not . ”

Asher said in a voice full of regret, “I hate scoring your dish . You understand what I mean, right?”

“Yes, I understand . And thank you for sparing a thought for us like that . You’re all my good customers who have made us motivated to cook . ”

Min-joon replied, smiling at them gently . He was sincere without any pretense . The most valuable guests to the chefs were those who appreciated the value of their cooking and their sweat and effort . In that respect, the five judges were very good examples of such guests .

In fact, most cooks know that because they had both happy and painful experiences because of customers . It wasn’t surprising that it was none other than the chefs who knew better than anyone what kind of customer made them happy .

“I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of dishes you two will serve in the quarterfinals,”

Bastien said last .

Given the nature of the competition that determined the survivors according to the score ranking, it would be a bit difficult to discuss the next competition when they were done judging only two pairs until now, but Min-joon and Kaya were different . Their score was 9 . 5 points . It was definitely one of the best scores in this competition . So, it was extremely unlikely that the two who earned such a high mark would fail in the octofinals .

In fact, none of the judges imagined that Kaya and Min-joon would be dropped out of the competition at this point . Honestly, they felt the pair could advance to at least the semifinals .

“How did they learn cooking?” Theo asked, looking at Enzo as if he could not understand .

With his arms folded, Enzo was watching the pair quietly then said in a heavy voice, “If you have a chance to teach your students later, you will experience it . What I mean is this . You paid more attention to one of the two students and taught him a lot, but the other student who came in later, with little basic training, was much better than the one I cared for more . What would you feel?”

“After all, it all comes down to one’s talent, right?”

“I don’t want to ignore their efforts just by citing talent . Obviously, they put more effort than others think . But you’re right . Even if they don’t try, there are chefs who are better than those who are making more efforts than them . ”

“How do I surpass them?” Theo asked in a sincere voice .

After looking at his son, Enzo noticed that he was much more competitive than he thought .

That was what he wanted, but he felt bitter at the same time .

Enzo said in a calm voice, “As you know, I couldn’t surpass him . I didn’t get a chance to beat him . ”

At that moment, Theo felt he made a mistake . Come to think of it, he participated in this contest purely because of his father .

‘But is it really because my father wants to vent his long-cherished regrets?’

Suddenly, such a question came to Theo’s mind . It was not because Enzo was not his father but a chef who would be respected by everyone . He had confidence in pursuing his career, and he always put customers first over his greed when it came to cooking . The reason he worked as the sous chef at his father’s restaurant was not because Enzo was his father . He wanted to protect his father’s restaurant, his cuisine and beliefs, and thoughts .

Was it because Enzo still couldn’t overcome his shame or inferiority complex due to his defeat to Daniel? Such questions came to Theo’s mind .

At that moment, Enzo said as if he was muttering, “The chef doesn’t have to look at the ceiling and the floor when cooking . He can just look at the kitchen cook . Don’t you think so?”

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“Yeah, you’re right?”

He didn’t have time to think deeply about what it meant, for the judges who already finished evaluating other pairs were approaching them . Theo raised his head and looked at the judges . But he could notice in their eyes the impact Kaya and Min-joon’s dish had on them .

“The first place in this contest is Kaya Reuters and Min-joon Cho of the Rose Island team from America . They scored 9 . 5 points!”

There was no unexpected surprise . There was no miracle . When the judges announced the final score of the second round, it was Kaya and Min-joon who ranked first . The two felt thrilled when all the eyes of the chefs and the audience turned to them .

Kaya smiled satisfactorily and looked around . Honestly, she felt this kind of people’s interest would always be sweet no matter how old she became .

‘This is ridiculous! How can they win twice in a row!’

‘Well, they might be lucky this time… Damn, is it a real possibility that we see the first place being stolen by the pair?’

‘It’s not right to describe it as ‘stolen’ . We can’t monopolize the first place . But the US team wins, it’s been a long time since they received the first prize and the French team lost it . ’

“On the internet right now, people are blaming the French chefs harshly, warning they would be in big trouble if they lose to the American team . ”

Whispering among the audience was heard here and there . In particular, the last one was what the French chefs in this competition were realizing acutely .

Their perception of Kaya and Min-joon was good because Rose Island was widely known in France, and they were also popular there . Of course, in terms of the popularity of chefs in France, they were not that popular, but there were many chefs here who knew the pair .

Even so, there weren’t many French people who would be pleased to see their chefs losing the first place to the American team . There were some French gourmets who wanted to give the American teams a good lesson on this occasion, so they could make some change in their cooking style, but there were not many such gourmets .

‘Are Min-joon and Kaya great because of their affiliation with Rose Island, or are they great because of their popularity?’

“Other chefs from Rose Island are great, too . In particular, that chef from its New York branch is excellent, too . They got 9 . 25, even though they seemed to make sloppy cooking . ”

‘They had the same score as the Enzo and Theo pair, right?’

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‘Obviously, Enzo and Theo are doing great, as we expected, but the Min-joon and Kaya pair stand out better than them . ‘

‘Because they’re doing so good . Their synergy couldn’t be better . ’

Kaya and Min-joon couldn’t hear clearly what they were saying, but they could feel the atmosphere . They knew that the main topic of this contest was none other than themselves .

‘I have to keep up with this favorable atmosphere . ’

Min-joon looked around the venue with a calm and subdued expression . He intended to keep the momentum of winning the previous rounds because once he began to fall behind other chefs, he would lose the momentum . He wanted to avoid the situation where he would be pushed out by others while feeling complacent .

At that moment, Theo approached him then opened his mouth hesitantly, pointing at his plate .

“Can I try that leftover?”

The judges cleanly emptied the dishes served by Min-joon and Kaya . What was left on the plate was some other stuff they couldn’t put on the plates in the beginning .

So, Min-joon asked with an awkward voice, “I don’t think this is a treat for a customer…”

“I’m asking for it as a chef, not as a customer . I’m very curious about the taste of the dish . ”

“Oh, I see . Please…”

Min-joon raised his hand as if he couldn’t help it . Theo gladly raised a fork . Many spectators in the stands were watching them, but Min-joon didn’t care because their gaze and gossiping didn’t influence him and his cooking at all .

So, Theo put the leftover ingredients in his mouth . He could understand why the judges praised the pair’s dish so much . And he was surprised again because the way Min-joon and Kaya cooked was something he had never seen before . It was possible to cook artistically, but it was very tough to bring such rough and crude sensibility out of it .

“Well, I was not going to recognize it if your dish is just good enough, but this is so good . I appreciate its taste very much . Great job!”

“Thank you . ”

“Maybe Chef Daniel was similar to you when he was here . Now I can understand why people love Chef Daniel and Rose Island so much . Last time, I said I would not lose, but I lost again . ”

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“I don’t think there is no loser or winner in cooking . ”

When he said that, Theo recalled what he had heard from Enzo, who said a chef didn’t have to look at the ceiling or the floor, but a chef just needed to look at the kitchen counter . What Enzo tried to say to him was it was meaningless to differentiate between a good chef and a better chef .

‘If that’s the case…’

For now, he couldn’t make a quick judgment .

He said, looking at Min-joon and Kaya, “Thank you for surprising me all the time . Next time, I want to say that I want to surprise you, but I think I’m full of words with no action, so I’m not going to say anything this time . I just want to say this . ”

“What do you mean?”

“I think of you as my rivals,” Theo said with a smile .

With Min-joon’s eyebrows up a bit, he continued slowly, “I’m not really trying to make any provocative remarks . I like your cooking . So I want to surpass you…”

“I’m sorry, but his rival is me . ”

Someone shouted coldly suddenly . Startled by that voice, Theo turned to the side .

Anderson was looking at Theo with his arms folded .

“His rival is me . ”

Watching them, Min-joon mumbled as if he was dumbfounded, “Why are you guys crazy about taking me as your rival?”

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