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Chapter 363: 363

Chapter 363: Only Looking Ahead (5)

Driving the van, Min-joon said to Kaya, “You’re all good, but sometimes you’re too aggressive . ”

“Why, shouldn’t I be aggressive?”

“Do you want me to tell you frankly what I think?”


“I feel good if you are aggressive . Yeah, I like it very much . ”

Kaya, who was determined to retort him quickly if he started nagging, looked at him with her eyes open wide at his unexpected response . He checked her expression then made a mysterious smile, looking ahead .

“What I want to say is you are being aggressive in a different sense than before . Even if you are harsh in talking to somebody, I just feel you look mellow rather than sharp . Your image these days is not that bad . ”

“Why are you flattering me all of a sudden? Don’t make me feel scared . ”

As if she had the goosebumps, she shuddered, touching her both arms . But she didn’t really dislike his praise because her expression was bright . Then, she brought up the topic about Anderson as if she was still upset about him .

“By the way, why is he so edgy? He doesn’t know how to appreciate my help . ”

“Did you forget what I told you oftentimes? You are not qualified to blame him . ”

“Do you think anybody who has a bad personality can’t blame others for the same reason?”

Kaya grunted .

Min-joon opened his mouth with a smile .

“Anyway, I like what you said to Anderson a little while ago . Remember you told him you would beat him completely? Yeah, I love your fighting spirit like that . ”

“So, are you comfortable about it?”

“About what?”

“Well, normally, you would have blamed me for being harsh to him . I think you would have told me to speak to him nicely in such a situation…”

“I guess your way of speaking like that has rubbed off on me, and I think that’s natural,” he replied, shrugging . Given that he was now living with her at the same house, it was natural that they were bound to take after each other .

For a moment, Kaya imagined Min-joon cursing and acting tough like her . She then shook her head . She couldn’t imagine it, nor did she want to .

Kaya said in a quiet voice, “If you act tough like me, I’m going to really kill you . ”

“It’s not my fault, isn’t it?”

“Anyway, I clearly gave you a warning . So, keep it in mind . ”

Min-joon laughed as if he was dumbfounded by her warning .

When he pulled over to the parking lot, he ran into Anderson, who happened to get out of his car almost at the same time . Kaya and Anderson were exchanging a sharp glance with each other . At that moment, somebody drove a nice coupe into the parking lot carefully . Min-joon’s eyebrows wriggled at the moment he saw the car . It was familiar to him, namely Chloe’s car .

“Chloe is here . ”

“Is that Chloe’s car?”

“Yeah . ”

“It’s nice . ”

While looking at the car blankly, Kaya nodded in admiration . Chloe parked the car very carefully, attentively, and slowly opened the door and got out . Obviously, she was sleeping when Anderson contacted her, but she was neatly dressed with her hair very carefully arranged .

“I’m here, guys!”

It seemed that Chloe was quite happy with Anderson’s proposal, given her bright smile . Her overjoy made Anderson feel less sorry for making such a sudden offer to her .

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She tapped Anderson on the shoulder gently and chuckled .

“Thanks, Anderson . If you offered me to come with you, it means I’m good enough to be your cooking partner, right?”

“Well, I don’t think I am qualified to judge you, Chloe . I just know your cooking level as well as your personality . ”

“Thanks anyway . If I had stayed idle a little longer, I might have bored out of my skull . You have saved my life . ”

“You don’t have to say that much…”

It had been a while since Min-joon saw Chloe feeling so good . Did she begin to change right after the Grand Chef was over, or was it because she was rejected by Min-joon? Maybe it started right after she started broadcasting . She was kind and kind, as always, but he found her becoming less cheerful and vivacious than before .

But Chloe, whom Anderson saw today, was as cheerful and lively as before, so he could feel much more relaxed now . He felt if she could keep showing it, she could cook better than before .

A little later when they encountered Chloe in the kitchen, the other members of Rose Island felt the same as Anderson .

‘She looks completely different from the old Chloe that we used to know,’ Janet felt like that .

She wasn’t that close to Chloe . She just exchanged pleasantries with her or watched her chatting with somebody at a distance, but she knew roughly what kind of personality she had .

In her eyes, Chloe seemed to have been repressed by something or somebody as if she had been consumed with frustration .

But she wasn’t that type anymore today . They found that she was much freer than before . Rachel opened her mouth .

“So Min-joon and Kaya, Anderson and Chloe, Havier and Janet . You guys are making a pair like that, right?”

“Yes, we got messed up in a funny way like this . ”

“Well, I don’t have anything else to say to you . Kaya, Chloe, now that you have decided to pair with your partner, I think I have to care about you, too . You can come to this place until you take part in the competition . Of course, I’ll allow you to use the kitchen as well as the ingredients as much as you want . ”

“Thank you . ”

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“Actually, today I was thinking of having you guys get more familiar with the recipe a little more before the opening, but let me change my original plan since you’re all here . Everybody, move as a pair . I am curious about what kind of dish you might want to cook from now on . ”

At that moment, everyone looked at each other then began to think about it slowly .

Havier said as if he was surprised, “I didn’t think Anderson would bring Chloe here . Janet, did you expect it?”

“I thought he could because I knew all the chefs around him anyway . ”

Having said that, Janet looked at Chloe . To be honest, she thought Anderson would be less likely to choose Chloe because she was a chef in name only, and she was almost like a broadcast celebrity . Because of that, Janet thought she might have lost a sense of taste . She was also worried that Chloe might not catch up with Anderson’s cooking level .

In fact, it was Min-joon and Kaya rather than Anderson and Chloe that Janet should pay more attention to . Janet had already seen them cooking as a pair, and how far they could enhance their cooking level as a pair .

‘I have to do better than them . ’

She chose Havier as her partner because she was convinced that he would follow her instruction faithfully . That meant that she was responsible for all the matters related to her pairing with him .

‘It depends on how I do . So, let me show them the best of my cooking skills in the competition . ’

When Janet thought about it, she suddenly felt everybody was silent all at once . To put it precisely, there was silence except for one place . So, she slowly looked at the source of the sound . She looked at Kaya and Min-joon’s kitchen table .

As if they decided on ingredients and the recipe, the two were already starting to cook .

At first glance, it looked like they were making Ratatouille . Min-joon was seen holding a knife while Kaya was getting close to the kitchen oven . They looked just normal when they cooked, but there was always one thing that distinguished them from other chefs .

“They don’t really talk to each other while cooking . ”

It might seem easy for a couple to do something well, but it was actually the most difficult . Even couples who have lived in the same house for decades often have a quarrel because they still didn’t know each other well . As far as cooking was concerned, Min-joon and Kaya fully understood each other, which was clearly seen in cooking .

Min-joon gave tomato juice to Kaya, who took it and boiled it in a pan with the chopped tomatoes . Even before she said something, he already chopped the onion into pieces again at the exact time and gave it to her . The way they cooked was so natural and perfect that she found herself unwittingly looking at them on and off while she was cooking with Havier .

And the one who was most surprised at that moment was Chloe . It had been a while since she watched Min-joon and Kaya cooking together . So, she could not help but admire the way they cooked in perfect harmony .

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‘Oh my God, they are a match made in heaven!’

Which couple in the world could boast of a better chemistry than the two? Was it possible to be like them if they could stay together for ten years or 20 years? Chloe trembled her hand . What she was supposed to compete against now was this couple . Her pair had to beat them . She thought she and Anderson as a pair could easily beat them . She thought her pair could fill the gap between them to some extent if she really tried harder .

But she became pessimistic about that possibility .

“What the hell should I do to catch up with them?”

Was she admiring them or murmuring to herself in self-mockery?

At that moment, Anderson said, “Don’t be bothered by them . They can go their way, and we can go our own way . So, just look ahead . ”

Maybe he was talking to himself, not Chloe .

Then he added, “We won’t lag behind them . ”

Hearing that, Chloe smiled bitterly when she suddenly realized that she began to worry about falling behind . She was not sure if Kaya and Min-joon were better than others . There were people who might say Chloe and Anderson led successful lives, but they just felt small before Kaya and Min-joon .

So, she got angrier . Or it might be more appropriate to say that she was full of passion .

She wanted to win . She wanted to assert confidently that she would not lose all the time . She wanted to argue that there was nobody who won all the time . She wanted to announce that as a chef she had passion and dreams and that she had sweat and toils to achieve her ambition .

It wasn’t just Chloe or Anderson who felt that way . In fact, it was Havier who felt so frustrated and dejected at that moment .

‘Janet chose me, not Anderson . ’

Havier wasn’t happy about that because he was not a fool . The reason Janet chose him over Anderson was not because she judged that Anderson cooked better than him . Objectively and subjectively, his cooking skills were clearly not better than Anderson’s .

He felt it was okay for Janet to think of him as a pushover, but he was troubled by the fact that she came to look down on him like that .

‘Let me try to change her perception of me . ’

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