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Chapter 361: 361

Such idle thoughts were just meaningless, but Min-joon thought about it sometimes .

He felt that if he could have Kaya’s talent and something completely different from his dish, his cooking horizon would be completely different from now .

So, whenever he paired with her when cooking, he would feel greatly elated by the fact that he was sharing her fantastic cooking sense . Strange enough, he was not the only chef who felt so .

All the chefs who had experienced cooking with her on TV shows said it felt like they had been to a different cooking world .

Min-joon fully understood what they said about her . In his eyes, he had to wait a bit longer, but whenever Kaya turned over the meat, it looked like the heat was already there as if on cue, which he could never understand . So, he felt that Kaya could even see the ingredients on the pan or grill .

In addition, her sense of controlling seasoning was never inferior to Min-joon who relied on the system window . For example, she was different from him in sprinkling salt . It wasn’t either salty or bland, but just in between . She maximized the taste of the dish while keeping the unique taste of salt .

When he was watching her, lost in such idle thought, she frowned at him .

“I don’t like the way you look at me with an evil leer . ”

“Well, it’s an expression of my respect for you . ”

“Are you kidding? By the way, how are you going to make a team? Are you going to pair with Anderson?”

“Nope,” Anderson said immediately .

Min-joon looked at Anderson in a sullen way as if he was displeased with his negative reply .

But Anderson wasn’t joking . He had no intention of paring with Min-joon . No matter how good he was, he knew people would pay more attention to Min-joon .

So, he had no reason to play second string to Min-joon at the competition .

Min-joon said with a sigh, “I heard Janet and Havier would never team up with me . I felt like I was an odd man out before I knew it . ”

“If you’re going to blame them, blame your own popularity first . If they team up with you, it’s obvious they are going to play second fiddle to you . ”

“Oh my God, I didn’t know my celebrity status would stand in my way like this!”

Min-joon let out a sigh, shaking his head . At that moment, she asked, watching them quietly, “Then, you don’t have anyone who can pair with you right now?”

“You don’t have to confirm it like that . As you heard, I’ve got none . ”

“Oh, that’s not what I mean . How about pairing with me?”


“Yeah . ”

She smiled at him mischievously .

Raising his eyebrows, Min-joon asked again, “Are you sure?”

“Why are you so surprised? There’s no reason why I shouldn’t go with you, right?”

“Of course not . But are you asking me seriously now?”

“Can’t you tell when I’m serious from when I’m not?”

She pouted as if she was disappointed . However, he could not help but feel embarrassed by what she just said because he had never thought of such an option . Although Rachel said it wasn’t necessary to pair with another demi chef, he just didn’t take it seriously at that time . In fact, there were four demi chefs under Rachel, so he felt they could pair with each other in one way or another .

However, if he teamed up with Kaya, the situation would be completely different . One of the remaining three demi chefs would inevitably have to find his or her mate among those who were not demi chefs . That was why Anderson was also in a tense mood at the moment because he could be one of those less fortunate three if Min-joon decided to pair with Kaya .

At that moment, Min-joon was pondering over something different . It wasn’t bad for him to match up with Kaya . Or his pairing with her would be a better option . Many people said that when the two combined their skills, they had a synergy effect, which he also agreed with . In fact, she always made him grow not only in emotional maturity but also in cooking .

“Answer me now . Are you going to pair with me or not?” she demanded .

“As you know, I can’t make a judgment right now . ”

“It doesn’t matter at all even if you decide now . You know me and I know you . And I know the results when we cooked together . Just judge rather than agonize . You want it or not?”

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“Mam, you are pushing me too hard today . ”

“I have no choice but to . If you go to Paris alone this time, I will be left alone for some time . ”

She lowered her head with a depressed look .

“To be honest with you, I’m sick and tired of being alone . ”

“Wow, how surprising! How come you are trying to act cute to him, Kaya?” Anderson said sarcastically .

She rolled only her eyes then stared at Anderson .

“Hey, you had better look for your partner, idiot!”

“Of course, I will . You don’t have to worry about me . ”

“Good for you . So, Min-joon, have you made up your mind?”

Min-joon nodded his head . In fact, the moment she mentioned it first, he was already thinking of her as his partner . He wanted to be a chef who could stand next to her on an equal footing . Since he started his cooking career with that goal in mind, he could not decline her offer .

“Sure, let’s go there together . ”

Rachel’s staff going to the competition was one thing, and their getting ready to open the new Rose Island was another . Anderson, who was standing in the kitchen while following the recipe that Rachel gave him, sighed heavily .

‘If I want to aim for this sous chef position, I think I have to get a little more knowledgeable about molecular cooking . ’

It was natural he was worried about it because there was a molecular cuisine section here, too . If he really wanted to supervise the molecular cooking section comfortably, he needed to be thoroughly familiar with molecular cooking .

In that sense, Min-joon was the best suited to the sous chef position in Anderson’s opinion . Anderson even thought that Rachel deliberately encouraged Min-joon to join the molecular cooking section in order to help him be the next sous chef .

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Anderson didn’t want to believe that . At that time, it wasn’t anyone’s intention that Min-joon won at the mission of the molecular cooking section . If Min-joon were intended for that position, it would be his fate, not anybody’s intervention .

Aside from molecular cooking, Anderson faced another problem now . He needed to find his partner for the Paris competition . Which one would he have to pair for the best rating at the competition, Janet or Havier?

In fact, when he thought about cooking alone, Janet was the right choice . It was an open secret that she was better than Havier in cooking . But she had a personality problem .

‘No way! I can’t control her hot temper . ’

Janet was another version of Kaya . She was a little calmer and more mature than Kaya, but she was as ferocious as Kaya . Besides, her obsession with her own dish was stronger than Kaya’s . So, it would be pretty tough for him to harmonize with her at the competition .

After pondering over that matter while practicing Rachel’s recipes, Anderson finally came to a conclusion . His choice was Havier . He was less skillful than Janet, but it didn’t mean that he was not competent . It was not a matter of simple comparison between the two . Janet was simply better than him because she had more experiences than anybody else under Rachel’s wing .

After tasting the sample food, Anderson asked, looking back at Antonio, “Where is Havier?”

“It seemed like he finished cooking first, then went to the break room . ”


Anderson took off his apron and quickly got out of the kitchen . He needed to find Havier as soon as possible to team up with him . When he entered the break room, however, Anderson looked at them with a desperate expression . Havier was not alone there .

Janet was standing in front of him . Normally, he would not have taken issue with it because it was far from strange to see co-workers mingling together . But the fact that they were here at this time suggested that they met for some purpose .

“Hey, guys, did you meet here to discuss…”

“Ah, we have decided to make a pair . ”

“Damn it . ”

Cursing at them hysterically, Anderson sat down on the couch . He should have thought Janet was feeling the same thing . For Janet, Anderson was probably a competent but difficult partner . It wasn’t strange that she decided to take Havier as her partner . And it wasn’t strange, either, that she made the decision more quickly than Anderson because she was exceptional in calculating her gains .

“Why are you so depressed? You can pair with Min-joon . ”

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“He found his partner . ”

“I guess It’s Kaya . ”

As soon as she heard that, Janet got the answer immediately . If Min-joon found a partner, it was impossible for him to find any other partner than Kaya .

Janet opened her mouth in a dry voice, as always .

“Well, I’m afraid you should find your partner elsewhere . Or you can find one of the cooks here . ”

“I just don’t know . ”

“If you don’t want to be the sous chef, you can skip the competition and take a break here . You want to be the sous chef, right? Of course, you want it, I think . But do you think you can be the sous chef?”

“Then, do you think you can be the sous chef?”

“Well, I’m just running, only looking ahead . I can’t turn around, and there’s no other way . I’m just doing the best I can . That’s all . But you have a lot of sideways . ”

“What do you mean by that? . ”

“It’s exactly what I said . You have rich parents and you’re famous, so it won’t be difficult for you to find a job . But I’m different . I have to do my best, thinking today is my last . ”

Anderson did not answer . No matter what he said, it was true that he was in a better position than others .

Janet hastily added, “I’m not trying to make you feel bad . Anyway, you don’t have to be as desperate as us . That’s good for you, I think . ”

“I am also as desperate as you,” Anderson replied in a cold voice .

When she was surprised by his cold voice, he continued as if he was complaining, “I am taking part in this competition, too . Like you, I have no other way . I promised myself that I would not pursue a different career from cooking . ”

Having said that, he stood up .

As he left the break room, he said in a low voice, “Don’t think that only you guys are passionate . ”

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