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Chapter 303

“What? Are you going to make Rose Island a Grand Chef house? You and Anderson are already working there, and that’s enough . Then, are you going to join me? You don’t have a position for me . And you have lots of demi chefs,” Kaya said .

“That’s right . But Rachel wants to create a position if you are really interested . Maybe she might be kidding . ”

“Hey . ”

As if she was displeased, she raised her finger with an awkward smile and said, “Let’s be clear . Just because I like you and live with you, it doesn’t mean that you have to think about my career only from your point of view . And that’s the same for you . When I decide where to work, it’s because there’s a good system or condition like that . If you think I can move to Rose Island just because you are there, you are childish . Don’t put me in a difficult situation . ”

“Why do you think I’m childish?”

“Well, you don’t look mature if you think like that . We’re not married yet . We’re still dating . If I have to move to Rose Island because you’re my boyfriend… Hey, you have to distinguish between public and private matters . ”

“Yeah, no objection . I agree . ”

Since she hit the nail on the head, he had nothing to say . When he responded with a slightly subdued voice, she lifted her toes and pinched his thigh .

He frowned, saying annoyingly, “What are you doing?”

“Yeah . If you don’t like it, just frown like that instead of hiding your feelings . ”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re upset because you know I don’t want to work with you, right?”

“I’m a man . I’m not upset because of that . ”

She smiled at his stiff reply .

He said angrily, “Damn it!”

The next day, Jefferson came to meet Min-joon . Actually, Min-joon almost completely forgot about the contract about Cho Reggiano when Jefferson came back with a sample and presented it to him .

“How about it, Min-joon?” Jefferson said confidently as if he was quite optimistic about the sample . Instead of replying, Min-joon slowly put down the spoon . He wiped his mouth with a napkin and shook his head slowly . Unfortunately, he could not give it a pass .

“Nope, this is not enough . ”

“Oh, I see…”

Since he came to see Min-joon with great expectations, he was deeply disappointed .

His face immediately turned gloomy, which Min-joon felt was pretty cute for his age .

Min-joon said, feeling sorry for him, “But it’s improved a lot . At least, I can see that you’re using the ingredients of the recipe as instructed . ”

“Since I know you have a perfect palate, how can I deceive you?”

“The biggest problem here is that air and foam will eventually break no matter how well you store them . In this case…”

Min-joon paused for a moment and looked at him . Jefferson had been cooperative, but Min-joon felt a bit sorry to say something like this .

“It’s going to get a little more complicated, but why don’t you change the way you are doing now?”

“You mean the cooking method?”

“Since you can’t include a siphon for it, you might want to put the ingredients in foam material, so the customers can make it by themselves . You can sell other stuff as finished products . ”

Ramen noodles are already there when they’re on sale, but the consumers should put soup and flakes to boil ramen again . Min-joon thought it might be better if the customers could create the right taste by making a little extra effort . However, it wasn’t easy for him to propose it to Jefferson because it would mean the latter would have to change much of the process that he had been familiar with .

It was not unreasonable that Jefferson’s face stiffened at that moment . But Min-joon did not push him . In his mind, he thought it was a fairly unreasonable proposal .

But when Jefferson opened his mouth again, he said something unexpected, “Would it taste better if I change the cooking method?”

“Can you accept my recommendation?”

“Since you recommended it, I definitely should accept it because I know it’s better . ”

“Isn’t it normal that you should convene a meeting with your staff before making the decision? Besides, you have to think of the budget issue…”

“Well, I would lose more money by being obsessed with such trivial things, so it’s better for me to do it right even if I spend more money now . ’

Min-joon smiled at him . Although he didn’t know much about business, he liked Jefferson’s flexible attitude .

Min-joon said in a soft voice, “It looks like you are quite different from ordinary businessmen . ”

“Do you think so?”

“As you know, businessmen typically would like to make products first to sell . What’s your purpose? Business? Or do you want to make a lot of delicious food more available for the public?”

“Well, we can’t pick the right answer easily in our daily affairs . And you never know people’s minds . I am not that simplistic of a person . Of course, I want to succeed in business . I want to serve the people a little more delicious food . And my biggest dream is to not have any regrets when I look back later . Something like, ‘I wish I had done it properly back then . ’ Got it?”

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“Yeah, I think you can do it because you’re a good person . I haven’t seen you for a long time, but I can still feel it,” Min-joon said with a smile .

Jefferson smiled broadly, shrugging .

“If a woman said that to me, I would think she might be trying to seduce me . Well, I’m sorry . ”

“Okay, that’s enough . So, how long would it take if you changed the process?”

“If I get it done quickly, I can do it in a month . I know Cho Reggiano is in high demand, so I would like to move a little fast and establish my bakery as soon as possible . By the way, how about the restaurant . I heard the news that it was burned . ”

“Well, I can’t say that we’re in good shape . But we’re not in the worst situation . It’s not a restaurant, but the chef that is doing the cooking . We are alright, so over time, we will go back to normal . ”

“It seems like things keep happening to you all the time . ”

Min-joon was not sure if Jefferson was teasing or admiring him now . His shoulders drooped at his mysterious remarks . Looking back, he felt he was exhausted this year, including those events such as the Grand Chef Competition, the Hunger Trip, and the episodes about Rose Island .

And now…

“I can’t see Min-joon . ”

Havier looked around and muttered in a confused voice .

Janet opened her mouth in a calm voice .

“You said he was going to the factory today to check out Cho Reggiano . ”

“Did I? Oh, I want to visit the factory for that kind of stuff . When can I become famous like him?”

“If you want to become famous, you should have attended the Grand Chef Competition from the beginning instead of coming here . Then you might have become as famous as him . ”

Janet lifted her finger and pointed at Anderson, sitting loftily on one bench .

He looked at Janet, frowning, and said, “If you’re going to argue with me, just stop it . I don’t feel like it . ”

“I’m not going to pick a fight with you, man . By the way, do you have any particular mood for it?”

“No, nothing . Just shut up and just enjoy talking with Havier . ”

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“Why are you feeling so blue? It seems you always feel under the weather when Min-joon is into something . Then you pretend nothing has happened when he comes back . I don’t like your attitude like that . ”

With her arms folded, Janet glanced down at him coldly . When Anderson stared at her with an angry expression, Havier smiled awkwardly and stepped back . It seemed that they were mad at each other . He once tried to mediate between them, but he realized it’s just useless to do so . He turned, leaving them behind .

When Havier disappeared, Anderson growled in a low voice, “What the heck did you want to say to me a little while ago?”

“What do you mean?”

“Do you mean I’m jealous of Min-joon?”

“You don’t want to deny that, do you?” Janet coldly snapped, looking down .

He stood up and approached her, saying, with his eyes filled with anger, “I’m his friend . ”

“That’s not the reason you can’t feel jealous of him . Rather, that can make you more jealous . ”

“That’s enough . Let’s stop talking . I don’t know why I’m talking with you about this . ”

“You know what? I’m jealous, too,” Janet mumbled to herself the moment Anderson was about to walk away from her .

He stopped . Without moving at all on the spot, he turned his toes slightly toward her .

She also turned her head to look in the direction he moved, she said with a slightly trembling voice, “I’m jealous of Min-joon . You know he’s so successful that we can’t believe it . I think I can do as well as him, but at the end of the day, I’m a loser . It’s abnormal I can’t feel jealous in a situation like this . ”

“What do you want to say?”

“Just feel jealous . If it’s hard, tell him it’s hard for you . Don’t try to play the main character of a tragedy alone . You are so dumb if you try to . ”

Anderson seemed to be dumbfounded rather than angry at her harsh response .

Laughing in frustration, he now turned to Janet .

“Are you comforting me now?”

“No . I’m swearing at you because you pretend not to feel hurt . ”

“Then, I don’t have to say thank you . ”

“Yeah, don’t do it . ”

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Janet responded cynically and sat on the bench where he stood up .

It was the moment he was going to say something to her when several large trucks began to approach the vacant lot with a big noise, where they were standing . It wasn’t just an ordinary truck . It was a food truck . A familiar face was soon stuck out from the truck . It was Raphael .

“I guess everyone is here . What’s wrong with you guys?” Raphael asked .

“Sous chef, what the heck is all this?”

“Well, this is a means of transportation . ”

“It’s not just a truck . It looks like a food truck . ”

“Well, a chef should be able to cook anytime, anywhere, right?” Raphael responded casually .

Both Anderson and Janet sighed at the same time . Food trucks were romantic for the cooks, but considering the reality, it was a really tough job for any chef . In Anderson’s case, he knew how hard it was, from his experience in Grand Chef .

“What is your exact plan?”

“Simple . ”

It was Rachel who answered . As she got out of the food truck’s passenger seat, she looked at them and said in a calm voice, “We are going to tour Rose Island branches across the country, starting off with the ones near the Los Angeles area . At the same time, we’re planning to cook here on our food truck . ”

“Oh, you are going to make street food?”

“What you make on the street is street food . But if you ask if we’re going to make simple dishes like sandwiches only, that’s not true . The cooking section will still be divided . And you guys have to cook like you normally do in a restaurant . Of course, it may be a bit different . ”

“Does it make sense? No matter how differently you call it, this is a food truck . ”

“We have the equipment and the ingredients . There is nothing impossible . What matters is how much you can perform as usual . Are you not confident?”

When she asked, nobody could answer easily . Right at that moment, Min-joon came, driving a van with a loud engine noise . He got out of the van and looked at her with a blank expression .

“Is this the very situation I am thinking of now?”

“Maybe . How do you like it? Like it? No?”

A smile spread on his face .

“I definitely like it . When do we start? Starting today?”

His reaction was quite a contrast to the others .

Watching Rachel smiling brightly in satisfaction, Jane whispered, “Min-joon, damn workaholic!”

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