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Chapter 275: Healthy Taste
Chapter 275: Healthy Taste (1)

“You know what, Anderson . Have you ever heard of this? When somebody tells you about your fortune, you are destined to that fate even after trying hard to get out of it . ”

“I don’t understand what you mean . ”

“Well, even if you are exercising hard to stay fit, it can actually harm your health . The more you exercise, the less you sleep, which makes you more tired . Even if you try to build up stamina, you don’t have to recharge your body because you have to keep working, which keeps ruining your body…”

“Hey, don’t try to preach on me . Just shut up and listen to me . Are you going to work in the kitchen with such weak stamina? Don’t exaggerate things, man . Don’t talk about doing a workout if you can’t work properly in the kitchen . ”

When Anderson snapped sharply, Min-joon couldn’t respond at all . He then just lifted a barbell over his shoulder . Veins popped on his temple, and his legs began to stagger .

Looking at him, Anderson said with a sigh, “Because you are so weak physically like that, you are feeling dizzy all the time . Do you know it means big trouble for all of us if you collapse while working in the kitchen? I won’t be concerned at all . You’ll be mad, right?”

“Got it . I’m afraid I can’t collapse because you are scary . ”

“If you remember what it means to Rachel for you to fall in the kitchen, you shouldn’t take care of your health like this . ”

“Hey, don’t be mean to me!”

“So, don’t make me act cowardly . ”

Min-joon squatted again with a dissatisfied expression then lifted himself up with the barbel weighing 110 pounds . It weighed only about two-thirds of Min-joon’s weight .

Anderson cheered him up with a calm voice .

“When you are doing squats, you might think you can’t lift the weight for fear you really can’t, but you can . I don’t think this is a tough exercise for you . I trust you . ”

Instead of answering, Min-joon straightened his knees again with a groan . Although he grumbled, he gently followed Anderson’s instruction .

In fact, it was quite strange that Min-joon complained at all because he never did unless he really had to . The fact that he complained meant he didn’t like weight training that much .

But Anderson couldn’t leave him alone . It wasn’t just because Rachel especially asked him to take care of Min-joon, saying he looked tired and haggard these days . Min-joon was a precious friend to him .

They spent time together for a year at most, but during that time, they had a lot of conversations . They fell a lot of times, but they stood up, holding each other’s hands . They shared pleasant as well as unpleasant things .

“Don’t get sick . If you do, you will make those around you get into trouble . ”

“I won’t get sick . Don’t worry . ”

“You might collapse anytime when you don’t pay attention . ”

“Yeah, I know that . Okay, let me work less from now on . So, don’t worry . ”

“Man, if you say you will work less, that makes me nervous all the more . ”

Anderson frowned at that . Anyway, Min-joon said he would not overwork from now on .

When Min-joon made a commitment like that, Anderson couldn’t say anything . At least, Min-joon saw eye to eye with him on the importance of staying fit .

Min-joon didn’t lie . That night when he was usually sitting at the kitchen table with excuses of developing a recipe, he washed then lay on the bed immediately . It was good news for Kaya . In fact, she was worried a lot that Min-joon didn’t seem to take any break these days .

“What brought you here so early today? I’m so surprised you get to bed so early . ”

“Well, I thought I might miss something really important while I was in a hurry . I hate making people worry about me . ”

“It’s a good thing to see you coming to your senses even now . I don’t need Cho Reggiano or Cassoulet . Your health is my top priority . ”

“Were you worried about me?”

“How can’t I when you always concentrate on cooking like that? I know what it means not to take any break because I’ve been tirelessly working . I know how hard it is . ”

Maybe she was worried or she was upset . He gently pressed down her raised eyebrows .

Originally, she could be seen only on TV, but she was here before his eyes as his girlfriend, worrying about him .

When he thought about it suddenly, he felt like he was already back to good health .

As if she felt bad, she asked, “Why are you laughing at me like that?”

“Well, I don’t know . ”

“You don’t want to tell me why, do you?”

“I really don’t know . ”

“Hey, are you going to puss out? It seems like you are trying to sly more and more . ”

“So, you don’t like it?”

“No, I don’t like it . In the past, you were rather stupid and innocent . ”

“Was I stupid?”

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He chuckled awkwardly as if he was dumbfounded .

At that moment, she pressed down his lips with her finger and quipped, “Don’t sneer . You were really like that . ”

“Why did you think so?”

“You were always nervous in front of me . ”

Min-joon couldn’t understand what she was talking about . He wondered if he was really nervous . When he was lost in thought, she snorted, as if she knew everything .

“I can feel it as a woman . Looking back, you talked a lot, lowered your voice, and worried about me without any reason . In other words, you sent me a lot of signals that you had a crush on me . How couldn’t I notice it?”

“Did I really act like that? Are you serious?”

“Yeah, you did . You fell in love with me first . Got it? If you get it, be nice and kind to me . Don’t keep making fun of me like that . ”

Having said that, she turned off the lamp . It got dark suddenly, so he couldn’t see anything . She covered his face with her hands . Like a blind man groping with their hands to get to know a person’s face, she groped his face .

She said with a smile, “You’re very handsome, my boyfriend . ”

“What the heck are you doing now?”

“I just want to thank you all the time . I don’t think I can’t say it, looking at your face . So, let me say it like this in darkness . Thanks for always being by my side . Thanks for thinking about me, thanks for cheering me up . Just keep staying beside me like this, whether it is dark or bright . ”

Instead of answering, he turned on the lamp . While freely looking at his face in the dark, she blushed, making an embarrassed expression .

“What the heck?! Why did you turn on the light?”

“Well, because I want to look at your expression right now . It’s unfair that I can’t remember your expression . ”

“Hey, don’t make me embarrassed anymore . Turn it off quickly . Now you’ve seen my face enough . ”

“Sure, I’ll be with you all the time . ”

He rubbed her forehead with his thumb . He opened his mouth in a calm voice .

“I’ll be with you . So, don’t worry . I’m not going anywhere . ”

“I trust you . ”

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She responded briefly and kissed his cheek . The lamp went out again .

Looking into the darkness, he thought quietly, ‘Man, I can’t even catch a cold . ’

He felt he was burdened by her concern, but he felt pleasant at the same time .

“Now today you’ll be done filming me . ”

“Yes, thank you . Min-joon . ”

“I have really enjoyed it so far . I hope you have shot many good scenes . ”

“It’s going to be much better than you expect . ”

The cameraman laughed happily . His smile was mixed with satisfaction and regret .

When he smiled like this, his shooting usually produced good results .

The cameraman said in an excited voice as if he was already excited about the upcoming broadcast about Min-joon, “Probably, our viewers will look at you very favorably after they watch this program on TV . ”

“Oh, it looks like you must have edited it well . ”

“No matter what scene I selected, all the scenes were really good, let alone the interviews with those around you . ”

In fact, there was none who badmouthed him, another evidence that Min-joon was well-liked by everybody . Even Janet, who was notorious for being picky and hysterical, told him how good and sincere Min-joon was .

Right at that moment, someone asked with a nice voice, “Are you not interviewing me?”

“Oh, I’m sorry . What is your name?”

“I’m Deborah . Don’t forget me this time . ”

Min-joon quietly looked at Deborah . She flinched and looked back at Min-joon .

“Why are you looking at me like that?” She asked .

“When is the renovation of your restaurant done?”

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“It looks like you want me to go back quickly?”

“That’s not what I mean…”

“I’m going to be here until you are exhausted . ”

Although she said it lightly, it seemed she was frustrated a lot .

Sometimes, she would stand alone on an empty countertop, trying to cook something .

However, most of the time, she didn’t make any good dish, which made her let out a painful sigh .

Even if she managed to develop a recipe, she didn’t look good when she came out of Rachel’s office as if Rachel disapproved of her dish . Min-joon felt like she was sobbing with regret while eating the leftover on the plate that Rachel didn’t finish .

“If you need my help, tell me . I’ll help you after I’m done preparing the dinner menu . ”

“No thanks . If I ask for your help, I think your girlfriend will try to kill me . ”

“Well, I can’t deny that . ”

“I felt you were overworking these days, but it’s nice to see you trying to take some rest . Take good care of yourself . If you collapse, not only you but also others will be in trouble . ”

“Sure, I’ll keep that in mind . ”

“Chef Min-joon, it’s time to prepare dinner soon . ”

“Oh, okay . I’ll see you later, Deborah . ”

“Okay . ”

Deborah smiled gently, watching him heading to the kitchen when Maya called him .

She felt rather uncomfortable when he appeared before her first, but she was just grateful to him . He motivated Rachel to try again, who lost the will to run the restaurant again, and even now, he was helping Rachel ran Rose Island .

She was not sure if he realized it, but he was influencing Rachel more than he thought . For example, Cassoulet and Cho Reggiano, Min-joon’s signature dishes, testified that . She felt like she was vividly hearing what Rachel told her about Min-joon .

‘He is better than me!’

‘Ah, you’re kidding! No matter how good he is, how can he be better than you?’

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