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Chapter 5 : After one month

In the courtyard.

Golden sunlight spilled down , filled the filled the worl with vitality.

at this point Roja’s body was covered with sweat , He was breathing heavely as if he reached the limit of his body.

He was doing the most simple most basic squat training.his sweat made the ground wet .
He was breathing heavely but still saying a number every time he squat down .

2201 … 2202 …

His legs turned numb He almost couldn’t feel them byt still gritted his teeth and continued he want to break his limit.

While Roja’s upgrade the sword of the soul wasn’t small but his own strengthening is more frightning . If we were to comapare him to the rest of the recruit he won’t be at the buttom anymore.

2353 … 2354 …

once again he tried to stand up but only got halfways then fall down again no longer being able to stand and could only try to restore his breath.

“Is 2354 is my limit ?”

although his body is extremily tired his spirit wasn’t exhausted at all since he has his soul coupled with thw sowrd in it .

He was able to reach his limits again . This was precisely possible because of his abnormally strong soul which made him exceed his physical limit . although it was painful but he could do it .

He could bear this kind of pain.

Roja couldn’t feel his legs anymore . They turned completly numb . So for a short time he won’t be able to stand up .

Then in the next moment Roja’s face was covered with black lines his mouth twitched.

Garp was standing there while he was sleeping.

Roja sighed , He was too lazy to wake Garps up . He estimated that he won’t be able to wake him up even if he tried.Then with a thought the property bar appeared before him.

He could see that the energy increased by one . Roja slightly nodded then the property bar dessipated and he began his rest.

after a while .

Roja seem to regain the feeling in his legs . and tried to stand up and finally Garp woke up.

When he woke up he wans’t embarrassed but directly turned to see Roja.

at first glance Roja was sitting on the ground . Garp stared at him and thought he was sleeping like him But the next moment he noticed the seaty clothes and the wet ground under him and Roja who was trying to stand up with shaking legs.

at first Garp prepared to directly rise a roar like last time but it got stuck in his throat while his eyes flashing with different color.

This …

Did he just reach his limit ?

This state of his shaking legs made Garp surprised . Like this He will bring all of his potential out . Garp can naturally recognize such a state . It’s the state after breaking the limit .

Breaking the limit isn’t easy as its doesn’t have anything to do with physical power . It’s all about the willpower .

Garp didn’t think that Roja’s willpower is this strong it surpassed his imagination.

Garp made a satesfied smile then in the next moment returned to his strict state and after Roja retored his strength they resumed training .

nearly a month Time passed .

This month Roja almost everyday was Breaking his limit while he continued to develop.

Everyday Roja’s physical strength increased more then the previous day.

Seem because of his soul is stronger breaking his physical limit was easy for him.

and he could bear the pain.

in this month Roja’s body changed a lot . although He didn’t reach the extent of Garp but still his body become more perfect unlike his previous thin body.

Roja was very satisfied himself.

Of course while this change changed his appearance His strength upgraded far more .

In this month beside Physical enhancement the sword of the soul strengthened several times.

If a month ago his strength was just 30 point then now he reached 100 point .

his strength tripled in just a month .

this is the result of his training .

and the only after effect to breaking his limit is his appetite ill grow .

Roja now could guess why the original protagonist eat so much .

in addition even if the sword level didn’t increase as much as his physical strength but it still upgraded a few times .

infront of his eye the property bar suddenly appeared .

The second stage: the ancient sword of the soul +6

Attribute: Attack power +75, power +20

Special attributes: all Things In The World , Burn to ashes … all sword attack have increased fire damage ( evolution condition not fullfilled )

Energy : 14/70

after the first stage the required energy for each strengthening increased by ten .

even so in this month Roja reach +6 and the third evolution didn’t seem to be that far.


The flames that could only reach one meter before now can extend to 56 meters .

althought he don’t know that much sword techniques But this flame could cover that for now .

In this month Roja strength promoted greatly .

Even Roja himself didn’t know how strong he was because all this time he was always with Garp and the latter’s is too much for him to see his power up .

Roja shook his hand a month ago he was ranked last and now he has so much strength .He couldn’t help smiling

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