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Chapter 46 : Roja’s thoughts

“I hate this.”

Someone said this suddenly as he was seeing those people using some supernatural abilities to dodge the bullets while Smoker just let the bullets pass through his body.


Almost a moment and more than ten people from the gunners group among the pirates were cut like melon and others were crushed.

Blood splashed!

“It seem that all this island people are pirate. Don’t let their captain escape. Separate and capture him!”

“That’s a good plan!”

They didn’t know who among the Forty elite said this but the elites scattered into a group of three or two. There is also some who had gone alone.

On the street.

“Pirates are thief. They burn and loot …”

Other may not perceive anything but Roja’s soul is very strong He simply was different from normal people and could feel the atmosphere filled with resentment.

He didn’t to see all he needed was to feel this resentment to know what kind of darkness this island hides.

“Luffy maybe a pirate but not like the others. As he pursuit the dream of obtaining the one piece and wouldn’t do thing that normal pirates do. In this world many variety of pirates exist.”

Roja felt that some people aren’t that bad and didn’t need to go to the exterme as Akainu does.

And those kind of pirates Roja could recognize.

Justice and evil for him didn’t matter. Roja will only follow his own belief and won’t be bound by any position.

Whether his a Marine or Pirates Roja didn’t care about those positions. Compared to Garp he was more carefree.

Roja holding his honoo no tsuki too a step forward walked through the bloody road Until come in front a stunned pirate.

“Excuse me Do you know where is Lucifer ?”

“In … The central Hotel ?!”


Sword flashed and blood scattered.

Roja didn’t have any trace of blood on his body. He looked at the center of the island where the hotel was which is the highest building on this island.

Roja indifferently stepped forward where many enemy’s were going to attack him and swept he sword.

Sword flow , Cremate!


The flames swept through the pirates which were horrified watching the flames before them.

The flame rose till the sky that you could see them from any position on the island.

“That guy … Used his special technique so fast ?”

In a corner of the street Very Good blow a pirate and killed him And after seeing the flames his mouth twitched.

So soon he was forced to use that ability. He isn’t powerful at all.

However on the other side of the street flames come crushing from the sky.

Boom! boom! Boom!

The Golden flame swept all directions and was unstoppable along the street. Roja made a flame road that will lead him directly to the central Hotel.

Very Good  looked at the sky which was red and almost his chin reached the ground with his mouth wide open.

This is too exaggerated!

isn’t this a devil fruit ability ?.

I Am afraid it is!

Although Roja was weak as he heard about his power but seeing it is very different.

He felt that if he could avoid Roja’s flame he would have to fear him and wouldn’t lose so miserably But now his idea seem as a big joke.

the flames stretched into a few street everyone who was caught in the flames probably burned with no remain.

“Hey That flame is terrified.”

“This is really exaggerated. Is this truly his ability without any devil fruit ability ? Even smokers power isn’t that exaggerating…”

Not only Very Good even the other elite camp veteran looking at the fire sweeping the streets They couldn’t help but reveal a look of shock.

On the other side Drake and The other people were looking at this scene with expression difficult to describe.

And Hana’s mouth is constantly twitching, She couldn’t help but clutching her forehead “Does this guy intend to repeat the same thing as the first assessment?”

At this moment.

On top of the central hotel Z was there overlooking the entire situation. No one noticed him.

Looking at the fire Z couldn’t help but have a slight headache.

“Did he start messing around again ?”

“Roja this kid is causing chaos again although he is causing slightly less chaos than Garp.”

Z captured many pirates but didn’t kill any of them.

He didn’t expect that the entire island would be a base of pirates.

Using six months to make something like this. This is definitively not the black angel pirate group only even if they retreated from the redline.

Even This is likely is a pirate gathering place for more then six month and the Marine couldn’t find this place. And the arrival of the black angel led to their base being discovered by the Marine.

But after pondering a bit Z shook his head.

He will no longer deal with those kind of things and his only job is to teach the recruits. They are here only to destroy the black angel which is the mission and at the end of the task he will leave with the elite camp anything else will be dealt by the other Marines.

Under the central hotel.

Almost in the location below Z a group of people They are the black angel pirate’s most powerful group.

“Such exaggerated use of flame …”

“Are they Ordinary Marine ?”

“The Marine in the south blue can’t have such an ability. They are most likely Marines from the reline and seem to be directed at us.”

The people said this with a bit of a dignified tone as they were people who set foot on the Redline before. Their bounty was at least 10 million. So they werent afraid.

And at this time Lucifer came out from behind them and coldly said.

“Just half a year and were already exposed whatever the reason we need to eliminate these Marine quickly and then change our location otherwise … The Marine will send more powerful people to us and we’ll be doomed.”

From the word of Lucifer they couldn’t stay idle.

Lucifer glanced at the window with sneer and said “Although they are Marine from the redlines But they are only dozen of people and were not some ordinary pirates.”

They couldn’t fight in the redline and were beaten which made them return to the south blue and retreat from the redline.

“Go and kill them!”


The pirates took a deep breath and their eyes flashed while they followed Lucifer out of the hotel. 

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