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Chapter 39 : Sorry, I am in a hurry

Between Roja and Very Good there seem to be a gap.

Roja is tall and his body was proportional although he isn’t thin but Very Good was taller then him and seemed stronger too.

Roja didn’t have that much of an impression on Very Good all he remember is that Very Good has the beri beri no Mi that would let him split up to ball shaped part to avoid attacks.

Very Good stood with a look of arrogance while saying to Roja “Come on as you sempai i will let you have three move before i strike back.”

“Sorry, I am in a hurry , three moves are too much trouble … move it”

Roja lloked faintly at Very Good then gently drew his sword a red line suddenly ignited on The sword.

Sword flow Cremate!

Boom !

After Roja finished his swing a silver white light flashed followed by flames.

His swing was like a dragon coming out of it’s lair.

Monsterious flame came crashing at Very Good which was mixed with that silver white energy which made that strike so much like dragon.

Originally When they heard Roja’s words the veterans were stunned for a moment and exposed a look of redicule and laughed at Roja.

but the next moment They eyes were staring whith their mouth agape reaching the ground.

“Flames !!!”

“What is this . Is it  a devil fruit ?” (Tl : Don’t be stupid ace will have that. )

Even those onlookers were stunned. Not only was there flames but also an incredible and sharp energy was with the flames and all they could think about is how to avoid it.

However the speed of which the flames and energy was very fast. Even if very good tried his best to avoid it he will still be hit by it.

Very Good was staring in horror while the flames rachedhis body.

The scene made those veterans dumbfounded even Ain and Sadi were stunned to see the poweress of Roja. Their faces changed again and again.


Very Good’s body which was under the flames bombardment suddenly broke into countless round balls scattering in all direction to avoid the flames and the sword energy that was in it

This his devil fruit ability.

Adn seeing this scene Roja didn’t reveal any surprise to that but a look of contempt showed on his face.

Flames … whether a human or a ball doesn’t matter.

You will still be burned!

Even if he split into so many balls but thosse ball still catch fire and the flame will wrap around every ball. The balls began to roll on the ground.

“Hot !”

One of the largest balls was Very Good’s head which there wasn’t any sgin of arrogance anymore but all he could do was yell in a strange way why his eyes revealed horror.

This is simply incredible Roja has the ability to use flames !!

This time everyone thougth that Roja had the fire Devil fruit ability which was stronger compared to Smoker’s smoke ability as a logia because even if Smoker could use his ability for offense it’s not as strong as fire.

The balls could get away from the flames.

Seeing that he was going to burn alive Very Good screamed.

“I admit defeat!”

Very Good couldn’t help but throw the towel.

After hearing him admit defeat Roja returned his blade into the scabbard and all the burning flames were extinguished.

Sword fire off.

All the balls with a Gulu Gulu sound rolled at each other and reformedd into Very Good’s normal look. But He didn’t have that arrogant look anymore as his body was in a sorry state.

Fortunately he wasn’t burned by the flames for that long otherwise He may not stand up again.

Roja returned his sword and slightly shook his head and didn’t look at Very Good but directly turned to leave.

The new comers knew about Roja’s flame as they already witnessed it but still they were shocked of how strong that was.

“Faced an elite veteran and still … He want with a single strike ?”

“Is he really a new comer ?”

They were so shocked they couldn’t help but mutter.

If those who new of his ability already are shocked then what about those in the elite camp.

Very Good wasn’t an ordinary person.

He has the ability The devil fruit Beri Beri no Mi and also trained in the elite camp and was ranked in the middle and this Roja the new comer only used one strike to defeat him.

Too incridible!

And what was that ability he used ?

It was flame.

Smoke sit as the strongest in the elite camp exactly for his Devil Fruit ability but the smoke doesn’t have any strong offense but what about flames ?

This time the shocked veterans turned arounf to look at Smoker who had three sigars in his mouth.

“He isn’t a devil fruit user.”

Smoker looked at the back of Roja and after a moment of thought he recalled the scene that jjust accured “His flame didn’t come from his body but was issued from his sword and many other details are different from a logia devil Fruit ability.”

“Although i don’t know were did that flame come from but it’s not a devil fruit ability.”

Smoke was logia user himself and was very familiar with every details of it So he could determine that what Roja used wasn’t a devil fruit ability.

“Really , His not a devil fruit user ?”

“Well if you looked at it with logic and campare it with a logia type devil fruit then you can see that there is nothing comparable.”

Hearing the words of smoke many veteran were relieved.

“So That single strike win is only a coincidence ? That Mean if Very Good avoided that line of flames and attacked he wouldn’t have lost.”

“This is just Very Good understimating his Opponent. He was so scared that he was a devil fruit user that he threw in the towle.”

some veterans said this then looked at the charred body of Very Good. Although he wasn’t injured he was Extremely embarrassed as they laughed at him.

Then Very Good who was stunned for a moment had his face become black for a moment and he was extremely depressed.

“No i will find that kid and fight with him again.”

“Ha ha ha You still didn’t change you clothes. See there Ain is extremely embarrassed to stay here.”

One of the veterans pointed at a hole in Very Good’s clothes and laughed.

Very Good that was laughed at had his face turn red looked at the hole in his clothes and left the training square hurriedly.


Chapter 40 : Soru and Geppo

After returning his sword Roja didn’t care listening to those veteran talking and just turned around and directly left the square to his room.

He didn’t have to attend the training any more as the only thing he need to attend is the missions other then that he got the freedom to do what ever he want.

Roja was used to practicing alone.

Garp wasn’t home anyways and Roja has long since he got used to this lifestyle. He rushed into the bath then directly went to sleep.

The next morning .

Roja woke up early, wached up and directly went to the courtyard.

The courtyard wasn’t small and wasn’t big either.

After measring for a moment Roja found that the courtyard was enough for him to practice soru. 

“Soru, A high movement technique … Geppo a movement technique which let you step on the air …”

“Lest first start learning Soru.”

Roja came to the side of the courtyard and carefully remembered the thing Z pointed to him.

Soru practice is infact very simple. As long as he master some of the details he could turn it into his personal move. The reason why most people think it’s hard is because it need an almost non-human strength.

As long the body strength could reach the standard then the practice would be simple.


Recalling the way to practice Soru from Z’s word Roja suddenly kicked the ground and cracks apearing while he sprang forward.

“No , The power wasn’t concentrated in one spot but was scattered all over.”



The ground once again cracked after Roja’s kick. Roja’s figure sprang forward again but it seem a little better then before but still far from the standar Soru.


Roja didn’t think he’d be able to learn Soru directly. So he continued to practice without feeling down at all.

Soru consumption of stamina is far from what Roja could imagine.

He thought that no wonder not anyone could learn the six power of the Marine.

Not only does someone need non-human phisical strength he also need tremendous stamina above all.

Practicing Soru for a moment Roja’s legs turned completly numb. He Almost can’t feel them anymore.

After feeling that Roja’s face changed to excitement. You should know that Roja now could do more than a thousand squat and wouldn’t feel anything as he can’t reach the limit anymore using that methode.

But practicing Soru for a moment made him reach his limit again in a moment.

Reaching the limit wasn’t a bad thing instead it’s a good thing because that would let him develop his potential more.

So th

e Marine’s six power are also gppd tools to tap the potential pf the body. It really was  a masterpiece movement technique.

Roja now will focus on breaking his body limit as originally breaking the limit for him was too difficult now so this was a huge opportunity  for him to become stronger.

Half a month quickly passed.

In this half a month Roja practiced Soru and Geppo to breack the limit in his legs and practiced the sword like usual for his apperbody practice.

For normale people breaking the limit times after time would make them reach a mental breakdown. But here comes the role of his soul that is far stronger then ordianry people.

This half a month Roja strength leeped and he successfully could use Soru but he couldn’t contol it yet.

Roja could directly turn to that shadowy figure as he used Soru now but he still couldn control the distance after using it.

Using a target Roja sometimes get behind the target  or infront of it.

“Practicing is simple but mastering it is difficult.”

Once again he used Soru. He flashed and apeared in the courtyard on the other side. he shook his head as he almost hit the wall.

Purely mastering Soru and the other six power of the Marine will be enough to make you a master in the seas Like Z and Garp they mastered The six power to superb level.

“After matering i will practice Geppo or Moonwalk”

In addition to Soru Roja anted to practice Geppo but he still had  along way to go as he didn’t master kicking the ground let alone master kicking the air.

After practicing Geppo Roja almost could reach the second floors window.

After doing that a little bit of wind made him loose his balance and fall.

After that Roja wasn’t ambitious anymore as he decided to master Soru then he could practice Geppo.

In fact the elite camp did have a seperate rooms to help individual practice but Roja didn’t choose to practice there even if he could practice Soru there he won’t be able to practice Geppo.

Roja wanted to use half a month to master Soru and Geppo and then he wanted to start the practice of Haki. But as  aresult to him not being able to master them in half a month The Haki practice needs to be delayed.

Well this result wasn’t bad either.

As Haki practice also needed strength And the practice of Soru and Geppo will help him improve his strength by breaking the limit of the body. So after he master Soru and Geppo the Haki practice would be much easier.

In addition Roja could compress the air five times when he swings his sword. And trying to practice compressing the air for the sixth time He could tell that it was harder then all of the previous together.

In addition to that in this half a month Roja’s soul sword strengthened once.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +1

Attribute: Attack power +150, power +45, agility +45

Special attribute : All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack have additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attributes : Getsuga tensho – Can release a arc shaped red energy attack. 

Energy : 47/130

After entering the third stage the basic attribute strengthen much more then before.

In the fourth and fifth stage later for every +1 the basic attribute will increase more.

“Energy is necessary for every stregnthening and that will increase every time so it’s normale for the basic attribute to increase accordingly.”

Suddenly Roja thought of something.

“Half a month later there will be mission so i will have to destroy some pirates ?”Thinking to here Roja’s mouth made a slight smile and said “Another half a month should be enough for me to master Soru.”


Chapter 41 : Mastery

The elite camp Has mission but not training. They need to go and supress real pirates as official Marines.

The only difference is that they were led by Z personally.

But unless it’s a life and death situation Z wouldn’t interfere.

After all if he was to help them in every problem they wouldn’t be able to spread their wings.

“Half a month i have to seize this opportunity.”

Roja took a deep breath and murmured and then again began to practice Soru.


His foot made a crack on the ground and Roja figure suddenly disappeared.

“Still hace to improve my precision.”


Again with the ground cracking Roja’s figure flashed.

“Precise enough but the speed isn’t enough. I still need to continue.”

Swear dripping from the side of his cheek His eyes stared at his target in the courtyard.

Almost all of his soul was concentrated on his body, on his legs, Focused so he can make precise strength judgement and analysing each point of his failure so he can achieve the perfect Soru.

Ten times …

Dozens of times …

hundreds of times …

the grounf under Roja was throughly broken. you could even say that the entire courtyard was lower then before by half a foot.

Roja trained until his legs were numb then trained with the sword until his arms were numb and this continued for half a month.

In the courtyard Roja was standing at one of the corners his eyes were sharp as his sight was focused infront of him.


The courtyard floor has long since been destroyed and trampled by Roja.

the next moment Roja’s figure suddenly flashed turned into a blur and instantly apeared to his target exactly.

Roja was satisfied as he nodded as he said ” I have been able to control the distance and out of a hundred point i shoul get ninety.”

After using Soru and evaluated it He suddenly looked at the sky and his Foot stepped hard.



Roja’s figure floated as he seemed to be pedalling as he continued to get higher.

(Tl : Should i use Geppo or Moon Walk ?)

“Geppo  is equivalent to using Soru continuiously. The difficulty is slightly higher. And the consumption of stamina is also great. i shoul get sixty point out of hundred as i can’t stay in the air for long. Well it’s enought for now”

Back in the courtyard Roja stretched his body while is face showed how satisfied he was. His original goal was evaluating his Soru as eighty point and as long as he could use Geppo then it’s fine but now it seem That his final result after a month training is more then he expected.”

At the same time he mastered the five ai compressing with the swor dalthought the sixth is somewhat rough but it’s still pretty powerful.

The sixth air compression seem like a barrier although Roja excel in the fifth but it’s nearly five percent from the sixth.

In addition Roja’s soul sword had turned + 2 in this half a month.

The third stage: smart sword of the soul +2

Attribute: Attack power +165, power +50, agility +50

Special attribute : All things in the world, turn to ashes – sword attack have additional fire damage (Evolution’s condition isn’t met)

Special attributes : Getsuga tensho – Can release a arc shaped red energy attack. 

Energy : 8/140

In a month he strengthened the soul sword two times in addition the basic energy increased and the range of his fire is greater.

Looking at the property barrier Roja slightly pondered.

“Now i shouldn’t be any weaker then a rear admiral i may even be slightly better in some aspects and after practicing Soru and Geppo my speed increased a lot. But my defense isn’t as good as my attack.”

Roja has long been clear about his strength as his not only a sword master but also have his fire damage. So he didn’t really care much about defense.

The best defense is offense.

As long as his attack are strong enough he wouldn’t need any defense.

A month ago Roja’s strength was at a Commodore level and now he touched the standard of Rear admirals and even was superior in some aspects. 

(Tl : I don’t know why he changed this but well …! )

If Roja learn the two normale types of Haki he will be Too powerful.

And in fact if he had good luck he may eat a stong devil fruit ability. (Tl : Is this foreshadowing ?!)

But to certain extent His improvement will be much slower and much more difficult than before.

The seven shichibukai , Marco and others may stand Against The admirals.

But wanting to stand at their level or even surpassing them is extremely difficult.

Roja is different from the people of this word as he have the soul system and the soul sword.

The so colled bottleneck he can directly ignore such a thing.

“Tomorrow the actual mission will start. So this is enough training for today.”

Roja took a deep breath and then returned into his room After drinking some water he directly went to rest.

The month of hell training has ended. Roja in that month didn’t get much rest as he sleep late and wake early to train so this could be the first time in a month that he rested. Which is a test of strength to not only his body but also his soul.

If it was someone else without the help of the soul sword then he won’t be able to continue this month of hell practice.

The strength will improve as long as you put the effort.

Those recruit only had a day or two in a month as hell practice which can’t be compared to Roja’s practice at all.

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