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Chapter 22 : Practicing the tobu zangeki

Roja murmured after looking at the property bar and decided to strengthen the sword of the soul again.

Golden light flashed and the property bar changed.

The second stage: the ancient sword of the soul +8

Attribute: Attack power +85, power +24

Special attributes : All things in the world , turn to ashes – sword attack has additional fire damage ( the condition for the evolution isn’t met )

Energy : 60/90

It was really huge for an increase that happened in three days .Not only did he strengthen the sword to be +8 but also was very close to +9.

“In half a month i should be able to strengthen the sword into +10, But i think i will be like before. I need to meet some kind of condition to make it evolve into the third stage.”

Roja looked at the prperty bar and titled his head with a little thought .

Anyway i still haven’t reached it yet so there is no need to consider it in advance. I will think about it when i reach +10.

what’s important now is to train and get stronger.

after comprehending and controlling the state of focus Roja strength soared but he still had much to learn.

Garp , The Yonko , The admirals all of those are much much stronger then himself.

Roja knew in his head that the power he got now is simple nothing to be at the pinnacle of the sea there is still a large distance to take and if he evolves the sword to the third stage he will be a bit closer.

Roja reached a treshold after the assessment. the road of swordsmanship is really full of thorns.

A strong swordsman is respected.

Roja now isn’t that strong despite the state that he just learnt,he can’t be said to be a swordmaster.

The power of swordsmen is measured by the strength of his Tobu zangeki and not the focus state.

Between a swordsman and a swordmaster is a huge gap. And this strength represent the power of the Tobue zangeki(Tl : look for Tobu zangeki in onepiece wiki).

A weak Tobu zangeki can only cut a house.

A strong Tobu zangeki can be earth shattering.

Roja can release a little bit of pressure from his sword with the use of the focus state but the distance is less then a foot compared to Mihawk the best swordsman in the world that could cut an iceberg .That gap is not something that can be calculated.

With the use of the focus state he could swing his sword with speed and strength that produce a line of air pressure that is as sharp a sword and that is Tobu zangeki.

And that line could get stronger with stronger and faster swings .The focus state isn’t necessary to produce Tobu zangeki .However they are closely linked .

If the strength and spreed could get a number of nine and the state of focus a number of one .

Then the burst out power would be nine.

But if th strength and speed is five and the understanding of the focus state is also five then the burst of power would be twenty-five.

in other word the two complement each other .

“But if it’s a big Tobu zangeki then the strength and speed more decisive factors. That realm is still to for right now.”

Roja couldn’t help remembering the power of Mihawk and become fascinated by that power.

Roja hurriedly returned to the book and continued reading from it.

Strong swordsmen In addition to The Tobu zangeki also needs the power to produce thing with his swordplay.

And that thing is different for every swordsman . The thing they will produce is determined by the path they seek.

Some people use speed as the main power because they thing that with speed they could defeat any strength type swordsmen.

“So my addtional fire damage was mistaken for producing fire with a sword?”

Roja heard before that Garp said his a natural born worrior , so he also mistook it for a power of producing fire.

In the book many realm of swordsmenship were recorded But that wasn’t for now he need to go at it one step at a time.

The next step wasn’t far from him he need to practice the Tobu zangeki and in the book the simplest way to practice it was recoreded.

That is chaopping using weights.

And when you reach a speed that ordinary men will no catch the chop with naked eyes then you succeeded.

It’s the same way Zoro use to train.

at that time the power pf Tobu zangeki will almost double .

“There is no need for special skills simple chop and chop and chop again until in succeed.”

Looking at the sword practicing methode in the book Roja nodded slightly as he always like simple and crute methodes.

If complex thing can’t be simplified then your road will be hard and complex too.

This is Roja’s way of thinking.

After the courtyard was repaired Roja began practicing the Tobu zangeki.

And that type of prectice comapred to the illosory practice of the focus state is more real.

Roja chose the simplest way of training from the sword and started practicing.

Although it’s the simplest way it’s also the most tiring way .Because he had to keep doing a single action for unlimited number of times until his arms turn stiff ,loose feeling in them and can’t hold the sword anymore.

For odinary people this practice was hell but for Roja those people didn’t know what hell really is as he precticed under Garp for a month this training was easy for him.

a thousand times.

Two thousand times.

Ten thousand times …

Roja tirelessly maintained such simple actions. The canstant practice conyinued until he couldn’t feel his arms anymore only then did he stop for a break .And after the break he continued the same actions.

After three days.

His action gradually changed as if his muscul and bones chose the way to move.

he didn’t now when it started but His body chose the way to exert power to excute a perfect swing and also the way to hold the sword.

And every strike turned the exact same as the previous one .

“It seems that the first stage of sword training is completed so now for the second stage…”

After feeling that he completed the first stage of prectice that was recorded in the book Roja murmured in his heart.

After a short break Roja began his second stage practice.

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