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Chapter 215: Tea Party
Cake island.

“Tea party, tea party!”

“Mama’s tea party is about to start!”

Not only humans, even trees, and rocks who were brought to live with LinLin’s fruit are yelling in unison.

Every part of the island was noisy.

In the middle of the island, many underground leaders are walking toward Big mom’s palace.

“This is worthy of being one of the Yonko, even at such a time, she is still holding her tea party like usual.”

“Hahaha… No Marine will dare come here.”

The president of the worlds Newspaper and an underground leader were chatting.

A promotion through challenge didn’t happen for many years, which led to every underground force to stop their actions for a while.

But it seems that the Yonko don’t care about this.

Just at this time, a cadre of Big mom’s pirates detected these celebrities, so he came up and smiled, after hearing what they said, he replied with confidence:

“Since you’ve come here, You don’t have to worry about anything, we will take responsibility for everyone safety.”

“That’s really good to hear.”

The Princess of the  pleasure Quarter Stussy appeared.

The person next to her said: “The Tea party has never been disturbed before, even the world government didn’t dare to interfere easily. This place is the safest.”

At first, Most people were reluctant to attend the tea party, But Linlin’s didn’t allow them to be absent, so they could only come.

Most of the celebrities from the underground world heard from their intelligence that the Marine didn’t make any move until now, Even a small scale operation wasn’t made not to mention coming to disturb Bigmom’s party.

“Well, Don’t waste time, let’s go in.”

Someone said so all the people started walking in.

Here is Bigmom’s palace, the whole building was built using cakes and candies.

One of Big moms Sweet Commanders was sitting in the party venue, It was Smoothie, she smiled at everyone as she said.

“Welcome All mama’s guests, Do want a drink?”

beside her was a strange tree.

“Today’s drinks are from the seducing woods.”

Some people shook their heads and some got themselves a drink.

After taking a mouthful, all those who tried were full of praises.

Although most who came here are leaders of some underworld organizations, their status-deferred, some leaders from a powerful assassination family were at the center of the party.

Those who were more common were sitting in other places.

Not all people here knew each other, with the help of this tea party they could come to know each other and have new connections.

Compared to Whitebeard and Akagami, Biigmom’s pirates are not only powerful, they also had influence all over the world.

DonQuixote family compared to Big mom’s pirates is just like a drop from the sea.

At this time, at the corner of the tea party, A young man wearing black and white robe was sitting there, drinking some tea while looking at the party with great interest.

“Hey, I think you look familiar, but I don’t remember where I saw you…”

The princess of the pleasure quarter looked at the young man and her eyes flashed while looking at the young man and said with a sweet smile.

This young man was none other than Roja.

“Really? I’ve never seen you before, you are really beautiful.” Roja looked at the Beauty and smiled.

“Thanks for the compliment.”

Stussy smiled, She looked at the handsome young man, he was different than the guys in here.

Fortunately, In this corner of the tea party, no one noticed Roja, He wasn’t tall either so it’s hard to notice him, otherwise, Even though not everyone knew him, some of them saw his picture as the new Admiral at least.

Roja acted like a noble, And since he comes to the tea party, he obviously wasn’t playing the role of an Admiral, Stussy had an idea as she said:

“I am Stussy, Princess of the pleasure Quarter, Visit our Quarter if you have some time.”

“Wherever I go, either I kill or get killed, I am afraid that entertainment is not suitable for me.” Roja sat on a chair as he smiled casually.

Roja’s words didn’t make Stussy surprised, she ha experienced blood herself as a leader fan underground organization.

“Really you don’t look like it.”

Stussy didn’t see Roja as a leader of some killing organization, so she gently smiled as she thought at first that Roja was a member of some nobilities.

Stussy blinked her eyes as she smiled: “This should your first time coming for this party.”

Her charm was very strong but compared to Hancock, she was worse, Having experienced Hancock charm himself, Stussy’s charm didn’t affect him even a bit…

“Yeah, it’s the first time…”

Roja smiled faintly, and said in his heart and maybe the last as well.

Looking at the noisy sea party, It seels like Linlin was about to come out, as Roja poured himself some tea, and said: “Staying in such a high profiled tea party, you’re not worried that the World government or the Marine would do something?”

Stussy chuckled and said: “this is really your first time here, there may be trouble on the way here, but as long you get here, there won’t be any trouble.”

“Those who dare make trouble here don’t exist, so you can rest assured.”

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