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Chapter 205: The Peak of the world
“In the eighth stage, the Bankai would be available to use, I don’t know how many stages you got… No, this is not it, it’s your ability that…”

Roja looked at Sen Maboroshi in his hands and murmured.

Whether it was Senbonzakura, Yamamoto’s powers or Getsuga Tensho, they were abilities copied by Sen Maboroshi, not his abilities to begin with.

Sen Maboroshi is very special, it didn’t have the initial form just like Ichigo’s, but it should have the Bankai which will probably be an ability of its own.

In addition, Roja tried a few experiments.

When using different abilities, Sen Maboroshi will change accordingly.

When using Senbonzakura, the blade will turn pink as the color of the Cherry, and when using Getsuga Tensho it’s color will be pure white.

Ever-changing as its name says.

“I can use the Shikai now, so I should do what I have to do. But before that, I should go visit Garp.”

Roja moved very fast on top of the sea as he looked at the sea with a deep expression.

When Roja was on his way, Sengoku sent his man to the location of the fallen islands to inspect it according to Roja’s report. After confirming Shiki’s death, The entire Marine headquarters was shaken.

For more than half a year, there was no big news about Roja. Many people thought that Roja settled down. However, The news of Shiki’s death was like a bomb.

Many old-timers in the headquarters had fought against Shiki before and knew the extent of his powers.

Such a pirate was a living legend, and now he was killed by Roja!

What a shocking thing, Aokiji got the news, with one hand on his chin he said: “Ah well, It’s like Roja, it’s his style.”

“That’s terrifying!”

After Kisaru was informed, he narrowed his eyes slightly and said: ” Even that Shiki was killed, His his strength really did grow.”

Being able to kill Shiki was enough for Kisaru to turn serious.

When Akainu heard the news, Originally he had a very poor relationship with Roja. He looked down and hesitated.

The stronger Roja becomes, the more afraid he becomes.

“Did the strength of that kid really caught up to us?”

Akainu shook his head with slightly cold eyes.

Shiki was a loser, after getting his leg cut he should be a lot weaker, this doesn’t prove Roja’s strength at all.

Although Roja’s growth rate was extremely fast, Akainu didn’t believe that after half a year he can really become as strong as them.

The news of Shiki’s death quickly spread through the sea.

Roja was silence for six months, the Sea gradually forgot about the Ghost sword Roja, and with the fall of Shiki, it was like a drop of water fell on a hot pan.

The entire sea was boiling.

The pirate that was from the king’s era, the legendary Shiki’s death put the world in Shock.

Compared to Roja killing Jack and Doflamingo, this was a lot bigger.

Jack was just a cadre of Kaido’s pirates, and Doflamingo was a Yonko helper.

If Shiki was killed by Garp or an Admiral, then it would be nothing.

But he was killed by Roja!

Once again Roja’s performance was dazzling, this time, he made everyone aware of his existence.

Shabondy Shotō.

“Shiki is… dead?”

Rayleigh looked at the newspapers, his eyes flashed with a strange look then said: “Ghost Sword Roja, This guy finally got in this world top, the most peak of strength… Garp.”

In the new world, Whitebeard Territory.

The strongest man in the world, one of the three legends, was now the last one living, The Whitebeard, Edward Newgate, Throwing the paper from his fingertip, he picked a jar and drank wine to his fill.

“Roger, Garp, Sengoku… The ones who had their names in the sea, and now, there is one less.”

Whitebeard eyes flashed deeply, He didn’t expect that Roja kid to really go all the way to the peak of the world, the most peak stage in this world, he slightly overlooked him.

New world, Shanks territory.

“Shiki is dead.”

Shanks was sitting there with a touch of emotion and said: ” Roger was almost driven desperate by that guy… If not for the storm, there probably wouldn’t be this golden era of pirates.”

“Ghost sword Roja, it seems sooner or later we’ll fight.”

Shanks suddenly turned around and looked at the person beside him and said: “Maybe the first fight will be against you not me.”

Sitting beside him was impressively the world strongest swordsman, Mihawk.

Hearing Shanks semi-serious tone, Mihawk had an indifferent expression.

Shiki’s fall made the world shocked, at the same time Roja’s name once again was put in the spotlight.

Countless people were now aware of Roja’s power.

At this time, Roja who set this much turmoil in the world was in the most peaceful sea among the four, the east blue, he reached the central island of the Goa Kingdom.

The island was like six giant lands, The island with the Royal Palace is the large one in the center.

Beyond the Royal Palace, there is some mountains and jungles and after that the Foosha village.

Roja went to this large island, Garp didn’t answer any calls, it seemed like he thrown away his Den Den Mushi.

Roja couldn’t contact him, so he could only go to Foosha village in frustration, he asked for the way to there until he reached it.

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