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Chapter 185: Help
Back to the Headquarters, A month passed and Roja received a mission.

The mission was to transport scientific material to Vagapunk’s lab, who had been staying in his hometown for quite some time now.

the warship started its journey.

Roja stood in front of the railing, no one dared to go and bother him as he was looking at the sea, he felt dull after the three months of meditations in the Impel Down.

It was like his mind was blank without thinking of anything.

This state made Roja feel the existence of his soul which helped him break the shackles of his body.

(Tl: Lol did he forget that that was the wrong theory? anyway he said that so I will stick with it.)

When Roja awakened, he felt like he nearly broke 40% of the shackles. In this state, He tried to use his maximum soul strength as if to enter the Shinigami state.

Also in this month, the Soul Sword energy rose a lot.

“Sure enough, after a long period of practice, it’s good to relax and get lazy.”

Roja stretched out while he looked at the sea with a smile, he was ready to return to his cabin.

And just at that time, a Marine walked toward him.

“Reporting, we received a distress call from a nearby island, would you like to change the course of the warship and assist them?”

The task of escorting important materials generally won’t have to respond to distress calls to ensure their safety. But the warship which had Roja in it is different.

Want to get something under Roja’s care, you at least have to have the strength of an Admiral or three Doflamingos at least.

“Let’s go toward the help signal.”

Roja nodded at the Marine plainly.

Here is a small island. A pirate ship was docked on the shore, there was a small town at the center and there was a bloody massacre in it.

The leader of those pirates had a fierce scar on his face, he stood in the street as he gave commands to the pirates.

“Leave the one with good physics and good looks alive, kill the rest.”

A variety of screams were heard after a series of gunshots.

A good looking girl was being dragged by the neck out of her house into the street full of blood.

“Damn… You bastard!!”

From a house, rushed out a middle-aged guy, he was carrying a stick in his hand and knocked it on the head of two pirates. He was the town’s mayor.

“Yo! you want a beating?”

The leader of those pirates looked at the middle-aged man with a sneer, he stepped forward and punched, the middle-aged man flew into the wall.


A hole appeared on the wall as the mid-aged man spit blood out of his mouth then clenched his teeth.

“The Marines are here, you all will get arrested.”


The leader stepped forward and put his leg on the mayor’s chest, his face was showing ridicule and disdain as he said: “The Marine, didn’t you see our flag?”

As he spoke the leader pointed at the ship, the flag that hung had the symbol of the DonQuixote family.

“The Marine will see that flag, they will not interfere with our business as we are doing this legally. Do you understand?”

The leader had a look of arrogance as he sneered.

Since Doflamingo became a Shichibukai, none of these small forces got arrested for their doing on behalf of the DonQuixote family.

Even if they encounter a Marine, when the latter look at their flag they will just turn around and leave.

Therefore DonQuixote family was crazily expanding their market, and even the things they suffered before were cleared after he became a Shichibukai, they regained the trust of the underground forces.

They came here to occupy this island and turn it into a base for their trades.

“Damned bastards!!”

The mayor crazily roared, he wanted to struggle but the leader kicked him.

Just as the pirate leader was about to kill the mayor, a pirate suddenly ran over in panic.

“Captain! A warship is coming this way!”

“Don’t worry, they will see the banner and turn away.”

The leader waved his ha,d indifferently, but his subordinates said something nervously: ” But… The warship is about to be docked!”


The pirates had a strange expression on their faces, under normal circumstances, the Marine will turn around after seeing them.

The mayor and a few girls were being held by the pirates heard this and couldn’t help have a trace of hope in their eyes

The leader looked at their eyes and couldn’t help but laugh loudly.

“Well, in a moment, you will be completely desperate !”

He picked up the mayor and ordered his subordinates to seize the everything and prepare the girls to be taken into the ship and walked outside the town.

Outside the island.

“How come I met the DonQuixote family!”

Roja stood on the deck of the warship, he looked at the pirate’s ship with the DonQuixote family banner and couldn’t help but shake his head.

“The DonQuixote family is one of the Shichibukai forces, according to the regulations we cannot arrest them.”

Standing next to Roja, a Marine opened his mouth and said, but his tone was that of someone unwilling to accept this.

Now that they were near the town, they could hear the screams and could guess the situation there.

As members of the Marines, they couldn’t arrest someone from the pirates under the Shichibukai, they could only look.

Roja didn’t say anything, he suddenly jumped on the island.

Infront of Roja, a group of pirates was dragging a few girls, when they saw Roja’s uniform, they paused a little for a moment, but they continued ignoring him as they walked toward their ship.

Chapter 186: Ambush

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