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Chapter 177
Chapter 177: The Uprising Riot “Getsuga Tensho!!”   Roja waved his sword, A huge white sword energy emerged and hit Kaido’s shoulders, Kaido used Busoshoku to resist the attack.   However, Roja didn’t stop and once again attacked.   Kaido wanted to attack Roja but was stopped by Shiliew’s sword, Shiliew can be said to be half a step Grandmaster swordsman, so an attack from him wasn’t any weaker than Getsuga Tensho.   They both kept attacking Kaido.   It’s a pity that Magellan’s power had no effect on Kaido, he is getting in Roja and Shiliew’s way as the venom sometimes get in their way say they could only retreat.   The efficiency of their combined attacks is low, Even if their strength together could match an admiral’s, against Kaido they could only stall for time.   After testing His powers against Kaido, Roja was prepared to stall for time, with his Soul Sword level upgraded by two levels, he could now face Kaido much longer than last time.   Coupled with his training this time, Roja power increased gradually so he won’t find a problem with a long fight.   Roja lacks the Endurance, the power of his Haki and some other thing to

be an Admiral.   If he can solve those problems, then even without the Shikai he would be as strong as an Admiral or maybe the strongest one.   If last time Roja couldn’t interfere in the fight between the Admirals and Sengoku against Kaido, then with his strength today he got that qualification.   Boom! Boom! Boom!   The fight between those four is making the floor shake.   Fortunately, the floor of the Fifth level is strong and even if they used their strongest attacks they won’t be afraid of the damage Because the ground was frozen, it was harder then the other floors.   Roja occasionally strikes would fall on a prisoner or two, those prisoners couldn’t defend after many years here and with the Kairoseki shackles, they were weakened.   Moreover, even If they were at their peak, so what?   Roja and Kaido were too lazy to even look at them, just one move would make a pile of them.   Only on the next level would there be some really strong people that could catch their eyes.   The fight continues.   Ten minutes…   Twenty minutes…   Thirty minutes…   The fight continued for half

half an hour and there didn’t seem any sign of them stopping soon. Sengoku and Aokiji took half a day to tire Kaido down, not to mention them.   If they couldn’t absolutely suppress him and overwhelm him, then fighting for ten days and nights will not be a problem for him.   Roja and the others maintaining such pace would consume their strength faster than Kaido, if Kaido will only get tired after ten days then they would only hold for a day and a night before their strength starts declining.   However, Magellan wasn’t worried.   the headquarters received their report and an admiral should arrive soon, from the headquarters to the Impel Down it would take at most a few hours.   As long as an admiral arrives, even a single one would be enough to tire Kaido and defeat him.   But, What he didn’t think of is that with Kaido’s arrival the prisoners will start to riot.   Just as their fight was close to reaching one hour, a guard arrived with an anxious look and risked nearing the fight.   “Reporting! The prisoners in the third and fourth level started a riot and now some can’t be suppressed…”   “What did you say?”   Magellan heard the guard’s report and his face showed

face showed his anger and rage: ” Can’t Hannyabal suppress the third and fourth level’s riot?”   “THis one…”   The Guard was hesitant, he didn’t know how to respond, Hannyabal was trying to shrink from his responsibility.   “I just came down from the third level, and now they started rioting…” Shiliew heard the report and suddenly his face was full of killing intent, he looked at Magellan and said: “Can you two take care of this guy?”   Magellan continued his attack at Kaido using his venom dragons then looked at Shiliew.   “What will you do?”   “I am going to kill them.”   Shiliew answered coldly the withdrew from the fight.   Seeing Shiliew leave, Magellan cursed but he was also relieved.   Although Shiliew will slaughter the prisoners, those prisoners were the one who started a riot so he didn’t care anymore.   Shiliew left.   The pressure on Roja and Magellan amplified. But Roja’s strength now improved by a huge margin from the time he was in the G6 war.   To him now enhancing his strength by 10% is considered a huge improvement.   With this 10%, he can fight with Kaido like he is doing now.     The battle was now Dominated by Magellan and Roja, even though Magellan’s venom can’t hurt Kaido but after some time it was making him a little numb, so Kaido was a little bit slower than before.   Fortunately, now Roja was as fast as him, if he was as fast as Shiliew, Roja would be able to hold Kaido alone, so the venom was a little bit helpful.   Roja was still fighting with Kaido when Kaido thought.   “Is this guy getting stronger?”   At the beginning, Kaido didn’t pay much attention to it, but when Shiliew left, Roja was the only one attacking, he felt that Roja’s power was stronger than before.   Otherwise, Roja won’t be resisting his attacks easily.   Roja’s strength has improved, while Kaido was excited, he wanted to play more with Roja, but Magellan continued to interfere so he was troubled.   “Leave me alone!”   After being continuously disturbed, Kaido was a little angry as he was covered with a variety of complex poisons causing his body to be a little numb.   from ten attacks, eight were directed at Magellan.   Kaido wanted to knock Magellan and then fight Roja one v one, Magellan calmly resisted the attacks without giving Kaido that opportunity.    

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