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Chapter 175: Fight
There was a big hole in the first, second, third and fourth level, Prisoners and guards are looking at them in shock.

Even Shiliew came closer to the hole and could see the sky from above the looked below and saw the Fourth level.

At the fourth level, Magellan’s expression has become ugly.

He had a really bad feeling about this, His eyes stared at the blood pool, the atmosphere was gloomy as if a storm was about to hit the place.

And in the next moment, From the pool of boiling blood, a figure got out splashing the boiling blood at some guard who couldn’t avoid in time and started screaming and rolling on the ground.


“Such a good warm shower!”

The figure was obviously not affected by the boiling blood, it seems like he was just having a shower as there wasn’t a single burn mark on his skin.

“That is…”

“What the hell?!”

When this figure jumped down, many people were stunned, and more people looked aghast, including Magellan.

This figure was of course… Kaido.

Kaido really attacked the Impel Down, and in such an exaggerated way too, he fell from the sky and directly smashed his way to the fourth level.

Magellan’s forehead was full of cold sweat.

And this time, besides Kaido, a lot of Guard were holding their gun trembling, some didn’t know Kaido and said: “Hey, Who are you?”


Kaido heard someone ask him about his name, he glanced beside him and looked with disdain: “You asked… Who am I?”


Kaido didn’t throw a fist, he just used the momentum coming out of his body and almost instantly most guards fainted.

This was Haoshoku Haki.

After a moment, many guards and prisoners fell unconscious.


Magellan clenched his fist and roared, he rushed toward Kaido while venom covered him.

“No matter what you are or who you are, This is the Impel Down, I will never allow you to be here.”

Magellan suppressed his fear and attacked Kaido, Kaido was smiling and didn’t evade that punch.


The venom splashed on Kaido.

“Are you Magellan, the Cheif Warden of the Impel Down?”

Kaido stood there while looking at Magellan, he remembered a few characters and Magellan was one of them.

“Was my poison no effective?”

Magellan looked at Kaido after he dumped the venom over him, there was no sign of him getting poisoned, he couldn’t help but feel depressed. This time he couldn’t back down.

He can’t let Kaido do whatever he wants in the Impel Down.

Otherwise, once he leaves, Most prisoners with leave too and Many innocent people would be killed after they escape.

“Chioro Ball!”

Magellan chewed up some of his poison like bubble gum then spits the bubble at high speed towards Kaido. After hitting Kaido the balls exploded.

Venom fell on Kaido’s body, It didn’t hurt kind, it just gave him an itchy feeling. Kaido face showed some anger, he directly rushed toward Magellan.

“Poison? In this world, there is no poison that could hurt me!”


Kaido punched Magellan directly.

He was ready to continue his attack, but a figure blocked his path with a sword.

It was Shiliew.

“Yonko… Kaido, I didn’t think that you would really attack this place!” Shiliew’s face was pale while he looked at Kaido evilly.

Although the original Shiliew betrayed the Marines, But that was because he was imprisoned by Magellan, but now, he didn’t have any reason to betray them, Attacking the Impel Down is like Hitting his face.


“It seems like there are quite a few people I can play with, this will be fun!”

Kaido looked happy as if he found a new toy, he faces Shiliew and attacked.

this time, No one knew the purpose of Kaido attacking the Impel Down.

Once he is exhausted, he won’t be able to do anything, and he already attacked the Marine headquarters before. Why did he come here? there wasn’t any reason at all.

It’s simply who he is.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Magellan and Shiliew were fighting together against Kaido, Just a few strike and the Impel Down is already getting Chaotic.

And in the fifth Level, Roja was standing on a piece of ice, and his body continued to emit steam, this is his body heat which could now withstand the cold easily.

Roja looked up toward the Blazing Hell.

“It looks like I was right, This should be … Kaido.”

Although Kaido didn’t reach the Fifth level, Roja could feel his presence using his Kenbunshoku Haki.

He didn’t feel strange about this kind of crazy act at all.

Roja touched his chin while thinking about how did Kaido get here, and deduced he should have jumped from some sky Island above this place.

And just as Roja was preparing to go to the fourth floor a huge sound was heard.


As if something was collapsing, a few pieces from the ceiling fell down, this sends a shock wave through the entire Fifth level.

Impressively, The fight between Kaido, Shiliew, and Magellan damaged the floor of the fourth Level and they fell into the fifth level.

“I don’t need to go up then.”

Roja held his Hiru with a calm expression and rushed toward the battlefield to join in the fun.


Chapter 176: Chaos In The Impel Down

Kaido punched Magellan once again and reached with the other hand to catch Shiliew so he won’t attack.

Shiliew retreated so he won’t get caught and Magellan was sent flying once again.
Magellan and Shiliew together weren’t as strong as Aokiji and Sengoku, so they won’t be able to hold Kaido for a long time.

And just at this moment, Roja’s figure flashed, his blade formed an arc as he fiercely stabbed at Kaido’s back.


His sword stuck at the bones.

“Worororo You’re also here!”

Roja’s attack injured Kaido, directly after that Roja used Getsuga Tensho.

After a Roar, Kaido blocked his attack with a fist.

After that, the fist went toward Roja while ignoring Magellan who was behind him.

“You’re here too.”

Shiliew looked at Roja and said.

Roja smiled while his eyes looked on fire, then he said: ” Such an interesting fight, How could it not come.”


Just as Magellan behind Kaido roared, a stream of venom flow out of him and bombarded Kaido’s back, as the venom splashed, Roja and Shiliew Frowned and retreated to avoid it.

Magellan’s attacks weren’t as effective as Roja’s but he still can’t let them fight alone, he could only assist them.

If his poison was effective, then Roja and Shiliew would be the one to assist him, but on Kaido his venom almost has no effect.

“I said this stuff is useless.”

Kaido turned and slapped Magellan with his backhand, Magellan again flew a long distance before stopping in the ice.


Magellan clenched his teeth, his ability would make anyone afraid that’s why he was the Cheif warden of the Impel Down because he could even suppress dozen of Pirates alone.

Even if he face Sengoku and Garp, they can’t ignore his venom.

(Tl: Garp probably can kill him with a punch!)

But facing such a monster, his venom lost its effect, his Venom fruit was just like a mud fruit in Kaido’s eyes.

Marine headquarter.

“Kaido attacked The Impel Down?!”

Sengoku received the emergency report, suddenly his face changed, despite him being prepared for this, but for Kaido to really attack made his heart vibrate.

In the Impel Down, There is Roja, Shiliew, and Magellan, even if Kaido attacked they should hold him for some time, what he was afraid of is that with Kaido’s attacked the prisoners will riot which would be a huge trouble.

“Since he attacked, I can’t sit idly by here.”

After Sengoku ended the call, His face sank as he gave an order to Aokiji who was in the headquarters to head there immediately.

Impel Down.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roja, Shiliew, and Magellan, the three together were fighting against Kaido, the momentum of the fight affect the entire prison, if it wasn’t such a strong building, it would’ve been destroyed from the shock waves.

A lot of Guards and Jailers were present there, but they didn’t dare to enter the fight, they could only sit there with a look of tension on their faces.

From the other levels, many Guards and Jailers were looked at the fight from the hole that Kaido made.

At this time, a chain of voices was heard, Several Guard smashed down into the floor, leaving only two or three guards, behind them several prisoners appeared with shackles on their necks.

The faces of those prisoners were grim, their expressions were truly evil: “Hey hey (oy oy)… Do you have the keys?”

Kaido attacked the Impel Down, this was the best opportunity to escape, this was a god sent opportunity, if they didn’t break free this time, then I am afraid they will be here for the rest of their lives.

In the Freezing Hell, The battle was getting more intense, the ice in the surrounding area was pushed away due to the shock waves from the fight.

Numerous pirates looked at the fight in horror.

“What a terrible battle…”

“Who is that. He even attacked the Impel Down?”

“Magellan and Shiliew… There is also that guy from the Marine, look, even the three together weren’t that guy’s match, Where did such a monster come from!”

Some of the prisoners were caught before Kaido’s name was known.

“That is The beast Kaido!”

“In today’s world, he is one of Yonko, his influence is as big as Whitebeard’s!”

Some people recognized Kaido, they looked at him with shock before informing their friend about him. They were truly shocked, One of the Yonko actually attacked the Impel Down, didn’t this mean that… The Impel Down will fall?!

If the Impel Down falls, would that not mean that they would be free?

It’s  their chance.

The Jailers of the freezing hell were being killed ruthlessly by the pirates who’s eyes were full of excitement.

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