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Chapter 164: The War Is Over
Kaido gave his command to the two Disasters, When they heard it, they were unwilling in their hearts, but they knew that they don’t have a chance of winning, so they could only retreat.

Akainu and Kisaru naturally won’t let them escape so easily and began chasing after them.

However, these two’s strength was only slightly less than theirs, so when they wanted to leave, they will find it hard to stop them.

Eventually, the Pirates including the two Disasters retreated from the G6 base with heavy casualties.

In contrast, the Marines casualties were lighter.

This time, in addition to Kaido there was no other pirate in outside, So Many Marines put down their weapons and began carrying the wounded and cleaning the battlefield.

Yamakaji with several wound and clothes stained with blood walked toward Roja with a cigar in his mouth, he smiled at Roja and said:

“Come to one Now Roja, You left us behind and now you even repelled Kaido.”

“After today, I am afraid that the whole world will be shaken again.”

Many walked toward Roja and gathered beside him.

Most of them are Z’s students, who were thrown away by such a young man’s strength, they still had some strange feeling in their hearts.

Before this, they heard that Roja defeated Doflamingo and after that, he defeated jack the drought, But seeing is believing, with what they saw today they knew Roja’s powers.

Although Roja’s Haki wasn’t the strongest, and his speed wasn’t the fastest, and his body isn’t the strongest, but his attack was stronger than any one of them could imagine.

If you insist that there is a shortcoming, then that would be stamina.

“Only luck, Didn’t Yamakaji kill a beast pirate cadre, that guy has at least 300 million on his head.”

Roja smiled and responded with this sentence.

Then he couldn’t help but think, Killed Jack with 800 million on his head, with killing some others in the war, he at least has 100 000 points from this war, he only needed 200 000 to challenge an Admiral.

“I am not as good as you.”

Yamakaji smiled at him, although his strength wasn’t the most outstanding, in the battle his luck was good, in addition to Roja, he was the one with the best performance and got many points, this time he was really in a good mood.

Boom! Boom!

As soon as they started talking, roars sounded from the distance, Eventually, everyone’s attention was caught toward the sound.

The roars were naturally Kaido and the others fight.

“Kaido… is really a scary guy.”

Momonga’s face was full of fear, not just him, but most officers had the same look.

because Kaido always looked for a fight, he came to attack the headquarters a few time alone, Many saw this scene many times, but each time they will have the same reaction.

“My attack has almost no effect.”

Roja’s hands were down, while he looked at Kaido in the distance.

When someone heard him, he shook his head and said with a touch of fear.

“No your attack is already so strong, it’s my first time seeing Kaido getting injured by a sword, and your attack at least had cut his skin and touched the bones.”

“If it was one of us, forget about injuring him, we won’t have the qualification to even intervene in such a fight, only the admiral can hurt Kaido, but the damage you caused was better than their’s.”

Another officer opened his mouth and sighed then said: “Is this Monster really can’t die, is there no one who can kill him?”

Many officers began talking about this.

Roja quietly listened and didn’t participate, after that brief confrontation against Kaido, Roja accurately judged his current strength.

His body is stronger than the three admirals, His speed was still lacking and Haki also was lacking.

If he didn’t rely on the soul abilities, his strength would even be worse than Doflamigo’s.

However using them, his strength will elevate to a very high level, it almost can be as strong as Whitebeard.

If Akainu and the used their physical abilities only without the devil fruit, then they are as strong as Doflamingo, or perhaps weaker, but using their fruits, they are now the strongest characters in the Marine.

The soul sword’s upgrade will apparently exceed the power of devil fruits.

Moreover, Roja still didn’t feel the limit of his soul sword, it was as if it can evolve indefinitely, which was clearly stronger than a devil fruit.

“With my current strength, if I fight against an admiral than the odds would only be two or three out of ten…”

Roja’s murmured in his heart.

His strength now should belong to the strongest in the world already.

This strength was that of a peak Vice-admiral, you can say that you just entered the Admiral’s level.

After all, there are strong and weak admirals, Generally, there is nothing that could help you know where you stand in term of power,  But for him to facilitate the strength in this world Roja can only rely on this power system.

“When I have a chance I have to go to Aokiji and ask him about this.”

Roja looked at the battlefield where the fight still going.

Aokiji didn’t know that Roja considered him a target, But even if he knew, he won’t refuse as he has a very good relationship with him.

Roja’s strength and status were very low at the beginning, Later he gradually increased his powers, Now he could be considered as a Vice-admiral under Aokiji, so he could talk to him more often.

The only exception is Garp, he wasn’t under any Admiral, even while he is a vice-admiral.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the admirals and Sengoku’s suppression, Kaido was finally exhausted, when Sengoku saw him he stopped his attacks.

There was no point in continuing, Kaido won’t fight anymore, and they can’t kill him, they tried many times but they couldn’t, and now they were too lazy to even test it again.

With Kaido retreating, the war finally ended.

A few days later, The result of the fight spread throughout the sea, despite the intervention of Akainu So that Roja won’t get too much praise, but the fact that he Killed Jack made countless people aghast from fear.

Chapter 165: Prisoners
After the war, Roja was sitting in a room inside of the G6 base while thinking of the previous battle.

In this war, Roja for the first time used the combination of the flames and Getsuga Tensho, it was in his mind for a long time now but he only use

d in the war for the first time.

The effect of the fusion is really good, it killed Jack with one shot.

“I can use Getsuga Tensho and the consumption won’t be too much, but if I fuse it with the flames, the consumption of the spiritual power will be really too large, it’s only second to White sword Emperor.”

Roja looked at Hiru in his hands with a thoughtful expression.

The consumption isn’t the only demerit of this skill, it also damages the sword, even one of the Saijou O Wazamono can’t take that much power.

Roja didn’t detect any damage at first, but after some observation, he found that some damage appeared on the blade of Hiru, even though he used it after protecting the sword with Busoshoku.

If he didn’t use Busoshoku, maybe the sword would have broken before he could release this skill.

This is the reason why Roja didn’t use this skill until now.

“There should be another sword like this in the Marine points shop, Should I get a spare one?”

(Tl: It’s a fucking legendary weapon in one piece man.)

Such an idea emerged in Roja’s mind, and he couldn’t help but laugh, He wanted to have a spare sword of the Saijou O Wazamono, I am afraid no one thought of this before.

Even one could make many swordsmen desperate.

“Don’t worry, Once the soul sword reaches the fifth stage, everything will change.”

Roja made the property bar appear before him, glanced at the energy required for the next level than made it disappear again.

Speaking of last time, Roja was still a bit interested in Kaido, He wanted to see the so-called immortality. Thinking that Kaido was still here, he thought of going out to see.

After that Roja stood up and walked out of the room.

(Tl: I think he said that Kaido had retreated right? Maybe miss translation from my part.)

In the rear of the G6 base, Roja tried to attack Kaido who’s eyes were closed and sitting there motionless.

“White sword Emperor!”


Under the terrifying power of Roja’s sword, Kaido’s chest was pierced, but the sword was stuck In Kaido’s bones when Roja pulled out his sword, the wound instantaneously healed.

“This is really perverted!”

Roja couldn’t help but express a touch of helplessness, Sengoku and the other tried many times to kill Kaido but failed, he didn’t try before so he came to especially try it himself.

As a result, he also couldn’t kill him.

Even if he used the new skill, it won’t have an effect.

Roja suspected that this inexplicable power of the people using the smiley fruit. This immortality wasn’t a joke.

As for chopping his neck, Roja tried but there was almost no effect.

“Still can’t kill him.”

Kaido was definitively a headache, even if he was suppressed, once the rests for some time he will restore his powers fully and no one can do anything about him.

Wanting to make him always suppressed, that would need to Admiral to always remain beside him, But how could the Marine use two Admirals just exclusively for Kaido?

“This feel like what I read in novels, that Limb rebirth…”

Roja said after trying to Kill Kaido for many times.

This can be said that Kaido cultivated his body to the limit and every cell in his body was full of vitality.

This led to Kaido’s perverted defense and recovery.

To defeat Kaido, not only would you need to break his defense, you also need to do something about his recovery speed. He could survive a jump from the sky island without using Busoshoku and he didn’t have a single injury.

“It seems like you can’t Kill him too.”

Aokiji stood behind Roja, Roja shook his head.

Although Roja’s attack was strong, the three admirals attempted to Kill Kaiod before and were unable to, even Sengoku couldn’t do it, so Roja killing him is unlikely.

At least, for now, he doesn’t have the ability to kill him.

“Yes, I couldn’t kill him, but I found many things.”

Roja’s eyes flashed with strange light, although he failed to kill Kaido, using Kaido as a living test subject, he used the Kenbunshoku Haki and soul to observe what is happening and found some interesting things.

For example, Kaido’s physical ability is stronger than Garp’s, then can normal people reach Kaido’s level with practice?

If we say that the method to strengthen the body is to develop the potential of the body by breaking the limit, then Kaido’s body was strengthened to the very limit of what a body can strengthen.

“Perhaps if someone cultivates his body to the limit, he will get an immortal body.”

After Roja looked at Kaido, he turned and left, while Aokiji and the others seeing him give up, they prepared to deal with him the old ways.

The old way is just finding a place to throw him at.

Kaido can’t be put in prison, The Kairoseki handcuffs have to use on him and he will break the prison anyway.

A few days later, the Marines were busy repairing the G6 base.

in the battle with the beast pirates, the Marines didn’t lose men, they lost their buildings.

A burst of ding dong sounded, at the shore, a group of Marines escorted a chained group of pirates.


The Officer shouted coldly at the pirates, those all were the beast pirates from the previous war, they were temporarily held here and now they were transferred to the impel down.

Of course, Kaido wasn’t with them, he was thrown away.

When the last one got on board, the rear admiral on it saluted.

“Reporting to Vice-admiral Roja, all the escort is complete and now we’re going the impel down.”

“Set off!”

Roja woke up by the rear admirals sound while his mind had numerous thoughts floating in it, so he casually responded and looked at the sea again.

With Roja’s order, the Marine boat slowly departed from the G6 harbor.

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