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Chapter 145: Jack the Drought

At this time, A pirate comes from a distance with a panic-stricken face.

“Ja… Jack-sama! Not good, The ship you sent out met the Marine and now all the people on it were annihilated!”

The pirate said with cold sweat on his forehead and a trembling voice.

Hearing those words, The two Disasters were stunned for a moment, And then their faces changed.

“What did you say?!”

Jack angrily got up, he grabbed the pirate by his neck and carried him up, revealing a terrifying look, His eyes were blood red.

That pirate who was grabbed by Jack struggled but still couldn’t get out of Jack’s grasp, soon White foam come out from his mouth and his eyes turned white.


At this time the other Disaster with a gloomy look said: “that Marine should be still in the Vicinity, if we chase after him now we may catch up to them.”

Jack who was still terrifyingly angry threw the pirate in his hand aside and said.

“I’ll make the trip.”

Jack’s voice was full of killing intent, He didn’t know who was the one that attacked but he dared to attack his ship and took away his important things. He ignored Jack the Drought.

At the same time, the other Disaster nodded, He sat down again, this was Jack’s problem and it’s natural for him to deal with it.

He wore an unpleasant expression on his face, If it was only the ship that got destroyed and the men on it, then it wasn’t a problem.

But on that ship there was a really rare ancient species Zoan devil fruit, It’s a saber-toothed tiger fruit, If nothing unexpected happened, then Kaido will be really happy to receive this fruit, but now it was robbed halfway.

No matter who was that Marine, he must recover that fruit.

Outskirts of the beasts pirates’ territory, Roja was on the warship, the Marines just finished their jobs, they captured the pirates who were alive and put them in the prison.

Among the Many goods on the ship, they found something very special, it was packed in a delicate little box, it was impressively a Devil Fruit.

“Zoan devil fruit…”

Roja looked at the devil fruit and judged by its appearance, So he directly lost interest.

Roja was the least interested in the Zoan fruits, He was only interested in the logia or rare types of paramecia fruits.

As for The ancient Zoan fruit or Normal ones he wasn’t interested in them.

He put the fruit back and put it aside, but as long as it is a devil fruit, it has some value, It could make him a few thousands military points.

Roja left his room and returned to the deck again, He casually asked an officer to see

if they finished cleaning off that ship, as they told him that they had finished, he ordered them to leave this place.

Their task wasn’t fighting and since they already encountered the beasts pirates, there was no need to stay here anymore.

But Just as the warship was about to move, a large pirates’ ship appeared.

This Pirates’ ship flag was the Mammoth!

This ship was really fast, it seemed faster than the Marine’s warship.

“They quickly arrived?”

Roja saw the Mammoth ship moving toward them, his face didn’t reveal any panic or fear, but rather a look of excitement appeared instead.

ust now he was disappointed that the fight ended really fast, This time he can practice and have a good fight.

The last fight couldn’t make Roja excited, But after the appearance of the Mammoth pirates’ ship Roja seemed like a beast looking at his prey.

On one hand, Roja finds fights to be very exciting and passionate, and on the other, fights can quickly fill up the energy needed for the upgrade, faster than any practice.

Nowadays, Roja’s was improving real slow by practicing.

Increasing his Spiritual force take more priority, for now, After reaching the fourth stage, reaching the fifth stage was no longer out of his reach, which made Roja more desperate in increasing his powers.

The Mammoth was moved very fast before even Roja’s warship started moving the Mammoth had already reached their range.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Roja’s Marines on the warship weren’t caught by surprise, they opened fire directly.

The Mammoth also opened fire and the firing power was comparable to a Marine warship not like some ordinary pirates’ ships.

“Let’s go!”

Jack was standing on the deck on the Mammoth, his eyes were bloodshot while looking at the Warship.


Immediately the Pirates said to Jack, the one of them thought then looked at Jack carefully and said: “Jack-Sama… I just heard that Ghost sword Roja is on that Ship.”

“Never heard of him.”

Jack said with a boringly, He simply didn’t know Roja’s name.

The three Disaster strength was really something but the problem was with their brains.

Then he looked at the pirate beside him and said: “What is that Ghost Sword Roja is considered?”

“Jack-sama, he is famous in the new world as the one who defeated Doflamingo.”

Jack looked coldly at the approaching, he ignored the cannon balls and reached his back with his hands, he took two sickle-like weapons then a Furious Haoshoku was released in all direction.

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