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“Break White!”

Doflamingo put his hand on the ground and suddenly threads emerged from the ground wanting to grab Roja foot.

Roja didn’t panic, Seeing the threads under him, he jumped into the sky, At the same time endless petals formed a wave and attacked Doflamingo.

“Off White!”

Facing the petals wave, Doflamingo didn’t retreat, with one hand still on the ground, countless threads that wrapped around him.

The petals bounced after hitting the threads around Doflamingo.

After using the awakening, The number of thread that Doflamingo could control increased by a huge margin.

“Fuffuffuffuffu, you trick has no effect on me.”

Doflamingo showed a smile of mockery full of evil as he said: “Even if you could use that ability of yours really well the gap between our power is huge… stop the meaningless struggle!”

while talking Doflamingo waved his hands, tens of thousands of threads ruched toward Roja like a python.

Whiz! Whiz!

Roja’s figure flickered a few times, as he retreated, at the same time the Cherry petal rushed toward him and reformed Hiru’s blade.

“The devil fruit awakening is very strong… In addition to his body, he could even make his environment turn into threads.”

Roja looked at Doflamingo then shook his head.

“If you understand this then let me send you on your way!”

Doflamingo smile was evil and cold, he started walking toward Roja, The thread moved along with him, e appeared like a king governing strings (Tl: this is so lame :p .)

Roja didn’t fall back.

he seemed like he just gave up any resistance to fight Doflamingo, But his eyes didn’t show any panic, Doflamingo kept on laughing his strange smile. (Tl: you don’t know what is waiting for you.)

“The thing is… I didn’t want to use this because it’s too tiring… no, I mean it uses too much spiritual power, But since you used your awakening, I have to use my trump card too.”

Roja’s face gradually calmed down, His Marine cape that was fluttering due to the wind, stopped.

As if everything in the world stopped, suddenly a strange power accumulated around Roja.

The sword in Roja’s hand suddenly turned upside down and he let it go suddenly.


The voice sounded from the soul, Doflamingo suddenly halted his steps, his expression changed as his heart an inexplicable bad feeling.

The next moment, Doflamingo saw the sword that Roja threw fall to the ground, the ground became like a water surface as it swallowed the sword.

Then the ground beneath Roja’s feet seemed to turn into a huge pond, suddenly with a ripple, huge swords emerged from the ground, they kept on coming out until they were much higher than Roja.

“Senbonzakura … Kageyoshi!”

Suddenly the huge sword collapsed and turned into Cherry petals and started circling around.

It seemed the same as before, but the number of petals increased by at least ten times.

“This is impossible!”

Doflamingo was shocked, he couldn’t tell the number of petals even with his Kenbunshoku Haki.

Roja can also use… The awakening?

Doflamingo couldn’t believe, his hand touched the ground and ten waves of thread ruched toward Roja.

But this time Roja stood calmly, he didn’t even lift his hand.


The Cherry petals flying toward the ten waves of thread and collided.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Countless threads scattered after the impact, and the ten waves of threads were blocked down. The threads were strong, but not strong enough.

The Petals kept on hitting Doflamingo’s threads until finally all the threads scattered but the torrent of Petals.

Roja stood still, just looking at Doflamingo with his eyes flashing. In the sky, countless petals formed a wave a shot down toward Doflamingo.

“Off White!”

Doflamingo used his defense without a second thought, he wasn’ tone of the Yonko, and he wasn’t an immortal, If this kind of attack touches him he would be seriously injured or he might even die.

The earth tuned into threads and wrapped around Doflamingo.

But the petal waves raged down into the shield. they suddenly turned black due to Roja attaching Haki to them.

The Bankai had too many petals, the number in countless, and each piece was as strong as a sword, Even if it’s Doflamingo he won’t be able to hold on for too long and his defense would crumble shortly.


Seeing that he can’t hold on anymore, Doflamingo ruched back but the petals moved toward him.

The petals moved far faster than before, Doflamingo could only flee while using his ability to defend himself.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

White threads danced with Cherry petals, the entire base was destroyed due to this confrontation, even the boat seemed about to flip over at any time.

 Chapter 119: Bankai, Senbonzakura Kageyoshi!

The petals filled the sky, and the earth turned into threads, this seemed like a picture from a fantasy world, hard to describe, it was just shockingly beautiful.

At this time, The Marines on the other side of the island weren’t affected by the fight, they still felt like they were inside a storm.

They saw the torrent of Cherry petals collide with the threads.

No one could speak, their minds were blank for a second.

This scene was so shocking that some didn’t know what to say as they continued to watch with a blank expression.

Roja and Doflamingo seemed to control the sea, waves kept forming with every clash between the two.

At this time, On Roja’s body, some blood stains started to appear, but he didn’t panic, he was focused just on destroying his enemy.

Doflamingo’s situation was far worse then Roja’s, blood dripped from the cuts in his clothes

before using the awakening, Doflamingo had no way to block the petals of Senbonzakura.

And after the awakening, he could block them until Roja used the Bankai!

If Roja’s Busoshoku was stronger, then he would’ve been defeated long ago, and now he could only defend against those cherry petals.

It was impossible to retreat.

Roja will use Moon Walk to catch up to him, and if he leaves the island there won’t be any building and his awakening will lose its effect.

Roja was sending torrents of petals while he was in the sky, and he occasiionally avoid Doflamingo’s threads.

chekchekchek! (Cutting sfx)

The petals continued to cut the thread apart while Doflamingo was retreating and trying to run away.

Roja understood Doflamingo’s intention, he felt his own spiritual power consumption as he waved his hand.

“Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, Senkei!”

Suddenly all the petals returned to Roja and made four rows of swords.

Seein Roja standing above his head, and the swords formed around them, Doflamingo looked up and said grimly.

“For a long time, no one dared to come for my head … Mokey.D.Roja you little devil …”

(Tl: I think Doflamingo is the one who came for Roja right ?)

Since he lost his identity as a Celestial Dragon there wasn’t a time when he looked as awkward as he looked now.

Doflamingo looked at Roja, killing intent rose to the sky as he raised his hand toward Roja.

“Seinaru Kyōdan…”

Doflamingo summons sixteen thick strings that turned black as he attached Haki to them as he aimed at Roja.

“God Thread!”

Roja felt the pressure coming toward him So he attached Haki to a Dozen swords from.

Suddenly, the threads and the swords collided and countless petals suddenly scattered around.

And in the next moment, a Roar sounded and a terrifying wave suddenly spread in all directions.

The waves reached the other side of the island while brought dust along. The Marines couldn’t open their eyes.

After some time everything gradually subsided.

The Marines didn’t pay any attention to their dirtied clothes, all of them focused on the ruins to see the result.

Did the fight end?

Everyone looked at each other, they couldn’t see anything from here, So someone was bold enough to take the first step to go forward, a second person followed and a third, all of them wanted to know the result of the battle.

While walking they gripped tightly on their swords, the first base was completely destroyed now, All the buildings have collapsed.

After passing by several ruins, the few people stopped.


Someone’s hand couldn’t continue on gripping his pistol anymore and let it go into the ground wich issued a pita sound.

All the people gradually stopped, as they put down their weapons.

Everyone’s eyes gathered at the field on the single figure that was still standing, no one could speak as they stared in a daze, in their eyes respect and fear appeared.

On the field, Only Roja was standing as he was holding Hiru is his hand.

In front of him on the ground, a person was lying down motionless.

Although that person’s clothes were pretty much destroyed, you still can recognize him when you see him.


The person that will be known as the joker of the underworld twelve years later, the person who was once a Celestial Dragon was defeated by the leader of the first base in the west blue … Monkey.D.Roja

 Chapter 120: Doflamingo’s Defeat

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