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A+ A- Chapter 113-114
Chapter 113: Doflamingo’s Arrival     Doflamingo was sitting on a chair while sipping a glass of red wine on the deck of his ship.   “Is it the same one who caught Lao G?”   Doflamingo’s tone was very calm, but the atmosphere was getting darker and darker.   The Ordinary pirates couldn’t speak as cold sweat was pouring from their backs.   Kacha!   The cup in Doflamingo’s hand suddenly broke.   “Doffy …”   Trebol appeared beside Doflamingo suddenly, his face was gloomy and evil sparks could be seen in his eyes.   Only him and the other two dare to talk to him.   Those were The top officers of the DonQuixote family.   They are Trebol, Pika, Diamante, and Vergo who sneaked into the Marine, Those four are not the same as the others in the Family, they were like brothers to Doflamingo.   They are the one who gave him his fruit and also who made him stronger. The four of them are completely different from the others.   Those were his family members.   “Monkey.D.Roja …”

  Doflamingo stood up. his tone was extremely cold as the sky suddenly turned stormy.   “I didn’t expect such a character as Garp’s nephew to appear in the west blue…”   Doflamingo’s killing intent surged and even when he said Garp’s name there was no hint of fear in his voice.   Who was he?   He is someone with the Haoshoku Haki, Someone qualified to be a king.   He was once one of the nobilities of this world, one of the Celestial Dragons.   Any background in front of his is nothing, Just because Roja is Garp’s nephew he will retreat? That is impossible.   “Fuffuffuffuffu, Since it’s like this, then  I will go myself.”   …   In the west blue’s first base, in the depth of the prison. Diamante was wearing a kairoseki handcuffs, The blood on his body has long since dried up, He was lying half dead in the corner while murmuring.   “This isn’t the end…”   No one heard Diamante’s voice.   There was nothing happening in the jurisdictions of the first base, so all the members are gathered in the base.   Roja returned and directly went

went to the training field, he didn’t allow anyone else to enter. he will only leave to eat.   From the training field, Everyone would often hear a roaring sound coming out.   And sometimes the base shake a little, Which made the Marines afraid that Roja would destroy the base with one of his strikes.   Roja was the leader of the first base for now, but probably the order for his transfer will come sooner or later.   The West blue was calm.   The DonQuixote family seems to have disappeared, no news came.   It seems that everything will be alright for now…   …   At last, On this day the Marine headquarters ship sent some news, It only needs half a day to arrive at the first base.   this news made countless people relieved, It was as if a large stone was removed from their hearts.   The Marine looked at the sea waiting for the warship.   Just when they were waiting, Suddenly a shadow of a ship appeared.   This shadow was headed toward the base.   Soon everyone saw the shadow, but their expression wasn’t that of a surprise since

surprise since the warship came too fast but was that of shock.   After all, the ship wasn’t on the sea, but it was flying in the sky.   The shadow kept getting closer, the contour was getting clearer and clearer, This definitively wasn’t a ship, and it’s not a bird either, This was … a person.   With the silhouette getting closer and closer, the people finally knew who was that.   Cold sweat kept falling from those Marines, and fear crept into their hearts.   It’s him.   Turned out that he will personally come to the west blue.   The figure kept on getting closer while pieces of white clouds kept blooming in the sky.   This was obviously just one person, but the arrival of this person made all people on the first base nearly pass out. The pressure was huge on them.   “Fuffuffuffuffu, My subordinate Diamante … Are you alive?”   Accompanied by this evil laugh, after the voice completely disappeared, the figure fell from the sky directly on the port.   His face hand a creepy smile, enough to scare children and might appear in their nightmares.   Everyone knew the identity of this person. of this person.   Doflamingo.   The Marine headquarters Warship will take half a day to arrive.   Doflamingo was the first to arrive here.   Although Doflamingo didn’t use Haoshoku, the Marines couldn’t help but tremble and subconsciously retreat.   The Marines here, Everyone including Tika, Didn’t see anyone with a bounty as big as Doflamingo.   Three hundred and forty million berry, For them this bounty was as big as a giant tree.   They couldn’t resist the horror they felt.   The warship needed half a day to arrive, and that half a day is more than enough for Doflamingo to wipe out the entire base.   At this time, A figure emerged from everyone’s mind.   That is the figure of Roja.   It seems that their only hope now was Roja, If he can block him for half a day until the warship arrives then they can live.   But … Half a day is too long, Mostly he could last a few hours which made their situation desperate.   …   Cold sweat kept on pouring from every single person present there, they couldn’t keep their hearts calm.  

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