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Chapter 103: Quiet
Within the sea not far from Barna island, a warship was parked there. Standing on the warship you could see the Island vaguely.

On the deck, Three Captains were anxious. looking at the Barna island, The entire warship was in a depressed and nervous atmosphere.

At some point, one of the three captains clenched his faced and said.

“We can’t wait anymore, We should go!”

The other two looked at each other, hesitation and tension was apparent in their eyes. But in the end, They nodded their heads.

“Mr. Roja going alone to Barna Island is outrageous. The problem is we can’t escape the punishment if something did really happen, So go and see if he is ok.”

The three captains agreed. they gave the order to move toward Barna island.

Because the warship was very close to Barna island, it soon reached Barna island.

One of the three captains was watching the movement on the island with a telescope, But he found out that there is nothing on the island.

“Why does it seems like nothing is moving on the island?”

With The warship getting even closer, even without the telescope, anyone could see that there is really nothing moving on the island.

The three captains looked at each other with surprise.

Even if Roja had gone to the island to secretly investigate and was found out, it should be this quiet.

After getting closer, The captain holding his telescope could see people are lying on the floor, but they didn’t have any wounds and there wasn’t even a drop of blood Which he found really strange.

“What’s going on on the island?”

When the warship reached the port, all the Marines were alarmed and creeped out to see all of those people unconscious.

Because there isn’t any trace of a fight that took place here. Those people seem to have inexplicably fainted.

It’s like meeting a ghost in broad day.

“They just fainted, Not dead …”

Someone squatted down to check on those people and found out that they were all unconscious. Even so, they were still alarmed.

All the Marine knew that Roja come here not long ago, but suddenly, all the people on the island fainted which made some of the Marine have the urge to cry.

“What’s going on, Where is Mr. Roja?”

Those Marine had cold sweat running on their backs, But they still couldn’t retreat.

They started walking on the island and along the way, what they saw was a shocking scene.

All the people were the same, They are all unconscious.

All kind of people, some seemed like they were walking, some seemed like they were working and some seemed like they were just resting but all of them are unconscious now.

“All fainted.”

“Are you saying that all people on the island are in this state?”

Going more and more into the depth of the island, The Marine was getting extremely terrified

. They didn’t understand what was going on, Even the captains were shocked.

The Haoshoku was a power widely known in the new world, But in the first half, not many people knew about its existence.

Let alone the people on the West blue.

Many people on the West blue didn’t even know what Haki was.

While walking, a silhouette suddenly appeared before them. Because they were extremely vigilant, the moment they saw the silhouette, they all took out their weapons and pointed them toward Roja.


“Who is it?”

But soon their expressions turned from vigilance to surprise while they put down their weapons.

“Mr. Roja!!”

“You are alright.”

Roja came from afar and with a smile, he said: “Well, you can begin to clean up this mess. Not all people are pirates, many are normal civilians, So when they wake up you can check them.”

When they heard Roja’s words, They couldn’t help but look at each other.

A captain swallowed loudly, his eyes were opened wide staring at Roja. he couldn’t help but ask: “Mr. Roja, are you the one who …”

“Don’t waste time, Inform the base to send two warships over to deliver the items.”


The few officials swallowed their saliva, although they still didn’t know what happened. But now it’s obvious that … the reason all the people have fainted is Roja.

compared with the events that they saw while they were on the warship, this scene was more shocking. The whole island, All the resident of this island have fainted, this made them feel as if their hearts were going out of their chests.

To make all people in the island faint without any resistance …

What kind of power was this?

All the Marine only recovered from the shock after some time passed. And when they did, They started cleaning the mess produced by Roja.

West blue first base.

A warship came out from the distance, it slowly docked to the port. From the warship, one person walked down first and was surrounded by the By the Marines at the door as they saluted him.

“Mr. Tika, Welcome back!”


Tika had a cigar dangling from his mouth as he responded.

However, after taking a few steps, he suddenly frowned. He looked at the port and said: “The leader went out?”

On the port of the first base, there weren’t that many warships, not like the headquarters. They only had two medium sized warships and seven to eight small ones.

The former leader got killed which made them lose a medium-sized warship, but the headquarter already sent another one already.

But now there only one medium-sized warship, the other one is missing. So the only reason would be that their leader, Roja, has taken the warship.

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