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Goblin Kingdom - Volume 1 Chapter 50: The Princess of Ganra

TL Note: Author changed Sword God’s name from Ra Baruza to La Paruza

The goblin in that estranged group that was with the protagonist when he defeated an orc. He is currently a noble class, the highest amongst the protagonist’s subordinates. He prefers to use the spear. 

[Goblin] Gi Gu

Known as a beast warrior, a goblin with the ability to tame beasts. 

He prefers to use the axe. His goblin class is rare.

[Goblin] Gi Go Amatsuki

The druid goblin rare that recently joined them.

[Goblin] Gi Ji

Druid. Uses wind magic.

[Goblin] Gi Jii

Goblin Rare. From Gi Ga’s faction. Notable skills are <> and <>.

[Goblin] Gi Zu.

Druid. Water magician. 

[Goblin] Gi De

Chapter 50: The Princess of Ganra 

[Race] Goblin

[Class] Lord; Horde Chief

[Divine Protection] Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)

[Subordinate Beasts] High Kobold <> (Lv1) Gastra (Lv20) Cynthia (Lv20) Orc King <> (Lv36)

On the day of departure, the one to guide as was the goblin messenger coming from the tribe’s village, Ra Gilmi. He appeared before us dressed like a human with a quiver over his back, and a small bow in his hands. He looked no different from a human hunter.

Accompanying that hunter from Ganra were the beast tamer, Gi Gi, and the stealthy Gi Ji. 

Their duty is to scout out any enemies ahead in cases of fighting until we reach the village.

The difficulty of the coming battles will be decided by whether they would be able to scout the enemies ahead or not.

In the main force are Gi Zu, the one who received the divine protection of the Mad God (Zu Oru), Gi Za, the chief of the druids, Gi Go Amatsuki, who received the divine protection of the Sword God (La Paruza), and Gi Do, the wind magician.

It’s the main force’s duty to exterminate the enemies spotted by the advanced force.

Making up the rear guard were Gi Gu Verbena, and as his subordinate, the wide-eyed Gi Jii.

These two goblins are tasked with the duty of securing a way back from the tribe’s village to the Gi Village.

In the case someone tries to block away, it’s also their duty to ensure that they’re dead.

As for the goblins that were left behind in the village, there’s the long armed Gi Ga Rax, the water magician Gi Zo, and the spearman, Gi Da. Originally, I didn’t want to leave behind any of our already limited strength, but Gi Ga’s body was far too injured to handle a fight. In order to support him, I had to leave behind the water magician, Gi Zo, and the spearman, Gi Da. I also had to leave behind the beast tamer, Gi De, in order to allow communication with the kobolds. 

I left two sets of normal goblins each.

Then I took forty-eight with me. 

Our forces may have also been worn out from the orc war, but there’s also the food consumption to take into account when moving such a large force. Moving 50 goblins doesn’t come cheap food-wise. 

It’s because of that that I decided to use preserved food.

If we were to hunt as we moved, we wouldn’t be able to make much progress in a day. But if we focused our time solely on moving, we should be able to arrive at our destination quickly.

“Gi Ga, I’m counting on you.”

As Gi Ga held himself up with a spear in place of a cane, he sent me off.

“The king too… may you be safe.”

With words of parting spoken, there was nothing left to say. I turned my back, and left the village.

I would only end up saying unnecessary things if I had stayed longer after all.

“March!” I ordered. with a voice that seemed to make even the forest shake.


It’s been three days since we passed through the orcs’ turf.

Since then the monsters we faced along the way have changed a great deal.

As we approached the mountain range that separated the vast heavens and the boundless earth, the thick forest grew quiet, and a figure appeared from the grass-covered plains. The comforting wind blew past the meadows. 

In that swaying field of grass normally appeared several beasts. One of which looked to be a zebra wearing an armor, an Armor Stripe, a tiger with sword-sharp fangs, a Saber Tiger, or a rat that walked on two legs with a spear in its hands, a Ratman. 

We subjugated those kind of monsters as we continued on our way.

The first ones to find the enemies were always Gi Gi’s beasts. It’s because the double head he was riding on, and the wild dogs amongst the beasts in his employ have better noses than the goblins.

And as soon as a beast would be spotted, Ra Gilmi’s arrow would fly through the air.

With nimble fingers unlike what common sense would suggest a goblin to have, he would pull on the string of his half-moon bow, letting loose an arrow with punctuality as if he had predicted the prey appearing. The arrow would fly, and it would strike at the beast.

But a fiendish beast that could be called a magical beast even when rotten, could not possibly be felled with just Ra Gilmi’s arrow alone.

From there, the beast would attack, enraged. But then the stealthy Gi Ji would be right there hidden in the shadows with his presence concealed ready to strike the beast with his long sword.

Most beasts would fall there, but there are some rare ones that are surprisingly lively. Cases such as those calls for the main force, the druids. 

So Gi Do, the wind magician, would cast his wind magic to impede the movement of the beast.

“Gilmi!?” exclaimed back the goblin.

Following right after that goblin was another goblin, wielding a bow. Against which Gi Ji struck his long sword out. They glowered at each other… the advance force and the unknown goblins.

No, they’re not unknown. Ra Gilmi called that goblin ‘chieftain’.

“Withdraw your sword, Gi Ji,” I commanded. “Calm your beasts, Gi Gi.”

They’re probably the Ganra Tribe.

Then the chieftain who was taken aback, ordered.

“Put down your bows. They’re not our enemies.” said the goblin.

“Oh? A female rare… how unusual,” muttered Gi Za who was calmly watching by my side.

At Gi Za’s words, I looked at the goblin again with a tinge of curiosity in my eyes.

It’s certainly a type my village doesn’t have. To think it was actually a female goblin.

There’s not much difference between a normal male goblin and a normal female goblin. I know I’m judging them from a human’s perspective, but there’s really not much difference aside from some breasts.

But the goblin rare in front of me is different. She looks like a human.

Red skin, a lone horn growing from her forehead, and flowing green hair that seemed to prove her a friend of the forest. She’s taller by a size than the goblins, but she can definitely pass for a human.

But even then… she’s at most a young girl.

Her face is certainly a bit rigid for a human, but it’s not such that she couldn’t pass for a human. With a loincloth wrapped over her chest and her waist, if anything, she gives off the image of a hunter.

“Is there something the matter? Did we not plan to wait for me by the village?” asked Gimli.

Gilmi’s question caused the chieftain’s face to twist.

“It’s because of Gaidga’s whoresons. They attacked us all at once. We managed to escape safely, but the village’s hopeless,” spat the chieftain who was seemingly trying to do her best to endure the pain. 

Then she sent her gaze at me.

“…This is?” she asked.

“Lord Amatsuki, please withhold yourself,” asked Gilmi.

But Gi Go’s curved blade did not even quiver at Gilmi’s petition.

However, Narsa didn’t seem to be bothered by the blade. In fact, she seemed to be even provoking Gi Go. 

A ballsy woman, huh?

“Speaking of which, Lord Gilmi. If we were to return like this, what would happen regarding the reward we agreed upon?” asked Gi Za as he smiled mischievously. 

“It’s up to your discretion whether you need our help or not, but if we don’t receive what we came here to receive, then we won’t be paid. Do you understand what I’m saying, Lord Gilmi?” 

I calmly watched over their exchange with my arms folded.

Regardless of what happens, in the end, the four tribes will all bow before me.

Since that’s how it is, I might as well take this opportunity, and see how good Gi Za is at negotiating. Besides, he seems to be really fired up for this. That bastard… he’s enjoying this, ain’t he?

“What did you promise, Gilmi?” asked Narsa, nervously.

“Imbecile!” spat Narsa.

Gilmi began to argue with her.

“But…” Gilmi began, but Narsa cut him.

“Princess…” Gilmi tried to calm Narsa.

“Tch… So goblins outside the tribes are really like beasts after all…” said Narsa, but just then.

Gi Za sent a gaze at Gi Go, and he pushed his blade a little deeper into Narsa’s neck. The words she muttered then seemed to be powerless.

Now, I’d like to enjoy this tense turn of events a bit more, but Gi Gi’s wild dogs seem to be growling now, so I made my move.

“…Play time’s over, Gi Za,” I said.

As Gi Za shrugged his shoulders, I passed by him, and wielded my Iron Second.

“Please wait, Chief of the East!” 

Gilmi stood in front of Nara to block my way, but I haven’t the time to bother with him now.

“Gi Gi, how many?” 


With the situation now like this, Gi Go had no choice but to put the Ganra goblins for later as he took out his second curved blade from his waist.

“Gi Do, support the frontlines. Gi Za, attack the right!”

“As you will!”


The three rare goblins left, and entered deep into the forest. 

“Gi Gu, Gi Jii, you two will be on standby.”

After I finished giving out orders, I looked back at Gilmi.

“Messenger of Ganra, Gilmi. Just as we’ve discussed, I will save your village!” I declared.

“But… there’s a condition. From here on, the Ganra Tribe shall fight under me.” 

Narsa looked at Gilmi once.

“Don’t fuck with me!” she snapped.

But ignoring her anger, I looked only at Gilmi.

“…Very well. I shall persuade the others,” he replied.

“…Then it’s decided,” I said.

Author’s Note:
The long requested female goblin rare’s finally made her appearance.

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