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Chapter 3-226: Volume 3: Chapter 226 – The Second Advent of the War Princess

After unifying the south, the Goblin King met with Pale at the office of Elrain Kingdom to check their military strength . Their next target would be the western region’s Germion Kingdom . A country that stands equal to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom .

Presently, the Holy Shushunu Kingdom was yet fighting among themselves for the successor of the war princess .

The cavalry under the direct command of the king now numbered 500 . It was made up of rare class goblins and above and was led by Gi Be Slay the One-Armed Goblin . They handled their loyal but fierce monster steeds and is considered to be the strongest force within the kingdom .

After them are the four generals that hold the highest positions within the army .

A long-armed goblin who was also a knight-class, Gi Ga Rax, led the monster and spear army, Aransain . His army had taken 200 rare class goblins from the king’s cavalry . His was an army that prioritized mobility . A chief of one of the tribal goblins living in the Forest of Darkness, Hal, who led the Paradua was also a part of Gi Ga Rax’s Aransain . The vice clan leader of the Proud Clan (Leon Heart Clan), Zaurosh, was also incorporated into his army . On top of that, many local adventurers were also hired after the conquest of the Labyrinth City of Tortoki .

“Aransain currently numbers over 2,000 . We have yet to replenish the numbers lost during the last battle . ”

As the king nodded, Pale continued and showed him the documents .

The next goblin she showed him was Gi Gu Verbena . A duke class goblin who was the greatest commander next to the king . A fierce general who leads the axe and sword army, Felduk . At the same time, he was also the ruler of the southern area of the Forest of Darkness . Even in the last battle, he was able to endure the attacks of the Blue Knights repeatedly . He is highly appraised . But although strong offensively, he lacks tenacity when defending . Alas, that is a common trait among goblins . Still, despite that ill-matched trait, he was still able to exemplify a tenacity during battle that wouldn’t lose out to the humans . Gi Gu’s leadership skills are truly something . His army alone numbers 3,000 . With the addition of human soldiers after the war with Pena, Felduk currently numbers 3,500 men strong . With over 300 rare class goblins and 3 noble class goblins, Gi Gu’s army is the biggest among the four generals .

The army led by the goblin from the tribes, Ra Gilmi Fishiga, that was the nearest to the country the king is now aiming for, could be called a mixed army . This army is also known as the bow and arrow army of Fanzel . His army includes the demihuman tribes of the Fang Tribe (Werewolf) and the centaurs, as well as the Brawler Faction led by the duke class, Gi Zu Ruo .

He is currently working alongside the annexed orcs and the human guards situated by the border to suppress Germion Kingdom . If only the pure goblins were to be counted, Gilmi’s army would only number 500, as the goblins in his army only included him and his subordinates . The demihumans numbered 600 . The orcs provided 400 soldiers . And the border guards numbered 500 . All in all that totals to an army of 2,000 soldiers .

Shouldering the northeast of the ruled territories alongside the allies of the goblins, the Kushain Believers, was Gi Gi Orudo, who led the monster army, and Gi Jii Yubu, who led his regiol . These two goblins together led the twin-headed beast and axe army of Zelduk . The beast tamer goblins of the monster army number approximately 300 . Within those over 20 were rare-class . Gi Jii Yubu’s regiol numbered 500, but they had over 40 goblins that were above rare-class .

This army revolves around the monsters more so than the goblins, so if one considered the humans and the monsters as a part of their army, then the total number is much greater . Gi Gi himself wasn’t exactly sure how many monster beasts there are, but the actual number should be somewhere between 2,000 to 3,000 .

“As such, all of our armies number to about 10,000 men strong . ”

At Pale’s words, the Goblin King nodded, urging her to continue .

Other than the cavalry of the king, there is another force aside from the main army that could be called a special unit . Although these people couldn’t be incorporated into the main army, these people were still brought together, as they had the necessary skills to organize the goblin army .

The Snow Demon Tribe (Yugushiva Tribe) provided 200 warriors . They were originally barbarians living north of Germion Kingdom, but by cooperating with the Goblin King, they were able get a territory of their own at the western region . With an easier environment to live in, they were able to increase their numbers . Their children grew into warriors, doubling their previous army of 100 into 200, allowing them to provide that much soldiers to the goblin forces .

The strongest goblin among the tribes, Rashka, who led the Gaidga Tribe, provided 400 soldiers . They were giants as far as goblins were concerned and possessed a strength that could be likened to that of orcs . Their chief, Rashka, is a lord class goblin, the second highest class next to the king .

Gi Ji Arsil the Hidden Blade’s assassin unit were able to increase their numbers to 200, and are now able to work as an intelligence unit that’s fighting on two fronts . Gi Ji personally led the low ranked goblins and expanded toward the northeast protected by Gi Gi Orudo . As for the ones that evolved within his unit, Gi Ji sent them to the frontlines of the western region .

They are meant to be reserved forces, but some goblins were also tasked to be guards for the trade routes at the Forest of Darkness . The rare class goblins under the king’s direct command, Gi Ah the One Who Encroaches into the Divine Region (Divine Invader) and Gi Ii the Explorer, led the goblins to guard the trade routes between the elven villages, the demihuman villages, and the colonial city, Middled .

In order to give the goblins as much as experience as possible right after leaving their nest, the Fortress of the Abyss, about 400 of them were assigned as guards . But this wasn’t a fixed figure and would change depending on the number of goblins born .

The druids led by Gi Za Zakuend now numbered 500 . Goblins that show some attainments as a druid are brought to the water mage, Gi Uu, to be trained as a druid . Compared to high-ranked goblins like Gi Za and Gi Do Buruga, who fought at the frontlines, Gi Uu’s role might appear subdued, but the only reason they had any druids in the first place – as few as they may be – is because of Gi Uu .

The volunteer sylph warriors are led by Felbi . They have 300 soldiers in their platoon, all of which are beautiful men and women donned in armor . These sylph warriors are an indispensable unit when it comes to negotiating with defeated cities . Their presence is a must .

On top of that, they also excel in magic and archery at a level which goblins are unable to reach . Despite their small numbers, they have participated in many battles as a part of the rear unit .

Finally, there is Kuzan’s medical platoon . The medical platoon was formed with mostly members from the Gordob Tribe and supplemented with healers hired from the adventurers guild . Despite their small numbers, they are an essential unit supporting the goblin army from the back .

“It’s impressive that we’ve grown this much even if I say so myself . ”

Pale nodded to the Goblin King’s words .

“Yes . After successfully unifying the south, we now have the advantage . Elbert-dono and the others are in the middle of calculating the total size of the army, but from the current results, it can be inferred that our army now numbers in the tens of thousands . ”

Securing the grain-producing region of Fatina was a huge victory, the Goblin King thought . Based on the information gathered from the frequent talks with their ally, the Kushain Believers, the grains produced at Fatina were sold to the various countries of the south and were even exported all the way to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom .

If that much were to be fed to the goblins, it was only natural that their numbers would greatly increase .

“The more we wait, the stronger we will be . ”

“…Should we wait and gather our strength for now, then?”

“But Germion Kingdom should also understand this . They are not so easy an enemy that they would give us time to rest . ”

Should Germion Kingdom throw caution to the wind and desperately attack, it will be too difficult to deal with them with only Ra Gilmi Fishiga’s Fanzel .

Gi Gu’s Felduk and Gi Ga’s Aransain needs to join the fray as well .

“What are the odds of them advancing to the south?”

“The Kushain Believers will serve as a good shield then . And Germion Kingdom’s main force will also be mostly infantry . ”

The Goblin King was convinced by Pale’s answer . The southern region was vast . It’s not something that Germion Kingdom could manage with just their army . They may have a population of over 300,000, but that did not directly translate into soldiers . At most – and generously – a thirtieth of that would make up their army .

Such a small army would find it difficult to get past the Kushain Believers’ Cultidian . The Kushain Believers could turn their entire population into soldiers if they felt like it . Given that, there was no way Germion Kingdom would attack them . They also probably wouldn’t let go of Fatina after finally getting it back .

As such, those two cities will act as a wall preventing Germion Kingdom from attacking . And because there’s no fear of them attacking the south, it was now up to the goblins to decide where to attack .

“Do you mind if we move the discussion to the plan of attacking Germion Kingdom?”

“I don’t mind . Go ahead . ”

“There are three paths of attack to Germion Kingdom that could be considered . ”

The path through the western region, the path through the southern region, and the path through the northern area . Each path has its pros and cons, but the most advantageous for moving a large army is the southern path .

“We will use all of these paths to invade Germion Kingdom . ”

“You plan to spread our forces?”

“More precisely, it’s in order to bind down the enemy’s holy knights that we will be positioning our soldier in all three paths . ”

“Hmm . So you wish to bind the enemy’s main force . I see… In that case . ”

“As soon as they focus their attention on one of our forces, we will leave the border and immediately rush for the imperial capital . ”

What they had to watch out for were the powerful individuals known as the holy knights . This was a plan to force the enemy to spread these precious human resources out . Germion Kingdom has positioned its holy knights in every direction and have tasked them with the duty of expanding their territory as well as defending it . If all of these holy knights could be bound, then just one of the goblin forces would be enough to defeat the enemy .

Once the imperial capital capitulates, the goblin forces can then take their time taking out the holy knights one after another . The Goblin King nodded in satisfaction to this plan that fully considered the defensive system of Germion Kingdom .

“What are the odds of Germion Kingdom accepting us? Is it low, after all?”

“They’ve already lost the western region once . The nobles probably won’t be accepting . ”

Pale has placed a lot of importance in Germion Kingdom as she thought up her plans . Naturally, that included putting her spy network into use . The war with Pena started with almost no preparations, so they were barely able to get any information on them . As a result, the enemy was able to hide their actual numbers and were even able to approach the king .

But in this battle, they will prepare fully before attacking the enemy .

Pale spread the net that was the spy network formed by the survivors of the Soar to Freedom Clan (Elks Clan) . As a result, she was able to get information even on the political war within the royal palace . There was nothing that could not be taken advantage of .

Movements of the king’s grandson, Ishtar (Probably the Ishtel from before), to wage war upon the western region . The rebellion of the nobles . The incapability of King Ashtal to suppress all of these . Pale was able to infer everything .

“There is a chance that they might attack in the near future . Moreover, word has it that Holy Shushunu Kingdom’s domestic conflict is nearing its end . ”

“The western region… Gilmi and Shumea, huh . ”

“Yes . But in this battle, we have to draw the enemy into the western region and destroy them thoroughly . ”

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The Goblin King raised one of his brows in response to Pale’s strong words .

“Let’s use this battle as an opportunity to tear apart Germion Kingdom,” Pale said .

“I look forward to it,” the Goblin King replied .

As Pale bowed her head, she advised the king .

“That’s why… Please take care of your body . If you fall, this country will too . ”

“You exaggerate . ”

The Goblin King wryly smiled, but Pale glanced at him sharply .

“I’m not joking . You can’t even smell anymore, can you?”

Saying nothing was the same thing as saying yes . At the very least, that was how Pale saw it as she excused herself .

“That’s why… I have to hurry . ”

The Goblin King curled his hand into a tight fist .

After Pale left the office, she met Gi Za Zakuend who was waiting outside . Gi Za frowned, looking like he’d eaten a fly, as he turned to her .

“So, how is the king?”

“He can’t smell anymore, it seems . He couldn’t even react to the smell of Karutone . ”

“This terrible stench, and he did not so much as flinch?”

Gi Za looked hatefully at the pouch by Pale’s wrists . There is a plant called Karutone, which released a smell that monsters hated . This bag was filled to the brim with its dried roots .

Pale put it away, allowing Gi Za to finally breathe . Having expected that, she asked him .

“What about that matter I left to you, Gi Zdono?”

“I made contact with that cabinet minister a few days ago . ”

“Please spare no money to get his cooperation . ”

“Money isn’t something to hold back on . Especially, not when it concerns the health of the king . We’ll stock up as much as necessary . ”

“That will do . Well then, if you may excuse me . ”

After seeing Pale off, Gi Za looked back at the king’s office .

“It is a subject’s negligence to move only as the king commands… Isn’t that right?”

Gi Za, whose lips were slightly slanted, used his schemes to try and destroy Germion Kingdom .

Word of Claudia the War Princess’ death spread to every direction, giving rise to various reactions that echoed back to the Holy Shushunu Kingdom .

At the king’s behest, the whole country mourned the death of the war princess, and messengers not only from within the country, but from the minor countries to the east, from Germion Kingdom to the west, from the Kushain Believers, from the Holy Kingdom Alsas at the end of the east, and even messengers from the Oceanic Kingdom Yarma came .

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Despite how big the funeral was, the one who managed everything was Claudia’s granddaughter, Blanche . She was 18 years old, and although Claudia adored her, she never once showed any interest in military affairs .

Because of that she was distant from the commissioned officers of the armies participating in the successor wars . As such, it was to her that the king gave his imperial command .

Adventurers and mercenaries who once fought with Claudia in the battlefield were also present in the funeral . Blanche ignored the opinions of the nobles who were against it, saying that it pertained to the country’s prestige, and appealed directly to the king to allow the mercenaries and the adventurers to attend the funeral .

The people protecting Claudia’s coffin was the same sorcerer cavalry (mana guard) that watched over her when she was still alive .

’Loyalty even in death . ’

The mana guard upheld the oath they made when they were appointed and watched over Claudia even in her coffin . When the attendants saw that, they couldn’t help but sigh in wonder .

The Great Empire of Shushunu that stood at the center of the continent . The military of this country is made up by the private army of the three great nobles dukes and the royal family’s army . Claudia the War Princess was both the head of a great noble family and the commander-in-chief of the royal army . As such, being her successor meant inheriting the greatest military position of the Holy Shushunu Kingdom .

Until now, Blanche also gathered attention as she was the daughter of a ducal family in possession of a mana guard platoon . Of course, that wasn’t because people thought she would inherit the position of the War Princess, but because people saw her as a possible tool to gain that position .

Her skin was a beautiful white like that of white porcelain . It was almost as if the sun had never reached her . Her two eyes were reddish brown, a trait inherited from her grandmother . Her stature was as one would expect from a woman, and her hair was a vivid gold just like that of her grandfather .

“—30 years ago Claudia Ririnoie supported this country with her sword . After experiencing many danger and fortune, she came to be known as the War Princess . ”

But on this day, her position was about to change .

The moment when she read out loud the memorial address, the people present were all bewildered . A normal memorial address would only praise the deceased .

“—She restored dignity to the country and now lies in sleep . As one who has deeply inherited her blood, I will protect her legacy . ”

Only a few of the people attending understood her intentions .

This was a declaration of war .

At this moment, Blanche Ririnoie was saying that she herself would succeed Claudia . The successor of the Ririnoie Family would also be the successor of the War Princess . That was essentially what she so casually announced .

3 months later, Blanche Ririnoie crushed all the other contenders for the position .

So great were her abilities that it seemed as if Claudia had come back to life . The gallant figures of the sorcerer cavalry (mana guard) as they obeyed her made it loud and clear for all that the War Princess had returned .

The Colonial City, Middled .

It was just recently that a guild was established at this colonial city that boasted a population of 7,000 . The one who established the state-managed job recruitment agency was the Governor-General of the Western Capital, Yoshu . As a slave gladiator, Yoshu was able to travel to many places, so he tried imitating the adventurers guild that he saw in several small countries .

The governor-general of Middled, Princess Shunaria, was herself very supportive in executing the idea as she herself acknowledged its usefulness . A company would ask for a job to be done, then the guild would examine it and rate its difficulty . Immediately after, the job would be posted on the bulletin board for people to apply for .

Due to being a country of goblins and other monsters, there are no jobs to hunt monsters, but there are many other jobs like jobs to hunt dangerous beasts, procure medicine, or serve as an escort to a trading caravan .

No large business have been established yet, so most of the jobs were posted by the office of the governor-general . The jobs ranged from the simple labor that only required a body, such as the maintenance of roads and transport of materials for the wall repairs, to more complicated jobs that required special skills, like the construction jobs .

People came to and fro the halls of the guild to get a job from the bulletin board . The office of the governor general had already anticipated that there would be a lot of people coming for the jobs, so – true to the spirit of capitalism – they built a bar along with the guild . With the construction of the guild and the bar also came the introduction of jobs to help people that couldn’t read . Surprisingly, these jobs actually became popular .

Within that guild was a female elf whose ears had been cut halfway through . She languidly fell onto the counter meant for receiving jobs and the male receptionist wryly smiled .

“I-I finally finished it . ”

“You look tired, Selenchan . ”

“Fei-san is too cruel to his friends… What did he mean ‘exterminate some night dogs’! That’s not a job you do alone . ”

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“It’s the governor-general’s office that requested for those . ”

“…Uu . I want to go back to the forest and have an afternoon nap while bathing in the sun . ”

“Well, it’s good that you’re so popular . Here you go . From the governor-general’s office . ”


She jumped up in shock because it was a job directly from Princess Shunaria . The male receptionist thought it was amusing how her ears twitched while reading the contents of the job . Of course, as an upright man, he would never voice those thoughts out loud .

“…Uu . That’s it! I’m suing! This is clearly oppression!”

Teary-eyed, she once again fell languidly on the desk, but then a voice called out to her .

“Oh? Pray, do tell, who is this that’s oppressing you?”


Like a spring-loaded doll, Selena jumped up, and when she turned around, Princess Shunaria was indeed there .

“About that… I just finished doing a job just now, you see . ”

“Oh? But wasn’t it you who taught me that the best way to get along with the humans was to do the same job as them?”

“T-That’s true, but working so frequently is…”

“And the jobs this time are also meant to test if the guild’s system is functioning well or not . Please do your best . ”

“Y-Yes . ”

As Selana’s shoulders fell in disappointment, Selena saw her off with a smile .

“How is that child doing?”

Shunaria Forni asked in a gentle voice to the male receptionist .

“She’s doing her best . She’s one of the top highest earners of those that registered . ”

“I see… Now that the Goblin King has started a war with the human countries, it’s no longer possible to play adventurer in the outside world, but just a little… I want her to have a taste of that life . ”

Shunaria knew of Selena’s past, so although she was being a bit strict, this was actually a present to her . Of course, the person herself didn’t notice that . The girl that once left the forest, hoping to become an adventurer… Although it’s a bit different, there was no doubting that her dream was being fulfilled .

“That aside, why are you here, Governor-General?”

“Fei-san came back from his patrol, so I thought I’d sneak out a little . ”

Shunaria said as she stuck out her tongue and smiled . In response to that, the male receptionist could only wryly smile .

This was what an ordinary day was like in the Goblin King’s Middled that was relatively distant from the battlefield .

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