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The goblin king gathered the goblins that were scattered throughout the land, then he went back to tread the path of subjugation once more . His army numbered 4,000 goblins strong, though the lineup from noble class and above remained unchanged .

If the classes were to be given in order, then there’s the lord class from the Gaidga tribe, Rashka, the Baron class, Gi Go Amatsuki the Sword King, the duke classes, Gi Gu Verbena of the Wolf Pack, Gi Ji Arsil who leads the assassin unit, and Gi Zu Ruo the Mad Dragon . For the noble classes, there’s Gi Gi Orudo who leads the monster army, Gi Jii Yubu the Battle Demon, Gi Ba Hagar who has received the protection of Verid, Hal of the Paradua tribe, and Ra Gilmi Fishiga of the Ganra tribe .

Of the goblins that can use magic, there is the wizard class, Gi Za Zakuend, and the shaman class, Gi Do Buruga, who had just recently joined the subjugation army of the goblin king .

It has been 20 days since the Defense of Razuel . In these 20 days, the Goblin King has been strengthening the defensive line of the western region . He has also paid careful attention to the northern woodlands .

The goblin king also prepared the new goblin soldiers to come to their aid in the south whenever necessary .

The goblin king waited for the western region to finish completely receiving the Leon Heart Clan before departing for the south .

Around 5 days after the Defense of Razuel ended, while the Goblin King was in the western region, Zaurosh informed him that the Leon Heart Clan will be moving into the western capital .

The Leon Heart Clan is a gigantic clan that does not discriminate between humans, elves, and demihumans . Their previous headquarters was located in the east, but with the rise of the Red King clan, they had no choice but to leave .

With over 2,000 personnel to be received, Fei, Yoshu, and Shumea had to work extra hard . In fact it was so hectic that even Princess Shunaria Forni came out to help .

Meanwhile, the people responsible for the management of the western region, Gi Ga Rax and the demihumans, were at a loss as to what could possibly need so much preparing .

“Why are you so troubled?” Gi Ga Rax asked Yoshu, who was both a representative of the humans and responsible for the management of the slaves .

Yoshu heaved a deep sigh and held his head as he said, “This is 2000 people! 2000! Of course, I’m troubled! Where are they going to live? What are they going to eat? How are we supposed to allocate their living spaces!? What about work? If they can till the land, which land should we give them!?”

“Right… Troublesome… Indeed…”

Yoshu was usually calm and collected, so when he retorted with such ferocity, Gi Ga Rax couldn’t help but wince . His instincts told him to turn around, but Yoshu wouldn’t let him .

Before he knew it his arm had been taken and a cramping smile had formed on his face .

“Oh, but that’s not the end of it . I’ll have you know that when you declare yourself a country, you need to show off your prestige . Do you understand? Because if not, then your king’s dignity is at stake!”

“W-What!? The king’s dignity is at stake!? But we’re not at war!”

As a goblin who prided himself in leading the king’s imperial guards, anything that could harm the king’s dignity was of grave importance .

While Gi Ga was shocked, Yoshu continued .

“That’s right . In human society, a person that can’t maintain an air of grace is considered a barbarian . They’ll look down on you . ”

“B-But this is our country . And besides, the descendants of the crystals are also with them,” Gi Ga reasoned .

“Naive!” Yoshu scolded . “Have you forgotten that these guests are used to human society? How do you think they’ll feel when we can’t even provide them shelter? Obviously, they’d think, ‘Well, I guess the goblin king’s just all talk, after all . '”

“T-That’s bad!”

“Yes . Exactly . Which is why…”

“Why are you dragging me!?”

“You’re helping out! Please mobilize all the goblins in the western region at once . ”

“But the king is…”

“In the first place, if the king didn’t inform us of this matter this late, we wouldn’t be so harried . Now, come! Mr . Gi Ga, the king’s responsibility is your responsibility . ”

And just like that, Gi Ga was coaxed .

The poor goblin tried to gather all the goblins in the western region just as he was told, but very soon, he realized that was probably a bad idea, so he limited the scope to just the goblins within in the western capital .

Meanwhile, one of Gi Ji Arsil’s subordinates reported that the advance party of the Leon Heart Clan had already arrived .

Tauropa of the Big Fang tribe once served as a messenger that accompanied Zaurosh to the goblin king, but now, he was an escort to over 200 people . Everyone looked like a mess . Most looked like peddlers, but there were some who looked just like beggars with those rags they called clothes . Alternatively, they could also pass for some traveling adventurers .

“Greetings . We are the proud members of the Leon Heart Clan . And I am Tauropa of the Big Fang Tribe, a descendant of the shining crystal . I seek an audience with the Goblin King!”

After managing to break through to the western region through the southern roads, they talked to some patrolling goblins .

Those patrolling goblins happened to be Gi Ji Arsil’s subordinates, so word of these people’s arrival and a plea for reinforcement was quickly brought before the king .

Like that the goblins escorted the advance party to the western capital .

The goblins took care of all the monsters the advance party came across, while Fei, Yoshu, and Princes Shunaria led everyone to clean the roads of the western capital, all the way from the feudal lord’s manor that the goblin king resided in to the main roads . At the same time, Nikea and her ilk made sure to clean the stores and houses along the street .

Of course, if one were to take a look at the back, they’d quickly find the leftover bones the goblins scattered, the elves’ experimental saplings, and the various inns covered in spider thread, but at the very least, they were able to make the western capital presentable .

“Well, this is a lot less messy than I’d expected…”

“And here I was wondering what sort of demonic realm we’d end up in . ”

Such comments could be heard from the members of the advance party .

“Well, doesn’t this look liveable, huh, Tauropa?”

“Y-Yes… Well…”

Unfortunately, everything was only good superficially . Tauropa’s excellent vision allowed him to easily see all that trash hidden in the backdrop . And he couldn’t help but want to turn his eyes away .

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“We will be meeting the king soon . Please do avoid raising up a fuss,” Tauropa reminded the people around him .

“Of course,” everyone nodded, as they all stopped talking idly among themselves .

Before long they reached the manor of the feudal lord .

When they finally met the goblin king, except for Tauropa who had met him before, everyone stared in amazement .

An appearance brimming with majesty and power accompanied by a giant stature completely unlike the goblins they knew .

When the king opened his mouth, wisdom and flowing words so fluent graced them . It was almost as if the person before them were truly someone from the royalty .

Not one soul among the advance party could stop themselves from glancing at each other, doubting whether what was standing before them was truly a goblin .

“I intend to give you a section to the southwest . That place used to be inhabited by nearly 2,000 humans, so it should serve you well . Although we have been renovating the entire western capital, progress of our work has yet to reach that section . Feel free to do with it as you see fit . ”

Tauropa thanked the king for his generosity, then he left with the advance party to go to the aforementioned section .

“Oh, this is great . ”

It was a mystery who said that out loud, but Tauropa agreed with him .

The section of the capital they were alloted had been swept clean just like the earlier streets, but aside from being convenient, it also had functional plumbing . As far as the sections of the western capital went, this section was quite advanced . In fact, this section was built by the former master of the western region, Gowen Ranid, as one of his pet projects along with the conquest of the Forest of Darkness .

As for why the Goblin King gave this section to them, it’s because the goblins currently had too much land on their hands, and there wasn’t anyone among the tribes who could make use of the facilities presently .

Because of this good will from the king, the relationship of the Leon Heart Clan and the goblins got off to a good start .

With enemies on every side, just removing any notion of being betrayed from within was a blessing to the Goblin King .

When Carlion returned to the head quarters of the Red King with an alliance from the Country of Holy Knights, Germion Kingdom, it was already the month of Bado when the heat was not as harsh . The brilliance of the twin moons, Ervi and Navi, also shone the brightest during this time .

Enough soldiers have been positioned in Fatina to protect its grain industry, which it is known for . Its store houses are so filled with grain that they look as if they’re about to burst .

“I see . So the clan leader is at Pena… And Saldin lost . It’s certainly unexpected, but I can see it happening . ”

Carlion looked up at the bags of grains piled up high in the storehouse as he listened to the report of their battle against the goblins . Carlion did not appear perturbed or agitated . He simply listened and asked questions here and there .

“Oh, they mixed traps with their fences and took Salin’s forces by surprise . I see… They sure know how to use their heads despite being goblins . Could they be good at understanding us? It seems they were able to read Saldin quite quickly . ”

Carlion mumbled to himself regarding his thoughts on the battle while smiling .

Carlion would cough from time to time, but despite that, he showed no signs of taking a rest from work . This earned him Cell’s bitter face .

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Cell’s face was emotionless as usual, but there were now some extra lines added onto her forehead .

“Are you not done yet?” Cell asked in a rather harsh tone, but she didn’t care . This was already the fifth time she was asking this .

“Umm… We still need to drop by the storehouse for the meat,” Carlion replied .

“Aren’t you just chasing skirt? Particularly Queen Raksha’s . ”

“Ahh, but this is actually quite troubling . Queen Raksha’s lover, the former knight commander, died just recently . ”

“Since when did you care about that sort of stuff?”

“Umm… Right . I don’t actually care . ” Carlion wryly smiled .

“Besides, there are other more pressing matters, no?” Cell said .

When Carlion heard her words, he went quiet .

With the situation in the east growing tense and Saldin’s defeat in the south, unrest has been spreading throughout the Red Clan .

As for why the situation in the east was so tense, it’s because the Elks clan that should have already wiped out has suddenly made a reappearance in various territories .

They have been skillfully using the Dagger of Webrus to make an example of the Elks clan, but after joining hands with the Red Moon, the scales of war fell heavily away from their favor .

With the death of their clan leader, the Dagger of Webrus is currently at a critical situation .

Moreover, after word of the Elks clan surviving their crisis spread, several small clans that have been pressured by the Red King has approached them .

Their growing strength was no longer something the Red Clan could ignore .

“Pale Symphoria, huh… I’d heard she was missing . ”

The Elks clan was on the brink of annihilation, and yet… She took that clan and – from the very ashes – brought it back into a state that could contest the Red King . That sort of skill was nothing short of magnificent . Even among the people Carlion knew, such skill could be considered exceptional .

“To be honest, I’d rather be allies . ”

“That’s impossible . That girl has reason to hate us . ”

“Then it would be best if she disappeared . ”

“It won’t be easy . Vine the Mad Blade is with her . ”

Cell narrowed her eyes, but Carlion was walking in front, so he failed to notice it . Regardless, he could tell that there was a slight change to Vine’s voice, so he asked .

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“…A little . In the past . It would be best not to be involved with her . That woman… Even ogres from hell would steer clear from her . ”

“Sounds like a scary person . ”

“Yes . ”

“It seems even Shurai-san would be hard-pressed against her . He seemed so happy in the letters, though . Well, that’s just like him . ”

How troublesome . Carlion said as he laughed .

If even the Red King’s prodigal swordsman couldn’t beat her, then maybe they could assassinate her instead, but… No . That probably wouldn’t work . That being said, the red King is currently moving their main force to the south .

The state of the east is only secondary to improving their current situation .

Carlion has already considered abandoning it in the worst case .

“Saldin is?” Carlion asked .

“Currently being disciplined,” Cell replied .

“I see . ”

Carlion covered his mouth with his hand as he walked and pondered .

“Alright . Please inform the clan leader that we will be taking vengeance for the recent battle . ”

“Sure . ”

Carlion’s smile was brimming with confidence .

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