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Race Goblin

Level 36

Class King; Ruler

Possessed Skills Ruler of the Demon Children of Chaos; Defiant Soul; World Devouring Howl; Sword Mastery ; Dominator; King’s Soul; Ruler’s Wisdom III; Household of the Gods; One-Eyed Snake’s Evil Eye; The King's Dance at the Edge of Death; Magic Manipulation; Soul of the Berserk King; Third Impact (The Third Chant); Instinct; Blessing of the Underworld Goddess

Divine Protection Goddess of the Underworld (Altesia)

Attributes Darkness; Death

Subordinate Beasts High Kobold Hasu (Lv77); Gastra (Lv20); Cynthia (Lv20); Orc King (Bui) (Lv82)

Abnormal Status Blessing of the One-Eyed Snake; Protection of the Twin-Headed Snake

After securing what was left of the village we’d set fire to, I gave some orders, and then I decided to return to the village . The old goblin and the noncombatants who fled during the battle rested at the village .

The humans won’t attack any time soon, but their aggressive attempts at expansion is worrying . The feudal lord of the west might have promised a ceasefire, but who knows how long that’ll last .

I need to renew our strength as soon as possible and expand .

But before that I should examine the goblins that evolved . It’s important to know every goblin’s capabilities . Such basic knowledge is needed to decide our future policies .

Let’s start with Gi Ga .


Name Gi Ga Rax

Race Goblin

Level 1

Class Knight; Guardian

Possessed Skills Spear Mastery B+; Overpowering Howl; Omnivorous; Instant Kill; Adherent of the King; Spear Throw; Warrior's Soul; Indomitable Soul; Insight; Mounted Spear Mastery; Defender's Knowledge

Divine Protection None

Attributes None

Abnormal Status Battle power is reduced by 30% due to having to compensate with an artificial leg .

Beloved steed Hakuou

He went up a class, but he turned to a knight instead of a duke . The conditions behind this phenomenon are currently unknown . There’s not enough data . I’ll have to confirm the other goblins’ evolution conditions first .

The most eye-catching of the newer skills is the Defender’s Knowledge .

Defender’s Knowledge

After a mutual introduction, the chance of skills occurring during battle increases .

So in other words, the same conditions for a duel . Anyway, it makes him stronger, so that’s good .


Name Gi Jii

Race Goblin

Level 3

Class Noble

Possessed Skills Spear Throw; Overpowering Howl; Spear Mastery C-; Assassinate; Sword Mastery C+; Savage Dog's Nose; Bat Ears

Divine Protection None

Attributes None

Gi Jii is a noble class now . He’s been with me since before we even annexed the orcs, so it’s not strange to see him evolve . Gi Gi’s also evolved… Anyway, let’s see his skills . He’s always been put in charge of reconnaissance missions, so it seems he ended up specializing quite a bit .


No sounds are made when sneak attacking an enemy from behind . Works only for the first attack .

Savage Dog’s Nose

Distinguishing between allies is possible even without vision .

Bat Ears

Enemies up to one class above one’s own can be detected as long as it’s within a forest .

Looks like he’ll be most useful paired up with Gi Gi or Paradua’s iron legs .


Name Gi Zu

Race Goblin

Level 1

Class Noble

Possessed Skills Overpowering Howl; Throw Projectile; Spear Master B-; Instant Kill; Mad Shishi; Bite

Divine Protection Mad GodZu Oru

Attributes None

If Gi Za and the others are the first generation, then Gi Zu here is the first of the second generation to become a noble class .

The Mad Dog skill has turned into the Mad Shishi[1] skill . He’s also gained the Bite skill . Let’s pray his resistance to the mad god has grown stronger too .

Mad Shishi

Battle power increases with the madness . Strength, agility, and defense will all increase .


Use your tough jaws to tear apart the prey .

That’s about it for the goblins of the Gi Village that reached the noble class . Of the remaining survivors that evolved, they evolved from normal to rare .


Race Goblin

Level 1

Class Rare

Possessed Skills Throw Projectile; Overpowering Howl Spear Mastery C+; Sword Mastery C+; Nose that Smells Death; Fierce Arms; Man-Eating Snake

Divine Protection Pitch BlackVerid

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Attributes Death

Pitch BlackVerid, you bastard . Don’t stick your nose where it doesn’t belong!

—Younger one, whatever could you mean? I’m lending you my power to help your ambition .

The thoughts of the snake on my right arm resounded within my mind .

An excellent goblin . It must be because he went through such a difficult battle that he grew up like this . There’s a deep hatred toward the humans hidden in his eyes, however . And then there’s these bunch of no good gifts he got .

Nose that Smells Death

When one’s life is threatened, battle power will rise . Increases strength .

Fierce Arms

Can use two weapons at the same time . Skills invoked while dual-wielding are invoked a level lower .

Man-Eating Snake

Battle power is increased when fighting against humans . Strength and agility are increased .

—Younger one, I pray for your victory . Use him well .

Even his hatred, you mean .

I spat curses in my mind before I looked down at the goblin before me .

“I name you Gi Ba . ”

“I gratefully accept . ”


Race Goblin

Level 1

Class Druid

Possessed Skills Water Bending; Magic Manipulation; Deliberate; Nose that Smells Death; Seeker of Knowledge

Divine Protection Water God

Attributes Water

A goblin that uses the same element as the late Gi Zo . Nose that Smells Death… well, he’s the same as Gi Ba, but Seeker of Knowledge, huh . Must be because of Gi Za’s lectures . Well, it’s not bad . I’ll need a couple of commanders to rule over the humans after all . Any skill that can make commanders is a good skill in my book .

Seeker of Knowledge

Blessed by the Goddess of Wisdom, the growth of intelligence is increased .


Tends to think deeply about things . Due to this tendency, it is possible to invoke skills with a small amount of ether .

I bestowed a name upon the kneeling goblin .

“I name you Gi Bi . ”

“My sincerest devotion for this act of kindness . ”


Race Goblin

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Level 1

Class Rare

Possessed Skills Overpowering Howl; Axe Mastery C+; Lead Belly; Beast Heart; Nose that Smells Death; Beast Tamer; Hand-to-Hand Mastery C+

Divine Protection None

Attributes None

The next goblin that came was someone with the Beast Tamer skill . Now that I think about it, the Gi goblins that lived through that intense battle were all heavily influenced by either the water mage, Gi Zo, the beast tamer, Gi De, or the spear-user, Gi Da . Considering their positions, I suppose it’s not that surprising .

It’s my first time seeing the Hand-to-Hand Mastery skill, but it seems to have a rank just like the other weapon skills .

Hand-to-Hand Mastery

Compensates unarmed combat . It is easier to deal fatal wounds against the enemy .

That seems to be it . I guess I won’t know just how useful this is unless tested .

We’ll have to thoroughly test it from now on .

“I name you Gi Bu . ”

“I gratefully accept, my king . ”


Race Goblin

Level 1

Class Rare

Possessed Skills Throw Projectile; Overpowering Howl; Bite; Sword Mastery C+; Axe Master C+; Nose that Smells Death; Man-Eating Snake

Divine Protection Pitch BlackVerid

Attributes Death

Abnormal Status Battle power is reduced by 30% due to having lost an arm .

This goblin lost a limb .

The Man-Eating Snake skill should be useful when fighting with humans, but that hate seething hidden in their eyes… They really hate humans .

He lost his limb, so I’m sure it’s a given, but I sure hope this hate doesn’t get in the way of my ruling over the humans . I’ll just have to be careful when using his sort .

“I name you Gi Be . ”

“I will burn even my life it it means vengeance to the humans . ” The one-armed goblin nimbly bowed .

Then the last goblin came . Ra Gilmi of the tribes .


Name Ra Gilmi

Race Goblin

Level 2

Class Noble; The First ArcherGadieta

Possessed Skills Bow Mastery ; Leadership B+; A Dying Wish's Successor; Triple Fire; Forest Dweller; Whispers of the Spirits; He Who Sees One-Hundred Li Ahead; Shadow Stitching; Makings of a Hero

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Divine Protection God of BowsZa Ruga

Attributes None

Although of the noble class, he looks a lot more like the druids . In other words, that means to say he looks like a human . Blue skin, arms that extend just a little past the waist… If you dressed him in a robe, he’d look not much different from a human . The divine protection of the god of bows is a good thing too .

He Who Sees One-Hundred Li[2] Ahead

Accuracy when shooting with a bow is increased . The resulting damage is also increased .

Makings of a Hero

Will affect one’s leadership . Charm bonuses affect not only goblins of the same tribe, but also others .

Shadow Stitching

Can momentarily stop the enemy’s movements by stitching their shadows . Can affect enemies up to one class above one’s own .

Shadow Stitching… another useful skill . Since it works up to one class above, that means even the duke class can be affected by it . The power relationship between the villages might just change with this . Let’s hope Rashka doesn’t make a fuss…

With this I’ve finished examining the goblins .

After counting the goblins, I took those that could move with me to erect tombstones for those who passed .

Most of those who can fight in this village are already rare class . Those who survived without evolving are noncombatants . Namely, the young, the females, and the old goblin .

We picked up the corpses of the goblins who died and buried them in a corner of the village . The knight class, Gi Ga, the noble classes, the rare classes, and me… we each took the corpses of our brethren and gathered them .

From here on out, we’ll have to fight the humans while increasing our numbers . We manged to secure the females, but from here on out, I’ll have to be even more careful with thim .

If they die, everything else will too . No one can escape death… even me .

We dug a simple hole for a tomb, buried the dead in it, covered them with dirt, and then planted a seed in the same spot .

“To the valiant goblins who died fighting!”

A fist to the chest as I bowed . There were those among the normal and rare classes who did not understand what I was doing, but the knight and noble class goblins all followed solemnly .

Gi Da! Gi Zo! Gi De!

You are true warriors!

All things shall one day cease .

Therefore, I shall conquer the world .

So that I may leave behind proof that I once lived, I will leave a trace of my existence on this beautiful world .

Tl Note: Here’s the fourth chapter of the week . I posted this along with the previous one because they’re both short .


[1] Shishi refers to the Chinese guardian lions I believe .

[2] Li is an old unit with varying lengths . Supposedly, it is now standardized to 500 meters .

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