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Chapter 955: Never Regret It (3)

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“Buzz…” The space shook crazily, as if it was about to crack! Yun Feng only felt an extremely distorted power coming towards her quickly. She immediately clenched her fists and instantly held all kinds of elements of different colors in her hands, quickly fusing them!

She pushed her fair hand forward fiercely, using the power of space that rushed over happened to retreat quickly into the sky. The speed of her body was maximized to the extreme, so fast that it was unimaginable. Even the two gray-robed elders didn’t expect Yun Feng to be able to dodge it!

“Explode!” Yun Feng shouted fiercely in the sky. The two gray-robed elders only saw a very bright and beautiful elemental ball floating where Yun Feng was just now. A few different colors were biting, rubbing, dazzling and roaring at each other!

The two old men were shocked. They had already felt the terrifying energy inside the elemental ball. They couldn’t care about anything else right now. They immediately opened the spatial barrier and enveloped this place completely. If they didn’t protect it, the Ling family would be in ruins!


With a fierce explosion, extremely dazzling colors burst out. The collision of the two powerful forces made countless people exclaim! There was also that super powerful and fierce force pressing on them! The two gray-robed elders didn’t have it easy either. The explosion of the fusion of elements was more powerful than they thought. A part of the clothes on their bodies was also torn by this powerful force.

Yun Feng stood in the air and looked down. The spatial barriers of the two of them protected this place. Yun Feng pondered secretly. The spatial power of these two people was indeed impressive. It blocked the elemental explosion and reduced the danger to almost zero!

The two gray-robed old men instantly rose into the air and wanted to attack Yun Feng a second time without another word! She couldn’t use elemental fusion every time, but their ability to control space was as powerful as ever. One attack could be resolved with elemental fusion, but Yun Feng definitely couldn’t do it again!

“How dare you hurt her!” A furious roar sounded. Two figures ran out of the mansion on the ground and landed next to Yun Feng. Mu Canghai and Qu Lanyi both attacked fiercely. Two powerful spatial forces burst out of their bodies and neutralized most of the attacks of the two gray-robed elders!

Mu Canghai’s gray eyes were glittering with unusual light, while Qu Lanyi had turned into a pair of blood-red eyes! Seeing that their attack was blocked, the two gray-robed elders immediately stopped attacking. “Guys, she’s our target.”

“I won’t let go of anyone who dares to hurt Fengfeng!” Qu Lanyi looked at the two of them with his bloodshot eyes and at the members of the Ling family below at the same time. “The Ling family is only so-so. Ling Tiansu should feel sad that they’ve fallen so low.”

Mu Canghai didn’t say anything. Under the movement of his hand, a powerful spatial force seemed to have turned into a violent storm, hitting the two old men fiercely. The two old men dodged in shock. After seeing Mu Canghai’s gray eyes, their expressions changed drastically!

“How did you…”

“Are you…”

The two old men looked at Mu Canghai’s gray eyes in shock, while Mu Canghai smiled coldly. “I’m nobody else. I’m Mu Canghai!”

“What?” The two gray-robed elders were even more shocked. “If not, why do you have such control ability?”

“Did you… steal this?”

The two old men were immediately enraged! Mu Canghai looked at the two of them coldly, but he was a bit worried in his mind. Even though he had inherited Yao Guang’s ability, it was only a small part. Even though he could resist the joint attack of the two of them, it could only last for a while!

“Steal it? Why do you accuse him of stealing it just because they have the same ability?” Qu Lanyi burst into laughter. “Did the Ling family steal such an ability too?”

“Stop spouting nonsense!” The two gray-robed old men suddenly shouted angrily! “This is the ability we were given. He’s not a member of the Ling family. How can he have such control? And his eyes, how could he get them without stealing?”

“Humph! You’re just talking to yourself. You don’t have any evidence!” Yun Feng said. The two gray-robed elders were immediately enraged. “We attacked just then with a bit of kindness. I didn’t expect you to not know how to accept it. We don’t have to show mercy now.” The expressions of the two gray-robed elders turned cold. The two of them clasped their hands fiercely and a powerful spatial distortion appeared, which was several times stronger than before!

Yun Feng secretly approached Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai. She flipped her hand and held the dragon-shaped jade pendant tightly in her hand. “After they attack, I’ll send everyone to the Dragon Palace.”

Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai were both stunned when they heard that. Yun Feng’s black eyes darkened. “The abilities of these two old guys aren’t something the three of us can resist. Their ability to control space is extraordinary. We can’t force ourselves, understand?”

Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai both nodded after hearing that. There was no need to risk their lives with these two old guys. If they couldn’t beat them, they could just run! It wouldn’t be embarrassing to run!

“What about Ling Xiaoyun and Mo Changge?” asked Mo Canghai in a low voice. Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth. “Don’t worry. I’ve already made arrangements. I’ll drag them into the Dragon Palace by force.”

The terrifying spatial attack was launched in a blink. Yun Feng was calculating the timing when a weak voice spread to everyone’s ears!

“You’re looking for me. She has nothing to do with this.”

Yun Feng’s black eyes widened, and Qu Lanyi and Mu Canghai were also shocked. The attacks of the two gray-robed elders were temporarily postponed. A figure slowly pushed open the door of the house and appeared in front of everyone. It was Ling Xiaoyun, who had just recovered from his serious injuries!

“Kid, you’re finally not a coward anymore!” The second daughter-in-law was so angry that her body trembled when she saw Ling Xiaoyun. She couldn’t wait to eat him alive! “Elders, you don’t have to care about Yun Feng anymore. Catch this kid first!”

The two gray-robed old men looked at each other and stopped attacking. “We’re protecting the Ling family. We don’t interfere with your personal grudge!”

The second son’s wife obviously didn’t expect this. Seeing that the two gray-robed old men didn’t seem to be attacking anymore, Yun Feng and her companions flew down together. “Ling Xiaoyun, we’ll talk about this after you’re completely healed.” Yun Feng looked at him solemnly. She glanced at Mo Changge, who also walked out of the door. Mo Changge shrugged innocently. “It’s none of my business. He insisted on coming out.”

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