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Chapter 851: You Can Only Choose One Person (2)

The old voice sighed casually with a hint of helplessness. “I can’t believe you’re still so stubborn after so long.”

“What do you know?” Yao Guang said fiercely. The old voice chuckled and changed the topic. “If you go out, you’ll have to…”

Brutality flashed in Yao Guang’s gray eyes. “It’s none of your business what I do!”

The old voice sighed helplessly again. “Yao Guang, don’t mind me. You know very well what this girl is like. Don’t make a huge mistake because of your personal grudge. But then again, you can’t bear to hurt this girl.”

Yao Guang ignored him. Those gray eyes glittered with complicated emotions. “Are you going out to find…”

“Yes, I have to go back. I wonder how much those good-for-nothings have fallen.” Yao Guang whispered fiercely as the old voice chuckled. “That’s a family that’s quite related to you. How bad can it be? It must be thriving on this continent.”

Yao Guang sneered. “Really?”

“You can only intimidate them when you go back. So much time has passed. What can you do?”

Yao Guang didn’t say anything. In the end, he gave a weird smile, with blood thirst surging in his gray eyes. “What can I do? Since they’ve inherited my ability, if I can’t stand them anymore, of course I’ll erase them one by one!”

After a deep sigh, the old voice didn’t say anything else. However, a few loud sounds of friction came from the dark, as if the huge body had moved. There was a hint of ridicule on Yao Guang’s face. “You old bastard, you can only stay here and be a coward!”

The old voice didn’t say anything again. Yao Guang sneered and disappeared. In the darkness, a beam of dark light flashed and disappeared again.

Another two months had passed until the eight-month deadline. However, Yun Feng’s wait was fruitful. She finally lived up to her expectations. The director succeeded in creating the Fusion Fluid in such an astonishing short period of time! When he succeeded, he was also extremely excited in his mind. In ten months, he successfully created the Fusion Fluid, breaking the record in the pharmaceutical world! Naturally, half of the credit was given to Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi!

Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi also smiled in relief. The fusion fluid was finally successful! This meant that Mu Canghai’s resurrection was just around the corner! Thinking that Mu Canghai could be resurrected, Yun Feng couldn’t help but feel a bit anxious. She couldn’t wait to find a place to start doing this right now, but she suppressed the excitement in her heart.

“Kid, I didn’t let you down.” The director handed the Melted Fluid to Yun Feng with a smile. Yun Feng was naturally grateful in the depths of her heart. “Thank you for your help, director. If the Pharmaceutical Institute needs my help in the future, I won’t decline!”

The director said “yes” a few times in a row. Yun Feng could see that he was anxious and excited in his mind. “I’ll remember what you said. Go do what you need to do now. I need to rest too.” The director had never done such high-intensity medicine in a short period of time. He was extremely exhausted. Yun Feng quickly nodded. The three of them walked out of the secret room. When the door of the secret room opened, a gust of cold wind blew. Little Fire and Lan Yi, who had been guarding outside, were immediately delighted to see Yun Feng come out.

“Master!” The two Magic Beasts shouted at the same time, but the director didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. What exactly happened in his office? Why was the door gone? And what was with the scorched ground? And why were there two missing cabinets? Looking at Little Fire’s Magic Beast form, the director’s face twitched.

Yun Feng was also shocked that the office was like this. She glanced at Little Fire and Lan Yi. The two Magic Beasts couldn’t say anything. The director waved his hand. “It’s fine. Go do your work. It’s time for my office to be renovated.”

Yun Feng looked at the director apologetically. The director chuckled and said that he didn’t mind. Little Fire transformed from its Magic Beast form into a human form. The little boy’s facial features were a bit distorted. He wanted to tell Yun Feng that he really wanted to slap all the students of the pharmaceutical school away these days.

After saying goodbye to the director, Yun Feng and Qu Lanyi left the office with the two Magic Beasts. Yun Feng immediately decided to leave for the Mu family. She skipped the farewells with Yan Xiaoshi, Xia Jingyi and Shang Rui. Her heart was beating heavily in her chest. Nothing was more important than resurrecting Mu Canghai!

Seeing Yun Feng’s calm face, Qu Lanyi knew that she was excited in her mind and couldn’t help but feel jealous in his mind. He only knew that Mu Canghai was Mu Xiaojin’s brother and Yun Feng’s friend back then, but Qu Lanyi didn’t know the relationship between Yun Feng and Mu Canghai at all. Seeing how determined Yun Feng was to resurrect Mu Canghai, Qu Lanyi was definitely jealous in his mind even though he didn’t say anything.

Meatball jumped to Yun Feng’s shoulder on Little Fire’s head. Seeing the awkward look on Qu Lanyi’s face, it couldn’t help but flash a cunning look. “Nana, nanana!” Meatball cried a few times. Qu Lanyi looked at it angrily. Even though he didn’t know what Meatball was talking about, Qu Lanyi knew that it wasn’t something good when he saw Meatball’s expression.

Little Fire burst into laughter after hearing that and suddenly looked at Qu Lanyi gloatingly. Qu Lanyi was even more upset by the gaze.

Yun Feng rushed ahead and didn’t notice Qu Lanyi’s expression. Mu Canghai’s matter had weighed on her mind for many years. She owed Mu Xiaojin a promise. She was responsible for Mu Canghai’s death. If that young man hadn’t lost his life because of the grudge between her and the Huangzu family, Mu Xiaojin wouldn’t have lost her only family.

Yun Feng suddenly sped up and didn’t notice Qu Lanyi’s gloomy expression. They took less than a day to return to the Mu family. When Yun Feng came back, everyone in the Yun family was waiting there because of Little Qingchen. Yun Feng landed from the sky and watched her brother hold Yun Qingchen. Mu Xiaojin looked at her with a smile on the side. Her sullen father was also standing there surprisingly. Yun Feng’s heart was warm.

“Aunt, Aunt!” Seeing Yun Feng come back, Little Qingchen struggled and pounced on her with his little arms. It had been almost a year since they last met, and it had been a long time.

Yun Feng quickly hugged Yun Qingchen and didn’t say anything else. She looked at Mu Xiaojin with her black eyes. “Xiaojin, I can resurrect Mu Canghai now.”

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