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Chapter 821: Secret in the Sea (1)

As Yun Feng’s contracted Magic Beast, Little Fire could certainly sense Yun Feng’s situation. When Yun Feng was severely injured, Little Fire was enraged and roared for Yun Feng to let it out, but Yun Feng didn’t. Little Fire was already suppressed at the bottom of the Endless Sea, so it was useless even if she let it out. Yun Feng let Little Fire roar and locked it in the contract space.

“I’m afraid Brother Fire will tear off a piece of Cang Ran’s flesh no matter what the moment he comes out.” Lan Yi smiled helplessly. Yun Feng nodded and looked at Lan Yi’s back. Yun Feng always felt a bit guilty when he broke a wing for her. Lan Yi noticed Yun Feng’s mentality and smiled leisurely. “It’s just a broken wing. It doesn’t affect my strength. Master, as your contracted Magic Beast, this is what I should do. There’s no need for this.”

Yun Feng calmed herself down and nodded at Lan Yi. She was just glad that her Magic Beast was so loyal to her. This loyalty was an inseparable bond between her and the Magic Beast. Looking at the empty area on the first floor of the Dragon Palace, Yun Feng thought carefully for a moment. She had already got the Spirit Gathering Grass. The time limit of the Fusion Fluid was about three years. It had already been three years, but the Fusion Fluid might not be ready yet. There were still two years to go until the five years she agreed with Yao Guang on, and the Summoners’ Convention would be held in two years. In other words, she still had one year at this moment. After one year, the Fusion Fluid should be completed and Mu Canghai would be resurrected. Then, she would have to prepare for the Summoners’ Convention.

Thinking of the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range that lay across the East Continent and the last time she crossed the sky, Yun Feng smiled wryly. She had to go back to the Yun family on the East Continent to get the Fusion Fluid, and the Summoners’ Convention would be held on the West Continent. This time, she had to cross the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range twice. Last time, someone helped her suppress the commotion. Now, she would more or less encounter some trouble. Yun Feng already had a plan in her mind.

She told Qu Lanyi and Lan Yi her plan. Both of them agreed. “We’ve just reached the peak of the Monarch Level. We still need to consolidate our strength. Crossing the Ten Thousand Beast Mountain Range will definitely be troublesome, so we can make some preparations.”

“Very good. Then we’ll stay here for another year. After one year, we’ll set off.”

She still had to stay in the Dragon Palace for another year to consolidate her strength, but Yun Feng had something else she wanted to do, which was to improve her pharmaceutical level. Her master had deep attainments in the field of pharmaceuticals. As his successor, Yun Feng didn’t want to let him down. Besides, her master had left her quite a precious pharmaceutical wealth. It would be a pity if she didn’t use it.

At the moment, Yun Feng’s pharmaceutical level was at the advanced three-star level. She hoped that she could reach the master level in a year. Yun Feng didn’t know if she could do it. If she entered the peak of the Monarch Level, she should be able to help in the aspect of pharmaceuticals. Unlike other pharmacists, ordinary pharmaceuticals and cultivation were separated, but for Yun Feng, pharmaceuticals and cultivation complemented each other.

Yun Feng entered the second level and found a place to focus on studying the formula her master left for her. Xia Qing was focused on practicing on the tenth level and Yun Feng didn’t disturb her. She hoped that this disciple could achieve something in the shortest time possible and there was no need to interrupt her practice. She had already taken out her master’s formula and herbs, so there was no need for her to go to the tenth level.

Yun Feng originally planned to let Qu Lanyi enter the tenth level too. The elemental density there was suitable for cultivation, but Qu Lanyi declined and Yun Feng didn’t force him. Yun Feng planned to stay here for another year. Lan Yi automatically entered the Ring of Contract. The Dragon Palace was an absolutely safe place. Yun Feng wouldn’t be in any danger, so Lan Yi certainly wouldn’t be worried.

Qu Lanyi was on the first level, and Yaoyao was also on the first level. When Yun Feng was making medicine, only Meatball was with her. Yaoyao’s vigilance became much stronger. Qu Lanyi spent a long time making Yaoyao less hostile to him and return to her original attitude. Thinking that she wouldn’t see Yun Feng for a year, Qu Lanyi felt unwilling. In the end, he could only close his eyes and cultivate. It was just a year. It would be over in a blink.

On the second level, Yun Feng carefully studied the formulas left by her master and chose the ones at the lowest Master Level. Then, she took out the herbs she needed one by one. A raging fire rose from her palm and shone on Yun Feng. Meatball on her shoulder also stared at the fire with its big eyes. Yun Feng raised her hand and threw a large number of herbs in, taking a deep breath.

“Can I reach the master level in a year?” Yun Feng whispered. Meatball then said softly, “Nana.”

Yun Feng put on a smile. “Alright, I got it.” She looked at the fire in front of her with her clear black eyes. The fire flashed on Yun Feng’s face. She slowly closed her black eyes and so did Meatball. That mysterious connection was established again. She would definitely succeed in the Master Level!

A year passed quickly. The Dragon Palace was peaceful. Yun Feng had been practicing hard to make potions and consolidating her strength at the same time. Qu Lanyi and Yaoyao were on the first level. Yaoyao had also learned to cultivate on her own. Qu Lanyi had consolidated her strength at the peak of the Monarch Level a lot in the past year.

Something happened to the merfolk in the Endless Sea during this year. Yun Feng’s bounty order was still there, and it had obviously become an empty order. After all, there was no need to look for someone they couldn’t find in three years. However, Cang Lin of the White Fin still hadn’t given up. However, the merfolk soon faced the provocation of the other sea races. He couldn’t split himself up, so he could only give up the idea of searching for Yun Feng for the time being and send his trusted aide to carry out the order, while he changed his target.

Si Wen had already been on the throne for three years. Facing the provocations of the other members of the Sea Clan, he, who was swift and decisive, showed the attitude that a king should have. The strength of the elites of the White Fin and the Red Fin dropped a bit due to the loss of two generals. The death of Zi Leng and Cang Yu was a blow. It would take a long time to nurture two more such talents. Zi Leng’s body still hadn’t been found until now. In the end, Zi Xuan also gave up. The body was probably gone after three years.

The area where Yun Feng disappeared was still sealed tight. There was a secret sealed there. The merfolk had been searching for the secret for thousands of years, but to no avail. Because Yun Feng broke in, she caused a huge search. While searching for Yun Feng, they also searched for that secret again. Of course, none of them found anything. Si Wen gave up for the time being. When the matter of the foreign Sea Clan was resolved, he planned to explore it carefully. If he could discover that secret, it would be beneficial for the merfolk.

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