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Chapter 809: Killing Intent (4) 

Zi Xuan and Cang Lin suppressed the anger in their hearts and looked at Si Wen. Si Wen looked at Yaoyao awkwardly, and his expression seemed to be a bit shaken. Seeing that, Zi Xuan and Cang Lin looked at each other with the same thought flashing through their minds. Si Wen, who was talking to Yaoyao, glanced over with a glint of darkness in his blue eyes.

Zi Xuan and Cang Lin looked at Si Wen gloomily. Si Wen calmed Yaoyao down in his arms and asked someone to take her back. Zi Xuan and Cang Lin had never forgotten how Si Wen comforted Yaoyao just then. Yaoyao begged Si Wen not to kill Yun Feng. Si Wen was still a bit persistent at first. In the end, he already spoke softly.

After Yaoyao was sent away, Zi Xuan and Cang Lin didn’t say anything. Si Wen sat in the main seat with his hands crossed. There was a layer of faint blue light on his slightly long nails. Zi Xuan and Cang Lin were silent. Si Wen glanced at the two of them and finally spoke.

“We can’t touch Yun Feng yet.”

“Why? She killed Cang Lin with her own hands. You can swallow this grudge, but the White Finned can’t!” Cang Lin was enraged and roared in a low voice. Zi Xuan almost gritted her teeth. “What exactly is the king thinking? She’s just a human being. Why can’t we kill her?”

Si Wen didn’t have any other expression on his face. He only said indifferently, “Even if Yun Feng killed a white-finned with her own hands, she did me a favor. She saved Yaoyao.”

The expressions of Zi Xuan and Cang Lin changed after hearing that. Si Wen continued, “Of course, this favor can’t offset everything. We still need to investigate the reason for Zi Leng’s death. There are still a lot of doubts about what he encountered in the Cheng Sea. It doesn’t seem like your style to cut off the only clue just like that. If Yun Feng didn’t do it, her kindness to the Blue Finned can offset her crime of trespassing the Endless Sea. By then, what should I do?”

Si Wen’s face darkened as he spoke. Zi Xuan and Cang Lin didn’t say anything else. The two elders finally sighed slightly and suppressed all the dissatisfaction in their minds. “If the King knows what he’s doing, we can’t force him. However, we’ll remember this grudge!” Zi Xuan and Cang Lin said in unison and immediately got up to leave. Si Wen didn’t say anything. He just watched them leave quietly and frowned slightly. These two old guys weren’t easy to deal with after all.

After Zi Xuan and Cang Lin left, their faces darkened. They looked at each other in an empty corner and saw unwillingness and resentment in each other’s eyes!

“Even though I don’t like dealing with you, the king forced us to do something this time.” Zi Xuan glanced at Cang Lin in disgust. Cang Lin sneered and rolled his eyes at Zi Xuan very rudely. “If you don’t like dealing with us, you can stay far away this time.”

Zi Xuan blushed, and Cang Lin stopped sneering. “It seems that the king wants to protect this human. Although we don’t know what the king means, we can’t wait until then!”

“That’s right! Whenever I think that human is still alive, I hate her so much that I can’t sleep!”

“I’m the same. Thinking that she’s still alive, I can’t let go of Cang Yu’s death at all!”

Zi Xuan and Cang Lin looked at each other. “We can only vent our anger by doing it ourselves!”

“Even if he was discovered after the incident, the king couldn’t say anything at all! That human was the enemy of the entire merfolk! He deserved to die!”

Both Zi Xuan and Cang Lin sneered. The coldness in their eyes became stronger and stronger. The human who entered the Endless Sea without permission and hid in the merfolk must die! She must die!

The two of them left after a few words in secret. Si Wen, who was still sitting there, smiled. He knew that these two old guys would act on their own after seeing that he was slightly shaken. They really didn’t take him, the king, seriously. However, this was exactly the effect he wanted. As long as these two old guys made a move, he would have a chance to let Yun Feng go.

Si Wen certainly didn’t believe that Yun Feng killed Cang Yu. Even though anyone would think that Yun Feng killed Cang Yu at that time, Si Wen believed in Yun Feng. There were a lot of doubts about the deaths of Cang Yu and Zi Leng. Si Wen always felt a bit uncomfortable after thinking about it. His intuition had always been very sharp. He wouldn’t stop after something happened.

During these three days, he didn’t do anything to Yun Feng because he wanted to drag Zi Xuan and Cang Lin’s attention to Yun Feng, so they could only think about revenge in their minds. Si Wen also sent someone to enter the Cheng Sea quietly to investigate. Zi Leng died inside. If they could find his body, they would have clues. Cang Yu had already been taken away by the members of the White Fin. Even if they wanted to go back to Cang Lin, that old guy wouldn’t agree.

Si Wen was a bit regretful. He should have checked the cause of death of Cang Yu. What exactly made him, an elite of the White Fin, die so easily?

Si Wen postponed killing Yun Feng. He finally exhausted the patience of Zi Xuan and Cang Lin. How would Si Wen not know what the two of them were thinking? Those two old guys were already impatient and wanted to kill Yun Feng secretly. Si Wen certainly expected this. This was also what he looked forward to. Once the situation turned out like this, Yun Feng would have a chance to escape.

“You two old guys, do you really think I don’t know anything? Do you still think I’m that Si Wen who doesn’t know anything back then?!” Si Wen said fiercely as he waved his hand casually. A powerful force was released from his hand, causing the space in front of him to distort a bit!

“I’m the leader of the merfolk!” Si Wen’s dark blue eyes narrowed into vertical black lines with a hint of viciousness and fierceness! Since he had risen to this position, he certainly couldn’t let anyone bully him. Even Zi Xuan and Cang Lin couldn’t!

After staying in the merfolk’s dungeon for three days, Yun Feng didn’t feel like she was shackled at all. Instead, she sat on the ground with her eyes closed leisurely and used the three days to recover the mental strength she lost. Qu Lanyi also sat quietly on the side and didn’t look nervous at all. Entering the merfolk’s dungeon was like walking into his own backyard. Lan Yi was a bit uneasy at first, but he was completely relieved after seeing Yun Feng’s comfortable expression.

The three of them were in peace in the dungeon, which surprised the guards of the merfolk outside. They looked at the three calm humans and Magic Beasts in shock. They were a bit speechless. How could they be so comfortable? This was the merfolk’s dungeon, not their backyard!

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