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Chapter 718: Entering the Foggy Forest Again (1)

“What’s the meaning of this?” The master of the Helian family looked at Yun Feng and didn’t do anything else. Yun Feng’s eyes glittered. “Master Helian, who exactly are you?”

“Who am I? I’m the leader of the Helian family.” The leader of the Helian family put his hands behind his back peacefully, but Yun Feng suddenly burst into laughter with a hint of coldness in her black eyes. “Then why do I feel a trace of other aura on you?”

The Helian family’s master’s face froze and then darkened. He stared at Yun Feng and didn’t say anything else. The atmosphere suddenly became as heavy as a mountain. Murong Yuntian stood aside vigilantly. After hearing what Yun Feng said, he felt even more strange. A trace of other aura? What did it represent?

Yun Feng looked at the Helian family’s master’s gloomy face and the coldness in her eyes became deeper. “Do you think these disguises are still useful in front of me? Don’t forget that I’m a summoner!”

Murong Yuntian widened his eyes and looked at the silent Master Helian. A thought flashed through his mind. How… How was that possible?

The Master of the Helian family suddenly let out a weird laugh with a gloomy face. “I forgot that you’re a very tricky problem.” As soon as he said that, the Master of the Helian family’s body fell on the ground weakly. A gust of dark wind surged out of his body and landed on the side. The dark wind faded and the man in black robe stood there. His black hair almost merged with the night. The black robe on his body was embroidered with red dark patterns. The front of his shirt was opened, revealing his white skin. The moonlight shone on it with a faint luster.

There was a hint of flirtatiousness in his long and narrow eyes. There was a faint green light in the color of his eyes and his facial features were extremely charming. His body was wrapped in clothes, but it couldn’t hide the beauty of his curves. Yun Feng’s black eyes turned cold. The man’s hand gently brushed her cheek and his slightly long nails also had a luster, looking strangely flirtatious.

Yun Feng had already swung the ice blue chain in her hand without hesitation! “Swish!” The ice blue chain swept towards the black-robed man with a gust of coldness. The black-robed man smiled creepily and bent his body in a surprising posture, dodging the entanglement of the chain. He waved his hand with long nails gently to the side and the Helian family’s master, who was lying on the ground like a corpse, slowly got up!

Surprise flashed through Yun Feng and Murong Yuntian’s eyes. The master of the Helian family got up from the ground. There was no longer anyone on his face. He was like a walking corpse. His face was pale and his eyes were lifeless. His body suddenly burst out at an astonishing speed and pounced towards Yun Feng!


The body of the master of the Helian family, which had just flown over, was thrown away! Murong Yuntian stood next to Yun Feng. The outburst of his fighting energy made him look extremely imposing. Murong Yuntian looked at the master of the Helian family, who got up from the ground after being knocked away by him, and his black eyes completely darkened.

“I’ll deal with this one. You take care of him!” Murong Yuntian roared as he took out his weapon and pointed it at the body of the Helian family’s master, who was running over again. The two of them immediately fought! Yun Feng narrowed her black eyes. A gust of wind suddenly flashed past her and her body moved aside. The chain in her hand danced and wrapped around the black shadow she missed. However, that black shadow escaped like a snake!

Yun Feng gritted her teeth. She knew that the opponent in front of her wasn’t an ordinary person, but someone who was as strong as her! She might be at a disadvantage if she wasn’t careful!

“Earth Shield!” With a furious shout, the earth element instantly formed an absolute defense around her. The mocking voice of the black-robed man sounded. “Why? Are you so afraid of death?” Yun Feng ignored the man’s malicious provocation. She had to remain calm and rational in a life-and-death battle!

The black-robed man stood in the sky and waved his fair hands impatiently. The strong defense of the earth element prevented the attack from hurting Yun Feng at all. The black-robed man was a bit anxious. “The earth element is indeed troublesome!” A glint of darkness flashed through the black-robed man’s slender eyes as he sped up his attack. He shouted crazily, “Yun Feng! You’re so scared that you don’t dare to come out! The legendary summoner of the East Continent? I think you’re just so-so! You’re only fit to hide behind!”

Provocation, ridicule! The black-robed man’s words became more and more vicious and outrageous. He was provoking her! Yun Feng stood behind the earth element with a calm mind like the surface of the water. The dense mental strength in her spiritual space slowly melted and surged out of Yun Feng’s body. The black-robed man’s increasingly arrogant curses didn’t last long and he had already noticed that something was wrong.

Speaking of timidity, Yun Feng was indeed like this right now. She didn’t do anything under the defense of the earth element. She let this man insult her like this and didn’t fight back at all, but the man in black robe felt inexplicably panicked. What was going on? This anxiety of constantly leveling up!

“Yun Feng! Get out here!” The black-robed man couldn’t hold back anymore in the end. His pupils shrank fiercely and he waved his slender hand fiercely, launching a fierce attack at Yun Feng! At the same time, the Earth Shield that hadn’t moved at all shattered! The black-robed man was delighted, but this joy only lasted for a moment. Then, he completely froze!

“This… This…” The black-robed man’s long eyes were filled with disbelief and the depths of his pupils flashed fiercely a few times!

“Roar…” The roars of wild beasts tore through the silent sky! Yun Feng stood in the air as the wind blew her sleeves. The girl’s face was cold and she looked like a god standing in the sky. And standing next to her were three completely different giant beasts!

The raging flames enveloped a wolf-like giant beast. The fire wolf stared at the black-robed man in front of it fiercely with its red eyes. Its entire body was red and suppressed roars came! On the other side, there was a giant ice-blue python with bone-piercing coldness in its ice-blue eyes. The giant python opened its mouth and its sharp giant teeth and snake-like roars came one after another. Behind Yun Feng was a huge dragon body shining with purple light!

The simulation of the three elements appeared at the same time!

This scene was terrifying! If other mages saw this, their jaws would probably drop and they would call Yun Feng a lunatic!

After Murong Yuntian punched the body of the Murong family’s master away fiercely, he looked at the scene in the sky with a stiff body. She… What level had she reached right now?

Yun Feng stood between the three giant beasts in the air and smiled coldly at the black-robed man. “As you wish. I’m out.”

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