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Chapter 715: Hide-and-Seek, Begin (2)

He gently pulled the girl’s cheek with his big hand and held the back of her head. His thin lips leaned over and kissed her smooth and tender cheek gently. Yun Feng’s cheeks were slightly red and shyness flashed in her black eyes. Qu Lanyi only felt like the volcano in his heart suddenly erupted and he wanted to squeeze the person in his arms completely into his body.

The scorching kiss landed on Yun Feng’s tender cheeks and extended to the corners of her mouth. Her red lips were trembling gently, like a flower that had just bloomed and was being caressed by the breeze. Qu Lanyi’s breath was hot. Their bodies were pressed against each other and their hearts were beating crazily.

He pressed his slender fingers against her soft red lips and rubbed them slowly, feeling the soft touch on her fingertips. Qu Lanyi’s black eyes suddenly darkened and his hot breath kept getting closer and closer until they finally touched. Yun Feng felt that her head was dizzy. An unusually hot temperature came from her lips. The heat spread from the nerves on her lips to her entire body, making her hot. She couldn’t help but reach out and try to push him away. She exerted her strength slightly and found that she had lost all her strength.

Qu Lanyi slowly lowered her eyes, hiding the darkness in the depths of her black eyes. He held the girl in her arms tightly and kissed her carefully, feeling the heat of their lips and the restlessness in her heart. Sensing Yun Feng’s slight resistance, she couldn’t help but press the girl’s back with her big hand, making her closer to her and pressing her lips even harder. Qu Lanyi’s breathing gradually became rapid and his fair handsome face was also a bit red. Under his hand was the girl’s soft curves and the intoxicating fragrance on his lips.

Yun Feng closed her eyes. She was a bit dizzy. She was indeed dizzy. Her body was as numb as if an electric current had passed through it. She lay in his arms weakly. Her eyelashes fluttered and her lips were weak. She didn’t see Qu Lanyi’s slightly red cheeks or those blood-red eyes when he raised his head again.

After an unknown period of time, the two of them slowly separated. The scorching temperature didn’t drop. Yun Feng’s red lips were swollen and her black eyes were full of confusion. Qu Lanyi slowly adjusted his breathing and held her body in his arms again. He pressed her head against his chest where his heart was beating like thunder. The blood in his eyes faded bit by bit until they were pure black like the night.

Yun Feng leaned in Qu Lanyi’s arms obediently and listened to his heartbeat through her thin clothes. She felt that her heartbeat, which was as chaotic as his, was dropping bit by bit. She felt that his rapid and scorching breath was slowly cooling down. Qu Lanyi’s body was hot, but Yun Feng felt unusually comfortable.

“Let’s sleep together today.” Qu Lanyi’s deep voice came into Yun Feng’s ears. Yun Feng blushed, and Qu Lanyi laughed hoarsely and gloomily. “I was just kidding.” Yun Feng grabbed the front of Qu Lanyi’s clothes, and found that her hands were sweating. Qu Lanyi’s body tightened, and the temperature of his body rose again. He held the girl in his arms tightly and disappeared from the room.

When Yun Feng came back to herself again, she was already lying on the slightly cold bed. Qu Lanyi put his arms on both sides of his body and looked down at her from her top. His black eyes seemed to be burning with fire, getting more and more passionate.

“What are you doing?” Yun Feng roared with a flushed face. “If you dare to move, I’ll kick you away!”

Qu Lanyi chuckled and lay down next to Yun Feng. Then, he turned his body to the side and looked at Yun Feng’s blushing face. Without any explanation, he pulled Yun Feng into his arms. The scorching temperature pressed against her again. Qu Lanyi held the girl in his arms tightly and whispered, “Yes, I’ll do whatever you ask me to do. If you don’t let me, I won’t move.”

Yun Feng’s body trembled slightly. Qu Lanyi put on a beautiful smile at the corners of his mouth. He slowly tightened his arms and felt how close their bodies were to each other. He knew that this woman was what he wanted. The only thing he wanted.

Yun Feng closed her eyes and put her arms around the man’s slim waist gently. Then, she gently tightened her body and got closer. The warmth spread to her skin and pressed against her heart. There was a smile on the girl’s peaceful face. Her steady breathing came and gradually dissipated in the thick night.

The next morning, the Helian mother and daughter said goodbye to Yun Jing and were about to leave after saying a few words in a hurry. Even though Yun Jing was puzzled, he couldn’t help but heave a sigh of relief. The mother and daughter could finally leave. The Helian mother and daughter got up and were about to leave as if they were fleeing from a disaster. Both of them were a bit flustered in their minds. They came to say goodbye early in the morning and wanted to leave secretly, but this wasn’t appropriate. Yun Feng shouldn’t have woken up so early in the morning. After all, she still hadn’t shown up!

The mother and daughter were terrified in their minds. They stepped out of the door of the front hall a bit unsteadily and their bodies suddenly tightened as a clear voice sounded. “You two, you’re leaving in such a hurry?”

Helian Fu subconsciously looked at Lady Helian. Lady Helian quickly calmed herself down and turned her head stiffly. Yun Feng slowly walked out from the side and looked at the two of them with a faint smile in her black eyes. “Yes, it’s been a long time.”

“Are you going to prepare for Helian Fu and Murong Yuntian’s marriage?” Yun Feng asked casually. Lady Helian’s eyes glittered. “Right, right, right. It’s time to go back and prepare. I’ll take my leave now!” Lady Helian turned around and was about to leave with Helian Fu. She didn’t dare to stay here for a second longer.

“If that’s the case, I’ll escort you back.” What Yun Feng said almost made the Helian guests kneel on the ground. Yun Jing was also extremely surprised on the side. Yun Feng slowly walked over. “Murong Yuntian and I are quite close. I certainly have to help him with his marriage arrangement and take good care of his fiancée. After all, the Helian family is a big family right now. If something happens on the way, wouldn’t my friend’s marriage arrangement be affected? Besides…” Yun Feng had already walked to Lady Helian’s side and her voice was as soft as wind, making Lady Helian shiver.

“With the Helian family’s current status, the Yun family should congratulate them. This is a rare opportunity. Don’t you agree, Madam Helian?”

Lady Helian’s face immediately turned pale. Yun Feng wanted to go back with her? That would be terrible! Helian Fu was already speechless on the side. Both of them were silent. Yun Feng chuckled. “Madam Helian, don’t worry. I don’t have anything else to do right now.”

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