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Chapter 569: My Self-Proclaimed Father Is Here (3)

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“She’s my wife, my owner, and my woman! Are you satisfied with this answer?” Qu Lanyi said with a smile. The girl’s face suddenly changed, and her gorgeous facial features were completely twisted.

“You’re my man. How dare you hook up with another woman behind my back?”

Disgust filled Qu Lanyi’s eyes. This woman was full of herself! Yun Feng was also amused. When did Qu Lanyi become her man? This woman was too funny.

“Let me tell you. He’s the person I want. Nobody can take him away! I advise you to leave right now!” The girl waved the long whip in her hand and stared at Yun Feng fiercely. Yun Feng only raised the corners of her mouth slightly.

“He’s not some goods. You think he’s yours because you say so? There’s a kind of relationship in this world called wishful thinking and there’s a kind of attitude called shamelessness.”

“Who are you calling shameless?” The girl blushed furiously and gritted her teeth in anger. The whip in her hand was also shaking. Yun Feng chuckled and continued adding fuel to the fire.

“If you think you are, then so be it.”

“How dare you!” The girl suddenly shouted as the long whip in her hand danced like a shadow. Little Fire and Lan Yi’s expressions were completely cold. How dare you? Who was this woman that dared to do this?

The two Magic Beasts immediately rushed out and turned into two black shadows, rushing towards the girl. If someone dared to touch their master, they would certainly be asking for trouble! A wolf roar came out of Little Fire’s throat as it suddenly clenched its claw forward and held the girl’s whip fiercely. Lan Yi was even faster. He directly shot a wind blade and the girl’s whip was instantly cut in half from the middle!

“My Seven Cloud Whip!” The girl was dumbfounded when she saw the whip that was cut in half. Little Fire was so enraged that it wanted to slap this arrogant woman away. Yun Feng said casually, “Alright, come back.”

Little Fire and Lan Yi both glanced at the girl in disdain and returned to Yun Feng’s side. The girl stood there, dumbfounded, and looked at the broken whip. Her face became redder and redder and the fury in her eyes was burning fiercely.

“You destroyed the Seven Cloud Whip my father gave me!” The girl suddenly shouted in a low voice. “I’ll make you pay. Come here!” As the girl shouted, the five or six peak Commander Level experts guarding the door immediately rushed in. Yun Feng lowered her black eyes. This woman was enraged.

“Capture that man alive! Kill the others! Kill them all!” roared the girl. The four or five peak Commander Level experts immediately became gloomy and their auras surged out. Yun Feng suddenly sneered. Kill us all? That’s too arrogant!

Yun Feng flipped her palm, and bright fire elements appeared instantly. They kept expanding on Yun Feng’s palm! Such a huge fireball seemed to make her opponents feel a bit numb. The girl was also a bit shocked. The bright fire elements illuminated Yun Feng’s little face with spots of redness. The enormous fire elements suddenly separated from Yun Feng’s palm and exploded when they flew in front of those few peak Commanders!


A loud sound echoed in the entire branch hall. Everyone in the branch hall was so shocked by the sound that their bodies shivered. They all looked at the place where the sound came from, and their hearts were still beating uneasily. What exactly happened?

The few people who were talking happily somewhere in the branch hall suddenly froze for a moment. When Luo Xu heard this earth-shattering sound, he trembled abruptly. Lord Hao, who was talking to someone, also had a sullen look in his eyes.

“What’s going on, Luo Xu?”

Luo Xu was also completely confused. At this moment, someone came to report that the loud noise came from the Young Lady. Both Luo Xu and Lord Hao immediately changed their expressions. Lord Hao immediately got up and was extremely depressed in his mind. Couldn’t that young lady just be obedient? She insisted on coming and caused trouble everywhere after she came!

“I’m sorry. It seems that we have to postpone it for now…” Lord Hao forced a smile at the person sitting opposite him. There was another distinguished guest who came with the Young Lady today. This was the honored guest that the Main Hall welcomed. Although he didn’t know why he came with the Young Lady, Lord Hao didn’t have the right to ask so much.

“It’s fine. I’ll go with you and see what exactly happened.” The person on the other side wasn’t reluctant at all. He stood up and made his decision. Lord Hao’s eyebrows suddenly jumped a few times. The big shots indeed did things their own way.

The few of them quickly came to Miss’s area. When they arrived at the door, Lord Hao saw a certain someone standing there with his sharp eyes. “Luo Xu, you asked her to come?”

Luo Xu was also dumbfounded when he saw someone. “Sir, I didn’t… How would I dare to do that without your order…”

Lord Hao rushed over quickly. He knew clearly who asked her to come. Who else could it be other than that immature Young Lady? He was puzzled. How could she be the daughter of the leader with such a personality? She was willful, unreasonable, and didn’t have the calmness of someone who did great things at all! The leader doted on her and gave her whatever she wanted. She even issued a promotion reward for a strange man!

Lord Hao rushed in and saw the extremely messy scene at the scene. Yun Feng had almost destroyed this courtyard. It was full of desolation. There wasn’t a single piece of the ground that was intact anymore. The houses and everything else were also completely destroyed under the attack of the fire elements. Rock fragments and dust flew everywhere, and those peak Commander Level powerhouses were also hiding in a corner, looking very funny.

The bombardment continued, one wave after another. Lord Hao looked at the girl standing there, at her calm expression, the smile at the corners of her mouth, and the fire elements that flew out of her hands from time to time. A thought flashed through Lord Hao’s mind. If only the daughter of the Hall Master were half as strong as Yun Feng.

Lord Hao looked around. His Young Lady was already hiding in a corner with her body curled up. Lord Hao immediately shouted angrily, “Yun Feng! This is the Bright Moon Hall’s branch. Are you going to destroy this place?”

Yun Feng only stopped attacking when she heard the voice.. She smiled at Lord Hao. “You invited me here, didn’t you?”

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