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Chapter 520: The Difficulty of Leaving (2)

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The principal heaved a sigh of relief, fearing that some student might have angered Yun Feng. He wiped the sweat on his forehead and smiled. “Then you can talk. You can talk…”

“No, I’ve said everything I need to say. It’s time to go,” replied Yun Feng casually. Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian were both a bit melancholic. Yun Feng smiled at Ze Ran. “Goodbye. You don’t have to see me off.”

She also nodded at Murong Yuntian. Yun Feng rose into the sky and looked down at Ze Ran from high above. She turned around and disappeared into the sky as a beam of light.

Ze Ran and Murong Yuntian looked at the sky in a daze for a long time. The principal also looked at the sky in shock. Flying in the sky, she had already reached the Monarch Level! God, a Monarch Level summoner!

Ze Ran watched for a while and suddenly chuckled. He jumped and sat on the giant rock again. The corners of Murong Yuntian’s mouth were raised slightly and he whispered to the principal, “Principal, let’s go out.”

The principal suddenly turned around. His neck was a bit sore. He nodded and followed Murong Yuntian out of the rear mountain. The group of students surrounding the rear mountain also looked up with obvious envy and obsession in their eyes.

Murong Yuntian turned around slightly and looked at the young man who was practicing on the giant rock with his eyes closed. He lowered his eyes slightly. Work hard. Work hard to catch up with her.

Yun Feng went all the way back to Mu City from the School of God of War. Yun Jing still had to stay in Mu City for a while longer. Once Yun Feng came back, Mu Xiaojin ran over and pulled her to the Mu family’s training ground.

“What’s wrong?” Yun Feng raised her eyebrows suspiciously. A trace of worry flashed through Mu Xiaojin’s big eyes. “Brother Sheng fought with Qu Lanyi again.”

Yun Feng’s face froze. It seemed that the anger in her brother’s heart was still there. When she came to the martial arts arena, she saw two people fighting each other. Both of them were mages, but they fought with their hands and feet. It was a melee battle.

“Clang!” Qu Lanyi was punched in the face again. Unlike the last few days when he was beaten passively, Qu Lanyi fought back and Yun Sheng’s body was also injured. When Yun Feng arrived, Yun Sheng saw his precious sister and immediately stopped and left.

“Feng, you’re back.”

Yun Feng nodded. Seeing that Yun Sheng and Qu Lanyi were both in a sorry state, she felt a bit helpless. “Yes, I’m back.”

“You went to see Ze Ran, right? Ze Ran is not bad. He’s quite strong. More importantly, he’s a pure man. It’s better than this weird guy!” Yun Sheng said loudly. Qu Lanyi’s face was almost completely black after hearing that.

“Yun Sheng, I’ve let you punch me so many times, and you’re still scolding me in a roundabout way?” Qu Lanyi’s black eyes turned cold as a man’s aura burst out. Yun Sheng sneered. “I should beat you up.”

Qu Lanyi looked like a man now. After bidding farewell to his charming feminine aura, the manliness he exuded gradually changed Yun Sheng’s impression of her. However, when he thought of how this man had taken advantage of his sister so blatantly in the past, Yun Sheng’s attitude that had just changed returned to normal.

“Ze Ran doesn’t suit me,” said Yun Feng casually. Qu Lanyi chuckled. Yun Feng looked at the bruises on his handsome face and frowned. “Deal with it.”

There was a smile in Qu Lanyi’s eyes. He glanced at Yun Sheng complacently, implying that Yun Feng cared about him the most! The light elements quickly removed the bruises on her face. Mu Xiaojin walked to Yun Sheng and looked at the bruises on his face, fearing that he would be in pain.

Yun Sheng smiled gently. The gentle water element also made the bruise disappear in a short time. Yun Feng raised the corners of her mouth helplessly. “Brother, I’ll be leaving in a few days.”

“So soon? Why don’t you stay for a while longer?”

Yun Feng smiled gently. “If I stay any longer, I won’t want to leave. I can’t enjoy myself forever. It’s time for me to leave.”

Yun Sheng was about to say something, but Mu Xiaojin stopped him. Mu Xiaojin smiled at Yun Feng. “Xiao Feng, I’ll prepare whatever you need.” Yun Feng shook her head. She had everything she needed. She didn’t need anyone to prepare anything else. She stepped forward and touched Mu Xiaojin’s head. “Don’t worry. Canghai will find a way back.”

Mu Xiaojin’s eyes turned red as she handed the thing she had been wearing on her chest to Yun Feng. It was the only memory Mu Canghai left in this world and the key to Mu Canghai’s return.

“Xiao Feng, be safe. That’s the most important thing,” said Mu Xiaojin with a sob. Mu Canghai was certainly important to her, but Yun Feng was also very important.

“I’ll protect her.” Qu Lanyi walked over and said casually. Yun Feng glanced at him in surprise. Qu Lanyi suddenly became cold. “Why? Do you want to go alone?”

Yun Feng indeed wanted to go alone back then. To be more precise, she didn’t expect Qu Lanyi to go with her. When Qu Lanyi said that he wanted to go with her, Yun Feng was indeed a bit surprised.

“You don’t want me to come with you?” Qu Lanyi raised his eyebrows, with a dangerous look in his eyes. Yun Feng’s breath tightened and she couldn’t say anything. Yun Sheng had abandoned his personal grudge on this matter. It was the best choice for Qu Lanyi to go with Feng. How could he and his father be at ease if Yun Feng left alone?

“It’s good that he goes with you,” said Yun Sheng. Qu Lanyi glanced at him. “He finally said something nice.”

Yun Feng said in a low voice, “It’s fine. Let’s go together.” Qu Lanyi’s eyes glittered a few times as he looked at Yun Feng deeply. After he was told about this, Yun Jing didn’t say anything else. He only told Yun Feng that if they found other branches of the Yun family, they could join the Yun family of Chunfeng Town on the East Continent if they wanted.

The news that Yun Feng was leaving spread like wild grass. The East Continent was in an uproar. Nobody knew what Yun Feng’s departure meant, but everyone knew that even if Yun Feng left, the Yun family wouldn’t be easy to deal with.

However, the four empires, including the Fengyun Empire, all heaved a sigh of relief. Yun Feng’s existence on the East Continent was already unbeatable. Her departure naturally removed a huge rock. These emperors immediately felt much more relaxed.

Yun Feng’s Sound Transmission Jade frequently rang over the past few days. Naturally, it was none other than her cheap father. Zhan Li harassed Yun Feng with the Sound Transmission Jade all the time every day. What he said made Yun Feng feel like laughing. Daughter, since you’re leaving, take your father with you..

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