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Chapter 466: Nightmare (3)

The rest of the explorers each found a place to rest near the entrance. Carson and his followers, who had been hiding behind, stopped moving. “Those people aren’t dumb. They send some scouts first.” While hiding, Carson stared into the distance and remarked. He then asked his followers to take a break too. A lot of his trouble could be saved now that the other teams were exploring the way for him.

Three hours passed in the blink of an eye, but the scouts never sent any message back. Yun Feng looked at Ovey’s and Shengyao’s teams. Their scouts seemed to have been silent too.

“Fengfeng, something is wrong,” Qu Lanyi approached Yun Feng and said in a low voice. Meatball, sensing his approaching, opened its mouth angrily and bared its fangs. Qu Lanyi smiled and pointed at Meatball’s head. All of Meatball’s hair was rising, as if it had just been insulted.

“Alright, no horsing around.” Yun Feng stroked Meatball, and finally soothed it. She glared at Qu Lanyi angrily. The man provoked Meatball now and then despite knowing that Meatball didn’t like being touched. If she weren’t here, he probably would’ve been riddled with holes because of biting.

Yun Feng narrowed her eyes. It had been three hours since Mu Yinghua went away, but they didn’t send any message back. Even if they had encountered any danger, Mu Yinghua should’ve cried for help via the Sound Transmission Jade immediately, but he didn’t.

Yun Feng observed Shengyao’s and Ovey’s teams, and found that the situation was the same. Muqing and Xiaoxiao were also frowning, and seemed confused about the situation.

“Either they didn’t have time to call for help, or…” Yun Feng heard Qu Lanyi’s voice, and continued, “Or they safely passed the channel, and decided not to inform us.” Mockery surfaced on Yun Feng’s face. She wouldn’t be surprised if Mu Yinghua had made that decision.

“I’m not in a rush anyway, but I don’t think Ovey’s and Shengyao’s teams can wait any longer.” Yun Feng smiled. The next moment, Muqing and Xiaoxiao approached, and Yun Feng stood up.

“Yun Feng, something must’ve happened in there. Should we initiate another round of exploration?” Both Xiaoxiao and Muqing furrowed their brows. Only Yun Feng seemed rather at ease.

“That’s fine with me.” Yun Feng smiled. Both of them looked at Yun Feng thoughtfully, as if they were trying to find a loophole on her face. But they didn’t find anything, and had to leave.

Yun Feng looked at the people of the De family and the Shang family, and announced, “Apparently, we’re going to start another round of exploration.” The four people of the De family and the Shang family all changed their expression. Something must’ve happened to Mu Yinghua and his lackeys. Then, it was their turn!

A few more scouts were picked from Ovey’s and Shengyao’s teams. On the Fengyun Empire’s side, it was the four unwilling representatives of the De family and the Shang family. They had established the rule that the weakest should be scouts. Although they were not the weakest among all the explorers, they were compared to Yun Feng and her companions.

The Fengyun Empire sent four scouts, and Shengyao and Ovey sent three. It seemed unfair for the Fengyun Empire, but it didn’t matter.

All of them went in. Same as Mu Yinghua, they didn’t send any messages back after three hours. Xiaoxiao and Muqing couldn’t sit any longer.

“My lord, is there any trap?” The explorers of the Cashya Empire, who had been hiding, were out of patience. They had been waiting for half a day, and realized that they probably had to wait even longer.

“Why so hasty? The gods’ relics is unlike any other place. They’ll only get themselves killed! Even if they survive, they’ll only explore the way for us. Just wait!” roared Carson angrily, silencing everybody. He had been staring at Yun Feng with light in his eyes.

He should’ve known that Yun Feng was coming. The De family and the Shang family had reason to offer her more qualifications considering her special identity as a summoner.

Remembering the information about the Fantastical Beast that was spotted here, Carson was infuriated. Last time, his Divine Essence Grass was swallowed by that girl. This time, she must’ve come here for the Fantastical Beast, and would try to ruin his business again.

Thinking about that, Carson couldn’t have hated her more. In any case, he must find the Fantastical Beast sooner than she did, and then kill her!

It had been a long time since the second group of scouts went in. Yun Feng stood up and observed the entrance that looked like a black hole. She had communicated with her ancestor, who didn’t know much about it. When he explored the gods’ relics years back, the entrance didn’t quite look like that.

Could the entrance change? Questions popped up in Yun Feng’s heart. Xiaoxiao and Muqing approached her too. “Did you find anything?” asked Xiaoxiao hopefully. Yun Feng frowned and smiled helplessly. “No.”

“Really?” said Muqing softly. Yun Feng sneered. “If you don’t trust me, why don’t you go there and find out?” Muqing seemed frustrated. Yun Feng was not interested in talking to them any longer. She turned around and left, but Xiaoxiao grabbed her wrist.

“Don’t feel offended, Yun Feng. Muqing is only concerned about his companions inside.”

Yun Feng dropped Xiaoxiao’s hand, and smiled at her. “It’s better to just go in than to worry here. That’s the simplest solution.”

Both Muqing and Xiaoxiao were deep in thought. Yun Feng waved at Qu Lanyi and Ao Jin, and Little Fire and Lan Yi followed. Xiao Feng and Muqing were rather stunned.

“Guys, we’re going in first.” After saying that, Yun Feng stepped into the dark entrance, and the others followed her. They instantly disappeared. Seeing that, Muqing and Xiaoxiao summoned their remaining teammates, and all gritted their teeth and entered!

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