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Chapter 410: I’m Back (4)

Wang Ming soon left. The Karan Royal Family was all set to attack. Naturally, he needed to prepare for defense. Yun Jing held the Sound Transmission Jade in his hand tightly. He had just sent Yun Sheng a message, asking him to come back as soon as possible. Yun Jing heaved a sigh. It seemed that the storm was unavoidable.

The thick forest near the Masang School of Magic was just like before, and the Magic Beasts inside were living the same life. In a corner deep inside the forest, two Magic Beasts who had been living a happy life during the three years were enjoying drinks.

“Brother, the madam hasn’t shown up in three years,” said the tall and slim young man with a smile. The rough-looking man on his opposite side laughed too. Obviously, they were very happy about the madam’s disappearance.

“I wish our life could continue like this.” The rough-looking man had a mouthful of the drink, and looked up at the sky. The tall one laughed. “The madam is gone for three years. She won’t come again. Our life is finally at peace!”

They were about to click their cups, but their wrists shivered, and they changed their expression significantly. They quickly raised their heads, only to see a few shadows passing through the forest in the Masang School of Magic’s direction.

“Brother, the people who just passed…”

The rough-looking man frowned, and laid down his cup. “Brother, I think our good life may have come to an end.”

The tall and slim young man furrowed his brows so hard that his facial features were twisted. Was he a jinx? He just said that the madam wouldn’t come back, yet one of the people who just flew by carried the distinctive aura of the madam…

The Masang School of Magic was just like before. Most students were cultivating in the Trial Tower wholeheartedly. Although Yun Feng hadn’t shown up in a long time, she was not forgotten. The freshmen every year would hear the legendary name.

The Constellation Society had been expanding ever since the social ranking contest. Although Yun Feng went missing, Yun Sheng had revealed exceptional strength. In the latest individual ranking contest, he crushed everybody with overwhelming advantages, even including Kasa who aimed for the championship. Everybody was shocked, and thought that Yun Sheng had been keeping a low profile.

Yun Sheng won the championship of the individual ranking contest, not to be defeated. Although Yun Feng was gone, Yun Sheng made up for her disappearance. The Constellation Society had been expanding. Most freshmen had joined the Constellation Society because of Yun Sheng. After they entered the Constellation Society, they were informed that there was an even greater legend named Yun Feng.

No natives of the Karan Empire were unaware of the name Yun Feng, who was the summoner born and raised in the Karan Empire! The news had spread throughout the continent! Everybody wanted to meet her, but she had gone missing. There were many theories about her disappearance. Some said that she went traveling, some claimed that she was lurking in another country for the Karan Royal Family, and some said that she had been killed for unknown reasons. All in all, even though Yun Feng had gone missing, everybody was curious about her identity as a summoner. Many freshmen even regarded Yun Feng as their idol.

“Is she THE Yun Feng, the summoner? They aren’t two people who happen to have the same name, right?” That was the question that every member of the Constellation Society asked when they heard that there was a Yun Feng in the society. Then, the old members of the Constellation Society would reply,

“There’s only one Yun family in the Karan Empire. Do you think they’re the same person?”

Then new students of the Constellation Society would ask, “Then where is she? Has she really gone missing? Did she go to another country?”

The old members of the Constellation Society would then add, “Stop asking so many questions! How can we know where Yun Feng is?”

As time went by, people were still discussing Yun Feng heatedly. The Constellation Society’s popularity made the Fire Society, and especially Kasa, extremely jealous. The Fire Society had significantly dwindled, turning from the biggest society to one that nobody was interested in.

Kasa had come up with a lot of ways to cause problems for the Constellation Society, but Yun Sheng resolved all her tricks smartly. Ever since Yun Sheng defeated her in the individual ranking contest, she had lost the courage to fight Yun Sheng head-on. Her fury with the Yun family rose to a new height, partly due to Murong Yuntian. The Karan Royal Family had proposed the marriage to the Murong family, and the Murong family seemed flattered to accept it. Although it was good to marry Yun Feng, it was better to get closer to the royal family.

Then, Kasa waited for Murong Yuntian to marry her. However, Murong Yuntian firmly refused, which was a great humiliation for her as a princess! The Murong family couldn’t convince him. Murong Yuntian even declared that he would break away from the Murong family if they forced them to do anything, which terrified the Murong family.

After weighing the pros and cons, the Karan Royal Family canceled the marriage. After all, Murong Yuntian was more important than a self-willed princess. However, the Karan Royal Family didn’t know that Murong Yuntian was already greatly disappointed in the Karan Royal Family.

As the Constellation Society expanded, most of its members became fond of the Yun family. They even gathered into a major force in the Masang School of Magic with Yun Sheng as the center. Yun Sheng had grown a lot during the three years. He managed the Constellation Society well and became stronger. He was even more diligent in those three years than before. Thanks to his phase body, he attached more importance to accumulation than others did. Mu Xiaojin grew up into Yun Sheng’s assistant in the three years. For Mu Xiaojin, the Yun family was her family too, and she would live and die with it! Yun Sheng didn’t tell anyone that Yun Feng was alive, and neither did Yun Jing. They didn’t tell anything to Mu Xiaojin or the Red Maple Mercenary Team. At such a moment, there were too many enemies that the Yun family must face. Although they felt guilty, they had to keep it a secret until Yun Feng returned.

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