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Chapter 39: What Is She Doing Here (1)

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The fire elements jumped on Yun Feng’s palm. Her red lips curled up slightly. With the gaze of her black eyes, the fire elements in her palm gradually formed an arrow. There was black on the tip of the arrow and it had a terrifying temperature.

Yun Feng waved her hand gently and the flaming red arrow stood on her fingertips. The burning heat it carried didn’t have any impact on Yun Feng at all. When she felt the small circle of distorted air around the arrow, the smile on the corners of her mouth became deeper. Yun Feng’s strong mental strength gave her extraordinary ability to control the elements. She carefully contained the temperature of the arrow in a certain area, otherwise the entire house would be on fire.

“Kid, your fire-element magic has reached level 6. Compared to the mages of the same level, your fire elements are fiercer.”

Yun Feng nodded and felt the temperature of the arrow moving around her fingertips. Contracting the Fire Cloud Wolf gave Yun Feng a direct train to the road of mastery of fire-element magic. Since it was a mutated Fire Magic Beast, its fire element and darkness element intertwined with each other. Even though the fire element was dominant, the fire element that Yun Feng mastered also seemed to be changing slightly with the addition of the darkness element. The most obvious sign was the trace of black in the fire element. That was the existence of the rare darkness element.

Since the fire element she mastered was mutated, the effect of the attacks would also be different from those made with normal fire elements.

Although Yun Feng really wanted to try, in the end she put this thought behind her again. Level-6 magic of the mutated fire element, hearing the name of it could already give people goosebumps, let alone its power. If she accidentally destroyed Chunfeng Town, she would be giving a lark to catch a kite. After all, this was the root of the Yun family and the place on this continent where the Yun family was settled.

Compared to the fire element, the wind element and the water element Yun Feng had mastered were a bit weaker. The strength of her fire element had reached Yun Feng’s original level 6, but the wind element and the water element had only reached level 3. Elemental magic wouldn’t improve altogether just because one element did. Each element required hard work and practice to reach its own level.


Mage was a harder profession than warrior. Warriors only had to practice their Qi meridians. If the mages only mastered one elemental force, it would be easier. However, if they mastered two elemental forces, they had to make a trade-off.

Practicing magic required support from mental strength. If the mages didn’t have mental strength that was strong enough, practicing two elements at the same time would be a very heavy burden for them and the consequence would be having no breakthroughs in the practice of both elements.

Multi-element mages were happy and frustrated at the same time. They were happy that they had stronger abilities than the others and they were frustrated that they couldn’t have all of these abilities. Although there weren’t many multi-element mages, there were still a few hundred of them on the entire Vast Continent. The road of practice of multi-element mages was to choose one elemental magic as their major one, while the other elements could only be an aid. They had only that much mental strength and it was very difficult to increase mental strength as well. Practicing everything or mastering one of them, most people would undoubtedly choose to master one element.

Although multi-element mages were a bit weaker than single-element mages in strength, with the assistance of the other elements, they were usually unbeatable.

Multi-element mages were quite helpless in the control of elemental forces. They had the talent, but they couldn’t practice all the elements because they were doubtful about their mental strength. So, they could only bear the pain and make a trade-off reluctantly. And yet, it was another matter for summoners.

There had always been very few summoners and they were extremely mysterious. The world didn’t really have a very deep understanding of summoners. Besides, summoners didn’t leave many books behind, which made this profession more mysterious and unpredictable.

In the practice of magic, if the mages knew about the ability of the summoners, they would certainly be so enraged that they spurted out blood. The summoners’ most mysterious ability, contracting Magic Beasts, offered them with an unlimited cheating machine.

Unlike the mages who had to practice magic by themselves, summoners only needed to contract a Magic Beast and they would automatically master the elemental magic through the level and abilities of the contracted Magic Beast. With this advantage, summoners had an understanding of elemental magic that was a few times stronger than that of mages. Multi-element mages dreamed of practicing multiple elements their entire life and it only seemed like a piece of cake for summoners.

However, summoners weren’t all-powerful. Multi-element summoners were very rare. Usually, three-element summoners were already summoners with the most elements. Summoners bore greater mental consumption than mages. After all, mages only used their elemental force to perform magic, while summoners had to use their mental strength to control a Magic Beast! Comparing the two of them, even though practicing multiple elements wasn’t difficult for summoners, it also gave great pressure to summoners and there might even be a danger of mental exhaustion.

These things that other people saw as common sense or acknowledged facts all became shaky theories in Yun Feng’s eyes. Strong spiritual control and unexplorable spiritual boundaries. Even though the ancestor told Yun Feng that practicing multiple elements at the same time would be very difficult and the loss might even outweigh the gain, Yun Feng didn’t care at all.

She might be the only five-element summoner on the Vast Continent. Since she was the first one, she was willing to take the road that others dared not take and do things that others didn’t want to do, reaching the peak that no one else had ever reached!

Having five elements was a talent that could make someone crazy for other people and it was also a talent that required the person to endure the pain and make a trade-off. However, in Yun Feng’s perspective, she wanted them all!


Yun Feng also understood deeply that she must walk stably. Since she already had an astonishing talent, the next thing would be to persevere and maintain a calm and peaceful mind, taking it slow. Right, she had to go forward step by step.

“Phew… Don’t rush. Just keep going stably.” There was a hint of determination on Yun Feng’s little face, which made the ancestor smile contentedly. He was in awe of this descendant at first. After that, he was moved by the maturity Yun Feng showed at such a young age. As he stayed with Yun Feng for a longer time, Yun Lan realized that Yun Feng was truly a child who seeked stability. She wasn’t arrogant or spoiled. She was humble and mature. Such qualities were rarely seen in a child and this also raised Yun Lan’s expectations of Yun Feng to another level.

This kid would bring the Yun family to that peak again, no, somewhere higher than that point!

Yun Feng washed up in her room and was about to head out to eat with her sullen father. She felt clearly with her keen perception that there seemed to be a few guests at the Yun family on such a warm morning.

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