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Chapter 351: Unforgettable Lesson (1)

The soldiers of the Yun Army had thought that they would often meet their young lady during the holiday, and might even have the privilege of receiving her teaching. However, they never saw her or her brother again after their last return. Those soldiers were quite frustrated, and sighed every day. Yun Feng was their idol. They were bummed that they couldn’t see their idol even though she was right there.

The residents in the capital were no less frustrated than the soldiers of the Yun Army. They looked forward to seeing Yun Feng every day. They wished that they could see the legendary summoner and the Magic Beasts she contracted. Other people’s descriptions sounded exaggerated and surreal, but they piqued everybody else’s interest. Fortunately, the Yun family was in the neighborhood of the rich where the civilians didn’t dare to trespass. If it were elsewhere, they might have already broken in.

As for those nobles, they never came to meet Yun Jing again. The Yun family was finally at peace. Yun Jing minded his own business, and the young people trained themselves.

The royal family sent representatives to check up on Yun Feng several times, and Yun Jing simply said that she was training in seclusion. The emperor was quite glad to hear the news, as the stronger she was, the more likely she could become the champion.

The emperor then ordered that nobody should disturb Yun Feng, or they would be severely punished! Thanks to that command, the Yun family enjoyed peace for quite a while.

After returning to her room, Yun Feng checked her strength first. She was still in the early stage of the Commander Level. It had been almost half a year since her promotion. She had been training hard since then, and had consolidated her strength in this level. So the next breakthrough was just a matter of time.

The strength of the Commander Level was significantly greater than that below the Commander Level. The Commander Level experts had mastered some of the laws of space, which allowed them to block space and even stay airborne briefly. Nobody below the Commander Level could possibly do that. The gap between an expert at the peak of level 9 and one in the early stage of the Commander Level was enormous.

It required an opportunity to rise to the Commander Level. If one couldn’t find the opportunity, one might be stuck at the peak of level 9 for their entire life. On the East Continent, there were a tremendous number of warriors, and quite a lot of Commander Level ones, thanks to their huge population. However, very few mages had ever risen to the Commander Level.

As far as Yun Feng knew, most mages of the Karan Empire were gathered in the Masang School of Magic, except for those who were cultivating independently. In the Masang School of Magic, only she and Qu Lanyi had risen to the Commander Level. Except for the Vice Principal, the Principal who had never appeared, and her brother, nobody else could possibly ever reach that level.

Once her brother successfully advanced into the Commander Level, the Yun family would be significantly strengthened, and Yun Feng would be completely reassured. By then, under the call of herself and her brother, a lot of experts would come! Then, the Yun family’s influence would reach a new height!

Inside Yun Feng’s spiritual space, her mental strength that had been gathered into colorless water drops drifted slowly. Each of the water drops glittered in a different color, making her spiritual space look rather splendid. Her ancestor dashed among the water drops in comfort. “Kid, you’ve consolidated yourself well. It’s time for a breakthrough. There’s a long way ahead of you.”

Yun Feng nodded. Her breakthrough was necessary. She needed it for the upcoming international contest, and the mysterious Relics of Gods. Thinking of the Relics of Gods, Yun Feng realized that she hadn’t asked about it yet. “Ancestor, do you know about the Relics of Gods?”

The ancestor chuckled. “How can I not know? I even explored it on behalf of the Karan Royal Family!”

Yun Feng held her breath. “What are the Relics of Gods? What’s in there?”

Considering for a while, the ancestor finally said, “I don’t know how the Relics of Gods appeared in the human world. It had already existed for a long time in the age I lived in. Counting from right now, it must’ve existed for hundreds of millions of years.”

Yun Feng was dazed. Hundreds of millions of years! What was buried in the relics that had existed for so long?

“There are a lot of theories about the Relics of Gods. Some claim that ancient legacies are buried there, some say that unimaginable Magic Beasts are lurking there, some say it’s a treasury from the past, and some say…” The ancestor paused for a moment. “…that a Fantastical Beast was spotted there.”

A Fantastical Beast! Yun Feng exhaled hot air. A Fantastical Beast had been spotted in the Relics of Gods? Yun Feng thought carefully and realized that it was a possibility. If the mysterious relics had existed for hundreds of millions of years, it was possible that there was a Fantastical Beast in there…

“Did you go there because of the last guess?”

“Hehe, naturally. The Fantastical Beast was too attractive for the summoners. Even though it was just a guess, and even though the chance was slim, I had to go for it…”

Yun Feng nodded. If she were in that situation, she would’ve explored it too. It seemed that she had to win the international contest!

“What’s the result of your exploration, ancestor?”

The ancestor suddenly chuckled and put on a naughty smile that was rather unfit for his actual age. “Kid, if I tell you the truth, don’t be disappointed.”

Yun Feng was rather puzzled. Disappointed? Was there actually nothing in the Relics of Gods, and everything was just people’s imagination?

“Hahaha. What are you thinking? I did enter the Relics of Gods, but let me tell you, we quit soon after the exploration began.”

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