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Chapter 322: It’s Our Turn (3)

Thinking of that possibility, Kasa felt that her heart was cold. How strong had Qu Lanyi become exactly? That woman had always been indifferent, if not scornful, towards the Karan Royal Family, yet her father always respected her, which puzzled her. However, at this moment, she realized that Qu Lanyi was likely an even more tricky figure to deal with than Yun Feng was!

Qu Lanyi clapped her hands and glanced at the referee, who swallowed and then announced aloud, “The Constellation Society won the third round!”

It was not until this moment that the audience finally realized what was going on. They all shouted as loudly as possible, “Gorgeous! You’re my idol!”

“Beautiful girl, what’s your name? Can we make friends with each other?”

The guys cried as if they were crazy, following Qu Lanyi with their passionate eyes. Qu Lanyi walked off the arena, and saw how astonished Yun Sheng and Mu Xiaojin were. She raised her brows and sat down next to Yun Feng, who didn’t seem surprised at all.

“Beautiful girl, don’t ignore us!”

“Beautiful girl, look over here!”

After Qu Lanyi sat down, the guys were still shouting crazily. It was a rather chaotic scene for a moment. Qu Lanyi immediately became cold, and leaned her soft body towards Yun Feng. Yun Feng just felt the warmth on one side of her body, when someone forcefully turned her head and moved closer to her. Yun Feng narrowed her eyes, and Qu Lanyi’s lips that were going to kiss a certain place changed their source and fell on Yun Feng’s cheek.

All the audience fell silent. The girls all shyly turned aside, and the guys looked as terrible as if they had eaten something unclean. Leaning against Yun Feng casually, she smiled at the guys who were vehemently shouting at her, making all of them shiver. Yun Sheng’s face turned completely sullen, and Mu Xiaojin blushed. She looked between Qu Lanyi and Yun Feng, and thought that they were a great match for each other…

Yun Feng pushed Qu Lanyi away and then jumped onto the arena. She unhappily stared at Kasa, who had been seated on the opposite side the whole time. “It’s our turn now, isn’t it?”

What Yun Feng said heated the atmosphere to the climax. It was already the fourth round of the Constellation Society and the Fire Society’s competition, and their scores were 2:1. If Yun Feng won, then the Constellation Society would win. All the students were aware of its consequences. They still remembered the deal between Yun Feng and Kasa. The loser between them would run around the campus naked!

Kasa gradually stood up from her seat. Her beautiful body and her charming face evinced the grace of the Karan Royal Family, making the audience hold their breath. The princess of the royal family did carry a unique vibe! However, on the other hand, the more graceful a person was, the more brutal their fall would be. Quite a lot of the students were waiting to laugh at Kasa. They had no doubt that the royal princess’s naked running would hit the headlines of all newspapers in the Karan Empire!

Kasa walked to the arena, one step after another. She raised her chin as a proud princess of the royal family. Although the Fire Society had lost two games in a row and was on the verge of failure, she was determined to win this round!

Kasa glanced at Yun Feng. “Let’s make our battle a special one.”

Yun Feng raised her brows and remained silent, hinting for Kasa to continue. Kasa pursed her lips. “To fight and kill is to perform like clowns for the audience. Some people want to laugh at me. Let’s see if they’re worthy enough to do that!” Kasa looked around at the audience, who all had cold sweat under her gaze. Their hot blood was chilled too. They didn’t forget that Kasa was still a princess of the royal family!

“What do you want?” asked Yun Feng casually. Kasa chuckled and replied to the referee, “Sir, can we set up our own rules for this round?”

The referee nodded. The social ranking contest was always open and free. The Masang School of Magic only set up a framework. As for the details of the competitions, it would be fine as long as both parties agreed. Fighting and killing weren’t compulsory.

Kasa put on an even bigger smile, and glanced at Yun Feng. “The rule is simple. We will simulate creatures with one type of magical element. So, we let the simulated creatures fight. What do you think?”

Yun Feng looked at Kasa suspiciously. Magic simulation? It seemed that Kasa was quite confident. Yun Feng smiled. “Alright. Let’s do what you say.”

Kasa’s smile was even bigger. She stared at Yun Feng thoughtfully. “There are certain experiences that you shouldn’t forget, and certain people that you shouldn’t offend.”

Yun Feng laughed. “Just cut the crap. I’m the one to decide whether or not to offend someone. Nobody tells me what to do!”

Kasa looked a lot more terrible, as if she had eaten rotten food. She snorted and summoned her fire elements. When the fire elements popped actively in the arena, the temperature in the environment changed obviously. All the audience were sweating. Some of the guys were also taking their clothes off.

Even the referee couldn’t help but wipe his forehead. Yun Feng smiled. Immediately, blue waves appeared in her hand. Instantly, a cool breeze swept across the arena, making all the students feel comfortable. Kasa was angry to see that the heat of her fire elements was suppressed. Immediately, she took out a bottle of red fluid and held it in her hand.

All the students gasped hard. Even the referee couldn’t help but stare at the bottle of red fluid in Kasa’s hand. Yun Feng narrowed her eyes too, wondering what the fluid could be. At this moment, Kasa moved. With her gesture, more fire elements surged, and the bottle of red fluid was opened. When the fire elements and the fluid contacted, they were like a beast that had been provoked. The fire elements danced crazily in midair, bringing the temperature in the environment to a whole new level!

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